Is Ashfur really evil? by Eagleflight and Redblaze

Eagleflight and Redblaze talk about Ashfur and his actions.

Art by baimon2000

Eagleflight and Redblaze debate about whether Ashfur is evil or just misguided.
Redblaze: Hello! I am arguing that Ashfur is not evil.
Eagleflight: Hi everyone! Ashfur is obviously evil so I’m going to convince Redblaze that he is.
Redblaze: So, to start off, threatening to kill someone and actually doing it are two very different things.
Eagleflight: But he still threatened them and the only reason he didn’t was because he was too scared.
Redblaze: I don’t believe that. I think he was driven mad by his rejection and was probably prepared to do it but soon realised that this was not the right course of action.
Eagleflight: Ashfur deserved to be rejected. He’s awful.
Redblaze: How would you feel if the love of your life rejected you?
Eagleflight: I would probably murder them and then get over it.
Redblaze: So you’re saying that he should have murdered Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather?
Eagleflight: No he shouldn’t- that’s why he’s evil because he almost did.
Redblaze: That’s like saying Bramblestar’s evil because he almost helped Hawkfrost kill Firestar.
Eagleflight: Bramblestar is good! Bramblestar is awesome!
Redblaze: Ashfur just went into extreme depression and thought that the only way to get rid of that would be revenge. He realised soon afterwards that it wasn’t. This doesn’t make him evil, it just make him kinda sad.
Eagleflight: Ashfur IS sad.
Redblaze: Sad isn’t evil.
Eagleflight: Yeah but he was mean to Bramblestar- that makes him evil.
Redblaze: Okay then, Squirrelflight is evil too.
Eagleflight: But Squirrelflight’s amazing!
Redblaze: Okay let’s get back to Ashfur. Squirrelflight had no regard for his feelings whatsoever.
Eagleflight: He doesn’t deserve to have feelings. Anyway, Squirrelflight is way better.
Redblaze: We all make mistakes. Ashfur never actually did anything evil. He just threatened to because he felt hurt and scared.
Eagleflight: We all feel hurt and scared sometimes, we need to learn to get over it.
Redblaze: Everybody deals with different feelings in different ways. Just because you react badly to a rejection doesn’t make you evil.
Eagleflight: But he kept that grudge for literally years.
Redblaze: So what if he’s a grudge holder? In the end, he didn’t act on it and that’s what matters.
Eagleflight: So why did he tell Hollyleaf that he would reveal their secret at the gathering?
Redblaze: I’m not sure he was actually going to. If he wanted to why did he tell her? He must have known she would try to stop him. He was probably just angry or scared and wanted her to feel some of that.
Eagleflight: That makes him evil because he wanted Hollyleaf to feel angry.
Redblaze: Wanting someone to understand your emotions is not evil.
Eagleflight: But they’re bad emotions. That’s wanting someone to feel bad.
Redblaze: He didn’t necessarily want her to feel bad. He just wanted her to understand.
Eagleflight: How on Earth can you spell necessarily? I can never spell that word.
(Redblaze is the one typing all of this with input from Eagleflight)
Redblaze: I have to work it out in my head first.
Eagleflight: Oh that makes sense.
Redblaze: Right. All I’m saying is Ashfur is not evil. He just wanted understanding and happiness but was denied it.
Eagleflight: There were plenty of cats who he could’ve been happy with but he chose to take revenge instead.
Redblaze: I think Ashfur believed that Squirrelflight was the only cat for him and that he’d never find someone else like her.
Eagleflight: He’s really narrow minded.
Redblaze: He wasn’t narrow minded. He was just crazy with pain and grief. Seeing Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather just made it worse because he thought of the kits HE could have had with Squirrelflight.
Eagleflight: If he had kits with Squirrelflight, I would rip the books apart.
Redblaze: That’s quite strong.
Eagleflight: Ashfur was prepared to kill Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather. That’s too much.
Redblaze: I don’t think he was though. He didn’t in the end did he? I think part of him considered it and he convinced himself that he was going to. But, he wasn’t evil enough to actually do it.
Eagleflight: That’s not goodness. He was just too scared.
Redblaze: In that fire scene did he seem scared?
Eagleflight: He must have been good at hiding his emotions.
Redblaze: I don’t think he was if he threatened to kill them.
Eagleflight: He was putting on a brave face.
Redblaze: Now you’re saying that he believed he was doing the right thing.
Eagleflight: Well don’t evil people believe they’re doing the right thing all the time when they’re doing something evil.
Redblaze: Not necessarily. Ashfur didn’t do this for an evil reason like power. He just did it because he was suffering and he thought this was the way to stop that suffering.
Eagleflight: Isn’t taking it out on other cats evil?
Redblaze: We all take our anger out on others. This doesn’t make us evil.
Eagleflight: I think I’m evil and I take my anger out on other people.
Redblaze: I’ve never actually seen you angry.
Eagleflight: It takes a lot to make me absolutely mad.
Redblaze: Shall we end it here then?
Eagleflight: Yep bye everyone!
Redblaze: Post in the comments your feedback and who you think you agree with!

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