Happy Mail!

you’ve got HAPPY mail!

how you doin’?

Hey folks! It seems that you’re due for a Happy Mail, so buckle up, calm down, chill out, and tune in to some good vibes coming specially to you!

I’ve had this picture saved on my laptop for a month ’cause I love it so much

I don’t know how many more times I will begin Happy Mail this way, but, yes, this is a confusing and chaotic time. Externally, there’s a bit of a tornado raging, but let’s focus on what’s going on internally! How are you feeling?

I can’t see where I’m going but I’m going anyway!

I hope the answer is good, or okay, or alright, but if it’s not, let me tell you that anything troubling you shall soon pass. It will get better. Last month, I was having such a rough time getting out of bed and thinking about myself in any positive light. Now, I’m at the best place I’ve ever been mentally in years. Sure, I know that the days might get gloomy again in the future, but the days will also inevitably get even better, too.

bask in the sunshine when it shines on you!

If you usually use creative outlets to cool down and forget your stressors, but right now you’re feeling uninspired and depressed, I encourage you to do something non-creative that has helpful results, like cleaning your room! It’s a mindless activity and chances are you’ll feel so much better afterwards! Or perhaps try to do a puzzle, or go for a walk with a friend, or pick some flowers outside. Do something, just for today, that is easy and simple and will allow you look back afterwards and say, “Hey, I just did that! And I did the best job I could do!”

dogs with flower crowns are just…*chef’s kiss*

And if you need to, rest! Just lie down and close your eyes, and remind yourself to take things slow! We all have different energy levels, and you should feel no shame in giving yourself a well-deserved break! Even just getting up and going to get a glass of water can be your biggest accomplishment, and never forget that! Allow yourself to celebrate the small victories. I can’t explain to you how proud of myself I was when I went to the grocery store by myself for the first time, and, though lots of people my age might find it trivial, I knew it was a big deal to me, so I allowed myself to be proud of that accomplishment.

rest whenever you need to!

As a conclusion to this perhaps winding Happy Mail, I’d like you to bear with me for the following metaphor, okay?

metaphor: we’re all cake

To borrow a lesson from a recent meme craze, think of all of us as regular objects that are really cake on the inside. You might say to yourself, “well, I’m just a boring chicken cutlet; I can see it in the mirror.” You see other folks that are pizza on the outside, but rainbow cake on the inside, or a bowling ball on the outside, and red velvet on the inside, and think “Gosh, I’ll never be the unique and fun cake like other people always are.”

this is the cake I’m referring to; the raw chicken cutlet is not just a random idea in my brain.

Well, friend, you’re a special brand of cake on the inside. It’s always there, with you, regardless of whether or not you can see it. Some day, you’re going to be able to see it yourself; but for now, there’s no sense in denying that it’s not there. You have to believe in yourself, literally! Believe in the chicken cutlet that you see in the mirror, because it’s there in front of you! Believe in the funfetti cake that you can’t see yet, because it’s always with you, and someday everyone will be able to see it, too!

I think I’m funfetti cake on the inside, with vanilla frosting that has a bunch more rainbow sprinkles in it. what are you?

Confusing metaphor aside, I’ll break this down (or make it more confusing?) with one last metaphor. We are all artists. Whether you create physical art, or you write, or you sing, or you do nothing like that, we’re all artists. We’re all working on our masterpiece; that is, our wonderful individual identities that we will share with the world and dazzle the lives of everyone around us. It’s not complete right now; how could you expect it to be? Not a lot of people finish their greatest artistic masterpiece when they’re below the age of fifty! But you’re working on it, even when you don’t know you are. If you’d like, start to think about what you want your masterpiece to look like; start to consider who you want to be, and what inspires you. Maybe even write down some steps on how you’ll achieve that; perhaps through self-confidence building, or writing practice, or music lessons, but make your masterpiece achievable through smaller steps!


The universe is excited to see what you have to share. Love, luck, and groovy vibes to you, BlogClanner, today and always!

Groovy dogs, handlers get ready for Woofstock at Solano County ...
can you really expect me to do anything other than post a hippie dog

Good day, and good mental health.

kat pls stop posting this dog picture i’m begging you


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