5 Hated Queens Who Really Don’t Deserve the Hate That They Get by Brightkit

Brightkit lists some disliked queens from the series. Spoilers for The Broken Code!

Art by Rikatuu

Brightkit has returned with an article about some hated mothers in Warriors and why they don’t deserve as much hate as they get. Now, what are waiting for? Let’s dive right in! *** SPOILER WARNING!⚠️***

5. Daisy
Okay, I have to admit, I’m pretty neutral on this character. Daisy can get a little, well, how do I put this nicely? Hysterical sometimes. Like when Berrykit/paw/nose was caught in the fox trap, Daisy didn’t really help matters when she kept insisting that Berrykit had been eaten by a badger, and she was kinda annoying, but she’s not useless. I mean, I’m an older sibling. I know what it’s like to have to look after mischievous young troublemakers. And it’s as hard as getting a hedgehog quill out of your foot, believe me. Daisy is just overprotective of her kits. That’s a sign she cares about them and other queens’ kits as well as her own. Raising kits is a huge part of the Clan, so that’s all for this character!

4. Millie
Okay, Millie gets a LOT of unnecessary hate. First of all, she had a DISABLED DAUGHTER who didn’t have any appetite when she was first injured and Briarlight is well, traumatized. Of course Millie’s worried! Secondly, Blossomfall had no right to get angry and train in the DF just because Millie was paying more attention to her sister! Millie definitely is one of the most hated queens, both by the fandom (I think!) and by BlogClanners. She’s just worried about her injured kit, okay?

3. Dovewing
As a ThunderClan cat and a character in general, sometimes even as a ShadowClan queen, Dovewing is overall hated. In OotS, Dovepaw and Ivypaw are gradually separating, (please don’t kill me fandom!) and, if anything, Ivypool was kinda bratty. I mean, Dovepaw tried. She wished she could tell Ivypaw. But Ivypaw is jealous. Her sister feels uncomfortable with powers, every cat starts treating her differently, yet Ivypaw is still jealous. She acts like her sister doesn’t exist and ignores Dovepaw, She thinks her sister is a show-off, and says that to Dovepaw’s face! That’s just rude! Okay, I’m done ranting.

2. Squirrelflight
Okay, you might be thinking, What?! People hate on Squirrelflight?! Yes, they do. There’s even an insult, Squirreldope, that sometimes pops up when you type Squirrel if you’re enough of a Warriors fan, on your keyboard, directed right at Squirrelflight. I completely disagree; it was brave and selfless to take Leafpool’s kits in as her own. She cared deeply for her sister and I loved her fierce yet mature personality, and her fieriness.

Now…….my favorite hated queen of all time is……..
1. FERNCLOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, Ferncloud’s not a kit machine and she’s not lazy and uncooperative. She hunted sometimes, she fought in battle sometimes, and she died a noble death, protecting Brightheart and Brightheart’s kits from BrokenTAIL and Dust X Fern is cuteeeeeeeeee!

I hope you enjoyed this article!
Brightkit out!

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  • I hate Millie, and although Blossomfall was overreacting, I would like to bring up a few pieces of evidence that Millie was not a good mother to Blossomfall.

    Evidence one: On page 212 of Sign of the Moon, Blossomfall is hurt by training in the DF. Hazeltail notices this and jumps to the conclusion that Blossomfall is sick. She is quick to inform Millie, who responds with “Oh, she’s fine. I have to go check on Briarlight.” Yes, Briarlight is disabled, but she has a skilled medicine cat looking after her. At this point, Millie is obviously favoring Briarlight, and it is clear to everyone including Blossomfall. It would be reasonable to think that Blossomfall thinks that she has disappointed her mother in some way.

    Wow, sorry, this turned out more like a mini-article than a comment.

