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Falconpaw wonders about the Warrior Cats movie.

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Hello, and welcome! Today, we will be talking about the Warrior Cats movie. While it was announced a while back, we’ve had no word on it for a while. So, without further ado, I’ll list some reasons why the reported Warrior Cats movie may or may not be possible. Let’s go!

1. The Warriors universe is massive.

The Warriors universe is sprawling with books. That means that the movie series is going to need a whole lot of movies. Also, since the Erin Hunter team constantly comes up with new books, the universe is always expanding, and, as making a movie takes a very long time, the movies will always be multiple pawsteps behind the books. If anything, though, a TV show might be an even better idea for this exact reason: there are multiple books.

2. There are hundreds of characters.

The first cat that you meet in the first book Into the Wild is a young housecat, called kittypet in the books, named Rusty. As the book progresses, many more cats are met. Now, to do these movies, multiple voice actors will be needed. It would most likely be very difficult to convince high-profile actors to agree to this, especially since they are probably very busy with other movies. That leads us to not-so-famous actors, which might lead to less people watching the movie. People would much rather see movies with people they love, like, let’s say, Robert Downey, Jr, than to see a movie filled with unfamiliar people. That would be especially hard if the movie tried to convince non-readers to watch it. Luckily, this point is actually quite possible! All we need to do is convince them… with cash, that is!

3. The books might be too much for kids to handle.

The Warriors books are chock-full of action packed fights and romance, among other things like political themes and possesion. The books, if rated, would most likely be 13+ due to violence. To get people to convince their children to see it, it would most likely have to be PG, since Warriors being an all-ages film is very unlikely. To make the PG mark, though, the movie might have to tone down the violence or cut it out completely. Unfortunatly, that might ruin the experience for older, more hardcore fans. The PG mark is not quite neccesary, however, and it will be possible to get through with a PG-13 rating, as most movies are rated PG-13 and still appropriate for kids.

4. Searching for a crew.

For a fantastic book, we need a fantastic adaption. But that’s not a problem with a fantastic crew! The announcement explained that it will be a mix of CGI and live action, most likely for the housefolk of Rusty at the beginning of the movie, who are seen filling his food bowl. Of course, not a cross as they did with the movie Cats (2019). No, we are doing it right this time!
To do this, the director and visual effects crew most likely need experience with movies that deal with this, like director Jon Faverou, who directed The Jungle Book (2016), The Lion King (2019), and Iron Man 1 and 2 (2008 and 2009, respectively). It might be hard to get a crew together, not to mention a high budget, but it is more than possible!

So, is it possible to make a Warrior Cats movie?

I am sorry for people wanting the Warriors on the big screen, but, looking at the information, a movie might not be possible because of point one, which explains that the Warriors universe is massive. A TV show, on the other hand might be very likely with the right components. Making the show action packed and suspenseful will delight old and newer fans alike, and the beautiful CGI will melt people’s hearts.

Do you agree with me? If so, please comment below, and thank you for coming.

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  • SO WE ARE MAKIN A WARRIORS TV SHOW! I was looking around to see some random stuff on the old BlogClan and I cam across this particular article. The maker’s name was Jay and they had some creative ideas for a warriors TV show. My friends and I were already making a TV show on the prophecies begin but… I just noticed in the comments of that article and saw that some people were actually wanting to see it as a motion picture. Here’s the link to the old BlogClan article: I saw that some ppl were asking for someone to actually make it. My plan is to give full credit for the ideas to Jay and put it first thing in each episode. I rlly hope that it would be OK because well… even I thought that these ideas were great and I wanted to make it as our movie. We are casting though and we still need animators… *cri* Oh yeah I forgot to mention that this TV show will be a multi animator project (MAP) with different styles and all the good stuff. When the first episode is finished I will post it on youtube and the account name will be Blazing Fire *i think* . When we post it I’ll tell y’all were to find it. TY FOR READING

  • A warriors movie/TV show has been something that has haunted my dreams since the first book came out. I think it is one of the worst things that could happen to the series and will never do it justice. We should all be pushing for them to cancel any plans of this, if anything.

    Ive been reading these books since I was very young and Purchased Into the Wild right when it came out (I am now close to 30) and this would devastate me.

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