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Did Clear Sky truly change? by Mellowix

Mellowix takes a look at Clear Sky and his actions in the creation of the clans.

Art by owls1999

*Spoilers for Dawn of The Clans and Moth Flight’s Vision*

Many people within the fandom think Clear Sky has truly changed, enough so, he’s overcome his murders to be worthy to join Starclan. More specially after the First Battle book and he sends the rest of the arc swearing to make up for what he’d done. However, I’m here to question this sentiment. Does the fan interpretation Clear sky match up with what happens in the books?
Prephaps, Clear Sky isn’t as changed as he’d like to claim. After all, old habits die hard, specially when they’re as extreme as Clear Sky’s dangerous greed and temper.

1) Allows One Eye to join, despite his first impression of him, is him attacking Tom, his supposed ‘friend’.

Tom added, “He may look like a sick, skinny old thing on his last legs, but he’s the perfect addition to your group. You won’t have to worry about being attacked with himaround. I invited himhere today—” Tom broke off with a screech of pain as One Eye pounced onto his back, digging his jagged claws in. Jerking away, he turned a shocked stare on One Eye as the rogue jumped down again. “What was that for?” he asked. “I can speak for myself!” One Eye hissed. – Blazing Star, chapter 5

Then declares he won’t listen to an ex-rouge after Mouse Ear warns him about One Eye:

“Good-bye!” Clear Sky called out uncertainly. Mouse Ear was the only cat to look back. “You’re a fool,” he meowed to Clear Sky. “I’ve known One Eye for a long time—and he’s not to be trusted. You’ll live to regret taking him in.” Clear Sky didn’t respond. Stiffly he turned away, signaling with a wave of his tail for his cats to follow him on the way back to their camp. He had to make a conscious effort to keep his shoulder fur lying flat. No ex-rogue is going to tell me what to do!

2) Suggests to Thunder to drive out Grey Wing from his camp, acknowledging it as good as leaving him for dead since he can’t survive alone with his illness.

“You’ve relied on Thunder to lead your group now that you’re no longer up to the task. Thunder would have been within his rights to drive you out and leave you to fend for yourself—a broken cat. You should count yourself lucky!”- Blazing Star, chapter 6

– He gives One Eye permission to attack a kit, Sparrow fur, almost getting her killed:

” One Eye mewed darkly. “Whether you survive this fight is no concern of mine. So will you leave? Or fight?” Clear Sky could see the kit’s frustration and uncertainty in her fluffed-up fur and twitching tail. I know how she feels; she can’t understand why a grown cat would be this mean to her. “All right,” Sparrow Fur agreed, raising her head bravely. “If I have to prove how much I need to see my father, I will fight you!” […] Sparrow Fur won’t be forever harmed by a few scratches! Nodding his head, he allowed the fight to begin. […]The other cats stood around watching, their eyes wide with horror, but clearly not daring to intervene because their leader had allowed the fight. Acorn Fur and Quick Water looked particularly distressed, both she-cats turning a pleading gaze toward Clear Sky. Stunned at the vicious attack, Clear Sky realized that the rogue was about to kill the kit to teach her a lesson. And I am letting it happen! – Blazing Star, Chapter 10

3) When Snake doesn’t want to reaccept Clear Sky after everything that happened with One Eye, Clear Sky banishes him, not even getting him medical treatment after getting injured.

“Good to see us?” Snake snarled. “Like I’d believe that! You let this happen! We’re allscarred by One Eye’s mark now.” […] Blood was trickling from a scratch on his forehead and he had lost several clumps of fur. Clear Sky paced forward to face him. “You can accept me as leader,” he meowed, “or leave the forest.” “Then I’ll leave,” Snake snapped.” – Blazing Star, Chapter 27

4) Clear Sky becomes mates with Star Flower, despite being fully aware his son has a crush on her. Then gets aggressive and mocking of Thunder after trying to voice his concerns.

