Similar Paths: Jayfeather and Doctor Strange by Brambleheart

Brambleheart takes a look at Jayfeather and Doctor Strange from Marvel.

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Hey everyone! So this is the first of a series of articles that I am doing called Similar Paths, where I look at a character from Warriors and a character from a different book or movie. This first article will be about the similarities between Jayfeather and Doctor Strange from Marvel.

Jayfeather is a very gifted medicine cat, but it hasn’t always been this way. You see, he wanted to be a warrior but was set back due to his blindness. Although Jayfeather tried so desperately to be one, over time he started to learn his talent in healing and his powers.

Jayfeather was part of a prophecy that gave him the power of the stars. These powers include the ability to manipulate and go back in time. He also can astral project, such as when he had to put Poppypaw’s spirit back into her body after greencough knocked it away in The Sight. Jayfeather created a time loop by gaping back to the ancient times as Jay’s Wing and kickstarted the formation of what would later become the Clans.

Doctor Strange has a very similar story. He started off as a talented neurosurgeon but had to give up his position after a car accident paralyzed his hands, leaving him unable to do surgery, but desperate enough to look everywhere for a cure.

This led Strange to discover the Mystic Arts. His destiny was to become the Master of the Mystic Arts, as his mentor, the Ancient One, had viewed his rise using the Time Stone. Doctor Strange trained very hard and learned spells that gave him powers. These include ones that are similar to Jayfeather, such as astral projection and time manipulation (via the Tone Stone). Strange could also view prophecies of the future and the paths they could take, similar to what medicine cats can do. Strange used his time manipulation to also create a time loop to save the earth from Dormammu, an interdimensional being who could destroy everything.

Doctor Strange and Jayfeather also had a similar role to play in their final battles in Endgame and The Last Hope, respectively. They had to unite all of their fallen heroes who were divided to join the battle, as it was the only way that they could win said battles.

Unfortunately, what is given can be taken away. Jayfeather had to give up his powers after the Great Battle in The Last Hope, and Doctor Strange lost the Time Stone after Infinity War and Endgame. Although we know the path of a Jayfeather after this, we don’t for Doctor Strange, and only time will tell us.

On top of all of this, these characters have similar “sharp” personalities, and a sense of sarcasm and sass in them. They may seem unlikable and arrogant on the outside, but once you get to know them and they open up their true selves, you can see that they are loyal and good characters that show kindness.

1.Sarcastic, grumpy-but-kind personality
2.Mystic Powers
3.Talented in medicine
4.Switched paths due to an injury/disability
5.Created a time paradox
6.Gets vivid visions/prophecies and can see what noone else does

…………..1. | ✔️ ✔️
……………2.| ✔️ ✔️
……………3.| ✔️ ✔️
……………4.| ✔️ ✔️
……………5.| ✔️ ✔️
……………6.| ✔️ ✔️

Personality- Jayfeather famously has the sarcastic and grumpy personality but is shown on the inside to be very kind once you get to know him. Doctor Strange is the same way with his personality, although both have made leaps and bounds in their character developments.
Mystic Powers- Jayfeather has mystic powers including visions of the future, the ability to communicate with the deceased, insight on emotions and dreams and astral projection (The Sight, when he is trying to help Poppypaw). Doctor Strange has the same powers in comics, although some of them haven’t been seen in the movies as he is a relatively new character there.
Medicine- Jayfeather is a medicine cat. Doctor Strange used to be a surgeon.
Switch in paths- Jayfeather dreamed of being a warrior but switched to a medicine cat due to blindness. Doctor Strange used to be a surgeon but switched to a Sorcerer due to his paralysis.
Time paradox- Jayfeather went back in time on multiple occasions and created a time loop of the invention of the Tribe, which led to the invention of the Clans, which led to his birth. Doctor Strange made a time loop where he made a bargain with Dormammu.
Visions/prophecies and insight noone else can see- Jayfeather can recieve and interpret prophecies from StarClan and gets insight on them way more than any other cat in the series (except for maybe Goosefeather), and as able to see the Ancients and summon Rock. Doctor Strange can see into different dimensions and saw prophecy of what was to happen to the Avengers during the fight with Thanos.

Lastly, Jayfeather has his stick. Doctor Strange has his cloak. Both Stick and Cloak arre treated as actual characters (seriously the Warriors wiki has an entire article for the Stick), AND there are JayXStick joke ships and StrangeXCloak joke ships.

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