The 10 worst warrior names by Sunnycloud

Sunnycloud shares some terrible names from the series.

Art by Ribbon-Wren

Hi! I’m sunnycloud and this is the worst warrior cat names. This is my first article 🙂 just let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with me. Thanks!
10. Deadfoot. Usually I would have put this higher, but I’m glad that most people had a problem with it. Ahem rainflower! But I think we can all agree that hopfoot would have been a much better name! (Also I love the name hopkit!)

9. Hollowbelly
Like…why?! Why would you name a cat that? This would have fitted cloudtail in the first series though! And why would you name your kit hollowkit? Maybe he drank a lot of milk? Well here are what other names hollowpaw could have had: hollowclaw, hollowtail, or even hollowfoot!

8 Loudbelly
Why? Just why? I’m guessing this is a fat cat!

7 snookthorn
This name just sounds so ridiculous! But first of all: snooky? I understand your trouble leafstar!

6 sneezecloud
Sneezekit? Sneezepaw? SnEeZeClOuD? What! Jeez mother.

5. Runningnose
No. Just…no. *sniff sniff* I understand why he got that name but something about it annoys me!

4. Crookedjaw
I hate the fact that rainflower had to take the last bit of Stormkits pride in himself and make his so self conscious! Like, he broke his jaw! Cats were staring at him and he’s just…UGH! he needs love from his mother! You can’t just go to ‘my brave little warrior your so handsome!’ To ‘get away from me you horrible messsssssss’

3. Maggottail
I just hate how this name sounds. Ugh. Maybe it’s because of his history, but I just hate the name so so so so much. But I didn’t put it higher because there are worse and sadder names.

2. Lostface
Seriously Bluestar?! I love brightpaw(heart) and what would you have done when she survived?! One of Firestar best decisions was renaming her Brightheart. May I just say, I ship cloudtail and Brightheart they are one of the most loyal mates. But anyways, I felt so bad for Brightheart. Also when she lost her first apprentice! I got really mad when she didn’t even get another apprentice for so long!!!!!

1. Foxheart
Honorable mentions
Harrykit(I haven’t gotten that far yet)

Thank you! Comment what you think about this!

  20 Replies to “The 10 worst warrior names by Sunnycloud”

  1. July 23, 2020 at 4:23 pm

    Oh man I love the name Berrystumpytail it’s the best thx Honeyfern (or was it Poppyfrost?)

  2. July 25, 2020 at 4:11 am


    and Jayyynoeeeyesss

    best names

  3. Thornfeather
    July 27, 2020 at 3:00 pm

    Actually, Snookthorn is because the kittypet name was snook,and the suffix is just Thorn xDD
    I think Harrybrook should be up on the list when you read far
    And i’m fine with Foxheart
    Cause Foxheart is a Foxheart
    I hate Foxheart hehe..

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