Warrior Names for Cats Who Didn’t Receive Them by RavennWing

Ravennwing gives warrior names to those who haven’t received them in the series.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs on tumblr

Hi folks! This is RavennWing! I have always wondered what names cats who were kittypets but joined the clans, (like Daisy) or kits and apprentices (like Swiftpaw) would get once they become warriors. If you have any feedback, please comment on the comment page below. Caution: Spoilers Ahead!

I think Swiftfoot or Swiftclaw suits him because he was very fast and skilled at fighting and was an eager warrior. If he had survived the dog attack, I think he would’ve liked the name Swiftclaw because it seems suitable that he fought off the clan’s enemy.

I think Daisypetal or Daisybloom would make a good name for Daisy, showing off her kindness, hospitality, and way of making everyone feel welcome and like a kit again.

I know Ravenpaw wanted to keep his name the way it was, but what if he hadn’t? What would his warrior name be? I personally think Ravenjump or Ravenleap would suit him, displaying his activeness and spring.

Petalkit, Patchkit, and Larchkit-
These three sweet kits were the love of Mapleshade’s life, and them drowning on her way to take them to RiverClan after they were exiled broke her heart. Once they died, she murdered three cats, causing her to go to the Dark Forest once she died. I’m getting carried away, sorry about that. I’m supposed to be doing a name article, not a backstory article. Anyways, I think Petalfall suits Petalkit because of her energy, Patchkit should be Patchfur for his patchy fur, and Larchstream should be Larchkit’s name because swimming was her favorite thing to do.

Again, this is only my opinion, so feel free to comment. (If you comment, please be truthful. I won’t be hurt!)

Mosskit died of hypothermia (She froze to death) while being carried to Riverclan by Bluestar (at the time Bluefur). Mosskit was always fragile, so I think the name Mossleaf represents her fragile beauty.

Snowkit, who was deaf, was carried away by a hawk. I think the name Snowlight or Snowheart fits him because he was very kind and the light of his mother’s life.

Shrewpaw died by chasing a pheasant onto a Thunderpath and getting hit by a monster. I think he deserves the name Shrewheart because he died honorably, trying to feed his clan.

So yeah! That was my article. Rest in peace Swiftpaw, Shrewpaw, Snowkit, Mosskit, Petalkit, Patchkit, Larchkit, and Ravenpaw. Have a good time living in Thunderclan, Daisy, and be happy for many moons to come. I respect you and hope you like your warrior names. Again, feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!

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  • Nice article! I really like this idea!
    Here would’ve been my choices:
    Swiftpaw -> Swiftclaw (same)
    Daisy -> Daisyshine/petal (same)
    Ravenpaw -> Ravenshadow (because he is so scared)
    Petalkit -> Petalsplash (water related)
    Patchkit -> Patchripple (water related)
    Larchkit -> Larchstream (water related)
    Mosskit -> Mosspebble (her fur has gray splotches)
    Snowkit -> Snowsky (because of the hawk from the sky that would have almost gotten him)
    Shrewpaw -> Shrewleap (because he is fast)
    Extras I happened to remember 😛
    Duskpaw -> Duskflame (because of his pelt)
    Talonpaw -> Talonspark (his pelt is silver and I imagine a spark would come off of that)
    Smokepaw -> Smokeshade (pelt)

  • Excellent article, Ravenwing! I especially loved Mosskit and Petalkit’s names! I personally think Swiftfoot would have suited Swiftpaw better. Thinking about Swiftpaw makes me so sad… 🙁

  • I love how you went all the way to give everybody a chance for a name! I feel like Mossfrost might have been a good name, to pay homage to her hypothermia. Is Snowfeather canon because it would represent her light and eager personality.

  • Maybe even Snowspeckle for Snowkit in order to honor his mother Speckletail, who was pretty old and would most likely be dead by the time Snowkit would’ve became a warrior.

  • Oh my Goodness, that picture is SO So cute!(Sry, I love Mosskit) I would probably name them;
    Swiftpaw – Swiftwind or Swiftclaw, like you.
    Daisy – Daisylight or Daisyleaf
    Ravenpaw – Ravenflight or Ravenleap cause he’s like spreading his “wings”, Metaphorically, and IDK, I just think it fits him.
    Petalkit, Patchkit, my favorite kit, Larkkit – Petalrose, Patchdusk and Larkcreek.
    Mosskit: Mossfrost or Mosspool
    Snowkit: Snowhawk or Snowsoar
    Shrewpaw – Shrewfeather, Shrewspring or Shrewnose

    Super Duper Amazing Article!

  • Great article! Here are my options:
    Swiftpaw-Swiftclaw or Swifttail(after Longtail, his mentor)
    Daisy-Daisyheart(for her kindness)
    Ravenpaw-Ravenwing(your name!), Ravenflight, or Ravenclaw(I have read Harry Potter. It’s after his mentor, Tigerstar, who was Tigerclaw at the time, okay?)
    I don’t know who Petalkit, Patchkit, and Larchkit are, so I’ll go with yours.
    Snowkit-Snowlight or Snowfur(after the cat who was supposed to be his mentor, Brakenfur)
    Shrewpaw-Shrewheart (for his kindness) or Shrewclaw(after his mentor, Thornclaw)
    That’s it! Great work, again!