    Evidence two: On pages 254 and 255, when Blossomfall and Ivypool come back to camp after adventuring in the tunnels, Whitewing fusses over Ivypool like any good mother would. Even though Ivypool is an adult. I have seen many people argue that Blossomfall is an adult, and should not be so jealous, but it is not like when you become an adult you cut all ties with your parents. When Millie sees Blossomfall, instead of being relieved she is home, this is what happens:

    Millie looked up, then left Briarlight to carry on dragging herself across the camp, while she stalked up to Blossomfall, her tail-tip twitching in annoyance
    “Where have you been?” Millie snapped. “You’ve wasted a whole morning whole morning when you could have been hunting!” Glancing back at Briarlight, who was struggling to join the group at the fresh-kill pile, she added, “Your sister would give anything to be able to help feed the Clan! It’s time you grew up and started behaving like a proper warrior.”

    When Brakenfur points out what matters is that they got home safe, this is how Millie reacts

    “Is it?” Millie drew her lips back into a snarl. Her eyes were full of bitterness as she went back to Briarlight.

    Afterward, Ivypool thinks, Wow. Millie really does think she’s only got one kit now.

    This is the tipping point that really makes me hate Millie. This one moment where she tells her own kit that her sister would have made a better warrior. This one moment that Millie seems to reject Blossomfall. If Blossomfall did think she disappointed her own mother in some way, this would seem to convince her that she had.

    • the second evidence really didnt make sense, She was basically scolding Blossomfall who literally almost died in the tunnels AND she has a daugther which has “death stalking her like a fox”

      the first evidence is like, what? Do you expect her to be like: OMG BLOSsOMFALL SICK! TIME TO NOT VISIT MY DISABLED CHILD TO BABY BLOSSOMFALL WHO IS LITERALLY AN ADULT AND DID NOT HAVE PARALYZED LEGS (sorry, i got angry there lol)

  • Btw Dustpelt is Fernclouds uncle. Great work! This article is awesome! I like Millie and I love all the others! (Dude, Squirrelflight is my third fav charecter) First comment!

  • What? Why is Ferncloud hated? Ferncloud is so sweet!
    With Millie, on the other hand….look, both she and Blossomfall are understandable. She should pay more attention to her other children, but Briarlight is crippled. For a cat, that’s almost a death sentence(remember Wildfur?). I think it’s understandable that she is fretting over Briarlight all the time(which doesn’t mean I condone her basically treating Briarlight like her only kit. I’m just saying it’s understandable.). I think the Clans needed a mediator long before Tree showed up-yes, even for cats in the same Clan.
    What I’m wondering is, where were Graystripe and Bumblestripe in all this? Blossomfall was tempted by the Dark Forest because of the Briarlight-Millie-Blossomfall situation- what about Bumblestripe?

    P. S. Hi moderators!

  • I don’t really like Millie though I don’t HATE her, even if Briarlight DOES have a disability, Millie should STILL at least pay attention to her other kits!!! I mean, if Blossomfall had a bad scratch or whatever Milloe would be too busy fawning over Briarlight(not that it’s Briarlight’s fault)! And the others I just don’t see how other people hate them, I mean, Dovewing sometimes I want to claw her ears off but I don’t actually HATE her. Plus, how is Ferncloud hated? I just find that impossible for some reason.

    • Wait…people don’t like Ferncloud because she had 7 kittens? Only FOUR of whom lived to adulthood? Really?

  • Interesting article. Here’s my take on this:

    As for Millie, just to make this clear, I don’t like Blossomfall as a character at all personality-wise. From what I can see in the comments here, the main reason people dislike Millie is because of her completely disregarding her other two kits and completely focusing all her attention and selectively doting on Briarlight. In response, Blossomfall is evidently upset and sad, and even spiteful of Briarlight.

    Now, here’s the problem with that. First of all, at that point, Blossomfall was a fully grown warrior. She was practically an adult at that point, and hence, in my view, it was her responsibility to take care of herself. On the other hand, Briarlight lost the use of her legs, which means she could hardly walk, much less catch prey for herself. It’s not as if she wanted the constant doting and concern over her by her Clanmates – she needed it. In fact, I think it was pretty clear that Briarlight would’ve given anything to have a normal life as a warrior than being constantly doted on by Millie, but Blossomfall seems to think otherwise, which is extremely immature and inconsiderate of her in my opinion.