“I see you’ve thought about this.” Clear Sky’s ears twitched irritably. “Maybe you should be leader.” There was sarcasm in his mew. […] “I saw you!” Thunder blurted. “You didn’t go on patrol— you went to meet Star Flower.” Clear Sky’s hackles lifted. “I ordered you to stay in camp.” “I’m not as easy to boss around as Owl Eyes.” Thunder held his gaze. “What were you doing with her?” “It’s none of your business.” Clear Sky bristled. “You know she can’t be trusted,” Thunder warned. “She might make promises, but they’re all lies. She only cares about herself.” He leaned closer. “You trusted her father, and look where that got you.” Clear Sky flinched as though Thunder had clawed his muzzle. Thunder backed away. Had he gone too far? “I’m only warning you because I fell for her lies once before,” he meowed quickly. “I don’t want to see her betray you the way she betrayed me. I’m thinking of us all. Trusting Star Flower will not end well.” Clear Sky’s gaze suddenly softened. “I know she hurt you, Thunder.” Hope flashed in Thunder’s chest as he saw sympathy in his father’s eyes. “Does that mean you’llstop seeing her?” Clear Sky looked past Thunder toward the clearing. “Take Owl Eyes and go hunting.” “Will you stop seeing her?” Thunder pressed. “I’ll think about what you’ve said.” Clear Sky avoided his gaze. “Go hunting. That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?” – A Divided Forest

5) He attacks Quick Water for doubting Star Flower.

“Would she?” Quick Water looked unconvinced. “It sounded to me like she and Slash were pretty close once. And you remember how she betrayed us for her father. Why wouldn’t she betray us for her father’s friend, too?” Rage pulsed through Clear Sky. “Didn’t you see how he hurt her?” “It could have been part of the act.” Blood roaring in his ears, Clear Sky lashed out with his paw and raked Quick Water’s face. “Does that feel like an act?” he yowled. Quick Water ducked away as blood shone on her muzzle. – A Divided Forest, chapter 25

6) He demands all the Clans give up valuable prey in Leafbare and negotiate with a dangerous rogue group, all for the sake of a pregnant Star Flower who’s held hostage. Clear Sky is endangering every Clan cat with long-term issues and not having any self-control, when he’s meant to be a leader. Clear Sky is bluntly bias/hypocritical here, as he himself has taken hostages and murdered, without his enemies leading reckless recuse missions. He even threatens to disown Thunder a third time.

“Clear Sky.” River Ripple’s soft mew sounded in his ear. “You’ve killed her. And my kits.” He buried his nose beneath his paw. “Leave me alone!” Everyone has betrayed me. Even my own son! “I never want to see any of you ever again.” Sharp claws raked his ears. “Clear Sky!” Wind Runner’s breath billowed over his face. “Sit up and stop acting like a kit.” – Path of the Stars

Thunder shook his head, guilt jabbing in his chest. “I can’t,” he murmured. “I must think of my campmates. I can’t sacrifice their well-being for yours.” Clear Sky’s tail bristled. “What kind of son are you?” Thunder’s heart sank as anger hardened his father’s gaze. He’d seen it countless times before. Wearily, he held his ground as Clear Sky went on. “How long are you going to resent me for taking Star Flower as my mate?” Clear Sky snarled. “Must you punish her as well? If my kits die, I’ll never forgive you!” Thunder swallowed back fear. “I’m punishing no one,” he meowed steadily. “Star Flower chose you, and I respect her decision. I’m sorry she’s in trouble, and I’d help if I could, but I can’t let my campmates starve to save her. You must solve this problem yourself.” – Path of the Stars

7) He refuses to allow for more hunting patrols despite the whole Clan complaining – Leading to many members leaving once again.

