What is up with Bramblestar? by Icechill

Icechill wonders what is going on with Bramblestar in the Broken Code.

Artwork by Vialir

One of the most asked questions around this time: Who is possesing Bramblestar?


Theory #1: Ashfur
I personally don’t like this, and it would be really annoying to me if Ashfur really does end up becoming the imposter. He was CLEARLY said to have forgiven Squirrelflight, and made peace with Hollyleaf and lived happily in Starclan. But it seems that all the evidence is piling against him. Bristlefrost saw the imposter’s real eyes (don’t ask me how, I don’t really know how either) and saw ‘dark blue’. I searched up ‘Bramblestar’s imposter’ in the Warrior’s Fandom to double-check and it also said, ‘dark blue’. Then I searched up Ashfur’s eyes color, and brace yourselves, ‘dark blue’. Not only that, but when Squirrelflight found out who the imposter was, she yowled, “But..not you!” (not what she said EXACTLY, but spare me from searching up the exact quote.) Who else would she dread more than Ashfur? But this theory could be false. Vicky said in her Facebook that Ashfur would not be appearing again in the seires after the New Prophecy. Sure, it was a long time ago but it might undermine this whole theory. Also, as mentioned previously, it would be very annoying if Ashfur ended up becoming the imposter even after

Theory #2: Someone in the Dark Forest
In ‘Viel of Shadows’, we see that Starclan is trapped in the Dark Forest, the real Bramblestar included, thanks to Shadowsight. Now how could that be if the imposter wasn’t someone from the Dark Forest, hmm? A cat clearly could have wanted revenge for the deaths of Tigerclawstar, Hawkfrost, etc. But this storyline would be also annoying. It was only 2 seires ago that the Clans defeated the Dark Forest, it would be too quick to introduce them as villians again.

Okay, enough with theories. Here are cats that are DEFINITELY NOT the imposta.

Darktail or one of this croonies: Again, that would be WAY to quick to introduce them as villians AGAIN. Duh.

Skystar: This one was interesting, but Skystar is way too old (no offense) to care about the clan’s treatment of Skyclan. Sure, they were mistreated a little, but Shadowclan has been brutally called as ‘fox-hearts’ and ‘prey-stealers’ and no Shadowstar has come raging about the code. Skystar’s personality is not one to be lazy like the imposter as well. Skystar was an overall pretty good leader.

Tigerclawstar: NO way. He is long dead and gone. He is clearly faded and re-born, as Firestar VERY CLEARLY killed him!

Somecat from the tribes: The tribes aren’t important enough, to be blunt. No cat has been introduced and devopled enough. Why would Squirrelflight’s eyes widen in shock if it was just a barley-known Tribe cat??

Thank you for reading this! I really hope I haven’t offended anyone too badly, I am quite passionate (and stubborn) about my beliefs. This is my first artice written here, right on the day that Veil of Shadows was released!


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  • See the thing about Vicky saying Ashfur wouldn’t be appearing after TNP is that 1) he appeared in both PO3 and OOTS, having a more major role in PO3 and OOTS giving us the infamous “he only loved too much” quote and 2) Vicky doesn’t work on the series anymore and hasn’t been since I think Bramblestar’s Storm, so I don’t really see how this applies to the current arc

    Also, the scene with Ashfur in SqH could always be a red herring. The imposter is shown to have an obsession and to have only come back for her so I really don’t see how it can’t be Ashfur at this point, all evidence considered. I’d rather it be Ashfur than have some random cat that whose name was probably picked out of a hat or smth. My only qualm with it is that it focuses back on Squirrelflight and at this point I’m kind of just done with most if not all of the cats who are Firekin or Tigerkin tbh, especially TNP cats

  • I like that you included theories and what cats were definitely not the cause. Overall, great article! 😃

  • I’m reading the first book of the broken code, and Bramblestar has collapsed in his nest. That’s it.

    • I believe VoS ruled Hawkfrost being the imposter when Tigerstar was mentioned (and I think Hawkfrost is also double dead? idk I haven’t touched TLH in years and I don’t feel like looking it up but that’s what I remember)

  • I really don’t like when people say it’s Ashfur. He isn’t THAT bad. But hey, I also think he belongs in StarClan- Besides, the person who possessed Bramblestar is someone not from StarClan or the Dark forest. I think they were a rogue and since they didn’t believe in any ancestors, they were just stuck; prowling the shadows for a way to be reborn. That came out cooler than expected…

    • I personally think it’s someone pretending to be Bramblestar but when that didn’t work he pretended to be Ashfur pretending to be Bramblestar. Hmm, maybe a rouge? Sol? That isn’t very in character though, Sol is a good actor. What if was Scrouge? That’d be interesting…

  • Well, if it is ashfur (I personally think it is) then at least he would get what came to him from trying to kill several cats (po3)

  • Ahh, this article is so old! I cringe at this xD so sorry for anyone who read this and died
    (this is my article btw if you’re wondering)

  • I think it could possibly be scourge but the reason it couldn’t is
    1. How would squirrel flight know what he looks like because she was not born during that time period
    2.why would scourge care about the code and he was never lazy or anything he always went for what he wanted

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