    As for Millie not caring for her and instead focusing all on Briarlight, well, I will say Millie isn’t a perfect parent. In the Warriors universe, to be honest, no one is. However, it’s also extremely understandable in my opinion that she would be completely fixated on Briarlight like that. Yes, I do acknowledge that Millie blatantly favored Briarlight over her other two kits. I also acknowledge that she was far harsher on Blossomfall than she deserved. But I don’t blame a parent for putting a daughter who’s had her entire warrior life and her ability to walk taken away from her over two other kids who can walk around perfectly fine and are strong and mature enough to take care of themselves. Millie being harsh on Blossomfall doesn’t equate to child neglection/emotional abuse or anything. What Millie’s done is nothing compared to queens like Rainflower.

    As for Daisy, it’s true that she’s overprotective of her kits, but I don’t see why that’s inherently a bad thing. Overprotective parents are actually more common than not from my experience, but I digress. In my opinion, I think the reason Daisy is so overprotective of her kits is because when she first gave birth to her kits, she had to hide them from her Twolegs to prevent them from being taken away from her, and as a result, I think it’s understandable why she’s so protective of her kits to this day. Daisy’s also never been a warrior before or after becoming a queen, so I think it makes sense she would be a tad more skittish compared to the other queens.

    As for Dovewing, I don’t really have an opinion on her, but I think a bit of the hate is unjustified. As for her not telling her the secret to Ivypool, it wasn’t her fault that Ivypool took that personally and started spiting her. The Three kept this secret between themselves for an extremely long time without telling anyone unless they had a specific reason to, and I don’t see why this makes Dovewing a selfish cat, as Jayfeather and Lionblaze did the same thing, even keeping the secret from their supposed father/mother. Even when Hollyleaf returned, Lionblaze and Jayfeather excluded her from their meetings with Dovewing, but Hollyleaf didn’t spite them because of it. It was purely Ivypool’s choice to take Dovewing keeping a secret personally.

    Another reason people seem to hate her is because of Bumblestripe, but honestly, I can’t be bothered to go into unnecessary detail about why it’s stupid to hate someone for ending a relationship where Dovewing was clearly unhappy with and felt pressured to go along with it in the first place, so moving on.

    As for Squirrelflight, I don’t think she was selfish at all for not telling Brambleclaw(star) about Leafpool’s kits. If you ask me, I think it’s the other way around with StarClan (or specifically Yellowfang) blatantly showing favoritism towards Leafpool, and even going far enough to guilt trip her into adopting her kits by lying to her that she was infertile, which is a really horrible thing to do for obvious reasons, but I digress. If anything, Squirrelflight adopting Leafpool’s kits as her own and keeping her secret for so long only shows her loyalty and faithfulness to her sister in my opinion. While I will say that Squirrelflight probably could’ve trusted Brambleclaw with the secret, considering how Brambleclaw treated her regarding his meetings with Hawkfrost, I don’t think she’s completely in the wrong here.

    Another reason people seem to hate Squirrelfight is because of her just wanting to be friends with Ashfur, which is so wrong for so many reasons, but I’m getting a bit off-topic here and I think a 5-paragraph rant about how Ashfur is a horrible cat would be a bit out of place here, so moving on.

    As for Ferncloud, I have no idea why people hated her so much. How many kits she have is frankly irrelevant, and her staying in the nursery instead of doing warrior duties doesn’t make her lazy. The whole reason she started working in the nursery full-time was because of how many kits other queens were starting to have in the nursery, not because she wanted to get out of warrior duties. Does it really matter as long as she contributes to the clan in a meaningful way? She also clearly cared about the kits and was extremely committed to her job of caring for them, as she died defending the kits from Brokentail(star), which was unsurprisingly done deliberately according to Victoria Holmes due to the amount of complaints she received about her, but that ends off my rambling.

