Bramblestar in The Broken Code by Briarpaw

Briarpaw takes a look at Bramblestar in The Broken Code. Spoilers for Lost Stars and Silent Thaw!

Art by Acorn-Trees

Hey! Briarpaw, aka Briar or Ria here! I haven’t written an article in a while, I know. In this article I’m going to discuss Bramblestar’s imposter.

So, let’s get right down to business and I’ll tell you that I think it’s Ashfur. I’ve been wavering between Ashfur and Sol, but at the moment (and probably forever, now that I’ve read more of The SIlent Thaw), I think it’s Ashfur.


I realized this from the start when Shadowsight (Shadowpaw then) had a vision of ashes covering the forest and the forest being engulfed in flames. I remember, at that moment I read it, thinking: “ohmygosh it’s Ashfur!” Also, Kate has stated that the villian will be someone we’ve seen in the past! Ahhh it’s Ashfur!

Now, the vision of the codebreakers, which Shadowsight realizes in The Silent Thaw that it’s not from StarClan.

Most of them have some connection to Squirrelflight. Think: Lionblaze and Jayfeather were named, yet they didn’t do anything wrong. But Squirrelflight was not named. Ashfur must’ve added a couple of other cats who broke the code to make it sound real. That’s really the only explanation I have for Mothwing and Twigbranch to be on the list. I know that he would have named Hollyleaf if she were still alive (I mean, she killed him and all, plus she’s also Squirrelflight’s adopted kit), but he might have done Dovewing as a replacement.

Maybe with this codebreakers thing he’s trying to get rid of the cats he hates: in other words, Bramblestar and Squirrelflight’s kits, and Bramblestar, but he found a way to get to Squirrelflight and have her love him.

Let me get into the fact that the voice told Shadowsight to kill Bramblestar (well, not specifically). This would make Bramblestar dead and a perfect pathway for Ashfur to steal his body. Fake Bramble also exiled Lionblaze for crossing the WindClan border by accident and Lionblaze’s kit, Spotfur, for doing the same thing.

One more thing. Fake Bramble tried to murder Sparkpelt. He knew there would be dogs waiting. He clearly used the Tigerstar trick- leaving a prey trail for the dogs. And Sparkpelt is Squirrelflight’s daughter. Proof enough.

Some people say that Ashfur is too much of a coward to do something like this, but I say he’s underrated.

Also, Ashfur had supposedly made up for all that, and forgive it, and he and Hollyleaf get along now. But I do think he’s still not fully over it. He was probably faking in front of Hollyleaf, maybe because he was afraid she would kill him again, and then he wouldn’t be able to come back.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!

(This was probably the quickest article I’ve ever written. It only took 20 minutes when normally it would take me 40!)

Another note:I know this might not actually happen and that there’s a very good chance this comes out after Veil of Shadows, so we’ll see if I was right or not!

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