    • I agree with most of this! Quick correction though: Blossomfall didn’t think otherwise about Briarlight. She expressed that she knew Briarlight would give anything to be normal again and that she knew it was wrong of her to be jealous of her sister. That’s why she felt she deserved to be in the Dark Forest; because her feelings about her sister were wrong. As for Blossomfall being a fully-grown adult, she appears to have stunted emotional coping mechanisms. Briarlight’s accident happened when they were all apprentices, so Blossompaw likely started feeling unloved around that time. She was also, based on her previous relationship with Briarlight, likely traumatized to some degree by her sister’s accident and needing someone to lean on and talk to about Briarpaw’s new condition. This role wouldn’t have been filled by Millie, who was caught up in her own grief, or by Graystripe, who was barely in the picture. She seemed at that point to develop a strong bond with her other littermate, Bumblepaw, who she needed for support. When they were warriors and Bumblestripe started devoting all his attention to Dovewing, Blossomfall expressed irritation with him for essentially breaking their loyalty and turning his back on her. This shows that even as a warrior, Blossomfall hadn’t grown out of needing someone else to lean on for emotional support all the time, even in something as small as partnership in a training exercise. She hadn’t become fully independent, even as a warrior, and sought out support from the Dark Forest. As such, I don’t believe the “fully-grown adult” point holds water, because age isn’t everything. Blossomfall wasn’t at the emotional maturity of an adult, because events in her apprenticeship and the sudden removal of her mother and sister from her normal routine/life stunted this growth. It was only later in her life that she grew to be an independent warrior.

      As for Millie, I do agree that what she’s done isn’t comparable to somebody like Rainflower or Lizardstripe. However, it is partially her fault that Blossomfall developed that way. Millie, unlike Blossompaw, was a fully mature adult, and she should’ve been able to take care of all three kits instead of shoving aside two of them. Briarlight’s accident was clearly horrifying for Millie, and I’m sure she had a lot of regrets and thoughts running through her head in the aftermath. It was, however, her choice to exclude Briarpaw’s littermates from her greiving and support process. Rather than greiving the loss of Briarpaw’s mobility with her other children, who were Briarpaw’s other direct family and were surely just as terrified, she focused a lot on herself and on Briarpaw, leaving the others to fend for themselves.

      A child becoming a legal adult (a warrior/full medicine cat, in this universe) doesn’t make them immune to emotions or struggles. It also doesn’t mean that their parent should turn their back on them just because they’ve reached a certain age. When Foxleap was dying of his injuries after the great battle, Dustpelt was by his side in the medicine cat’s den, talking to him and reassuring him. Foxleap was an adult. That didn’t mean he wasn’t Dustpelt’s kit anymore. Reaching a certain age doesn’t automatically make you mature enough to take on the world without whoever raised you. Millie acted in a very self-centered way, in my opinion. While she did think what she was doing was helping Briarlight, it focused a lot on herself. It was all about how she was going to help fix Briarlight, how she would protect Briarlight, how she was going to give Briarlight the attention she needed. Rather than bringing in Briarlight’s siblings to help with this, she seemed to push them out of the picture and ignore them. That’s less than “not a perfect parent”. That’s a parent who made the situation far worse than it needed to be.

      I agree with your points on everybody else! 🙂

  • Daisy is my baby and I love her so much~~~

    Anyone would be upset if their kid was injured and had to have a part of their body amputated.

    Dovewing and Millie
    Millie:Yes,she has a disabled daughtar.BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN SHE COULD IGNORE HER OTHER KIDS. She didn’t even care if Blossemfall got hurt! The DF got Blossemfall,and Blossemfall joined cause 1.She thought it was Starclan 2.She wanted to train and be the best warrior she could be and get Millie’s love!Yeah sure,she was a adult,but so did Briarlight! Briarlight had to take care of herself too cause now she doesn’t hunt and fight,now she excercise and help with herbs!

    Dovewing:Dovewing is a traitor.A BIG BAD TRAITOR WHO LEFT THUNDERCLAN JUST FOR HER ‘LOVE’. Ivypool was neverbratty,if she was bratty,Dovewing was whiny and moony. Ivypaw was jealous at first but as she joined the dark forest and trained,everyone can see the jealousy eases off.after 3 or 4 books,theres no ‘jealous’ moments at all! I ought to say,i think Dovewing was jealous of HER when she got a bigger role to defeat the Dark Forest. And wishing isn’t doing,that’s a REAL differnt thing. And Dovepaw IS a showoff, GOOD JOB IVYPOOL!
    Only my opinions UwU

  • I love MilliexGray, and really hate Silverstream… and I hate Dovewing too XP But LEAVE Squirrelflight alone guys! SHE IS AMAZING!!!! XD