“I see you’ve thought about this.” Clear Sky’s ears twitched irritably. “Maybe you should be leader.” There was sarcasm in his mew. […] Thunder broke it. “You’re right. Cats should only be here if they want to be. So I should leave.” […].”I can’t stay another day trapped in a camp and watching cats I care about go hungry just because you order it.” – Path of the Stars

Anger burned in Clear Sky’s belly. “I don’t let my cats gorge themselves into a stupor for a reason. I want the prey in this forest to last until newleaf. I want enough to share when Gray Wing and the others decide to join our group. If we hunt too much now, there’ll be nothing left. Just wait. You’ll see I’m right.” Thunder’s eyes flashed. “That’s all you care about, isn’t it?” he snarled. “Being right! You’d sacrifice every cat in this camp just to prove you’re the smartest cat in the forest.” “That’s not true—” “It is!” Leaf’s hiss surprised Clear Sky. “Thunder’s right. You don’t care about preserving the prey. You just want to look clever.” Clear Sky dug his claws into the cold earth. How could any cat believe that, after everything he had done for them? Thunder spoke. “I won’t disturb you, or hunt near your camp. I’ll live somewhere else in the forest—but I can’t be a part of your group anymore.” “I’m going with him!” Leaf lashed his tail. “Me too!” Lightning Tailstepped forward. Clear Sky’s thoughts whirled. What was happening? He wanted to unite the cats, not drive themapart. Owl Eyes nodded to Thunder. “Can I come too?” “And me.” Cloud Spots. – Path of the Stars

8) Clear Sky controls/spies on Micah unfairly, treating him worse than his clanmates, despite having accepted numerous rogues beforehand. It gets worse considering Micah is actively trying to save Clear Sky’s son, Tiny Branch’s life with herbs. This is eerily similar to how Frost, Jagged Peak and Jackdraw’s Cry were treated seasons ago, despite claiming he wouldn’t after the First Battle:

Moth Flight lifted her chin. “You’ve never given him a fair chance!” she growled. “He left his friends to help your Clan, and you treat him like a prisoner! You’ve made Acorn Fur spy on him! I wish he’d leave you and join WindClan!” Clear Sky turned on her. “No one leaves my Clan without permission!” – Moth Flight’s Vision

9) He refuses to give up herbs, not caring if Rocky will die without it. Then he attacks Moth Flight, an untrained cat who’s barely older then a kit and Medicine cat:

“I’m a medicine cat,” Micah called back. “It’s my duty to cure cats.” “It’s your duty to cure your Clanmates,” Clear Sky hissed. “Not every cat you meet.” Anger flared in Moth Flight’s belly. “We can’t let cats die, just because they belong to a different Clan!” Clear Sky narrowed his eyes. “Are you telling me how to lead my Clan?” “Someone needs to!” Moth Flight snapped. “You’re a fox-heart!” Eyes flashing with rage, Clear Sky lashed out and raked her muzzle. Shocked, she recoiled. “Leave her alone!” Micah began to climb down. “I will if she gets out of here,” Clear Sky snarled. […] Red Claw glanced uneasily at Clear Sky. “She’s hardly more than a kit.”. – Moth Flight’s Vision

10) When Clear Sky orders his clanmates to stop Micah while he’s gathering herbs from a tree – Micah falls from a branch, killing him.

” Clear Sky lifted his gaze to Micah. “Stop him from getting the bark. She can return to her camp, but she’ll go with empty paws.” Red Claw nodded and raced for the tree. […] Moth Flight felt sick. She forced herself closer, until she could make out Micah’s twisted body, his hindquarters crushed beneath the splintered wood. – Moth Flight’s Vision

11) He keeps Moth flight and Spotted Fur prisoner, shortly after Moth Flight had done her best to save Tiny Branch.

Clear Sky snarled. “You will stay here until Wind Runner comes to me, admits her mistake, and banishes Willow Tail from her Clan.” […] “How long are you going to keep me prisoner?” Moth Flight snarled. Her thoughts skipped from Slate to her kits. How dare he keep her from them? They needed her! “For as long as it takes.” Moth Flight glared at the SkyClan leader. “You can’t do this!” His tail twitched menacingly. “This is my territory,” he growled. “I can do anything I like.” – Moth Flight’s Vision

12) In the pending battle with Windclan, Clear Sky injuries Wind Runner so severely, she’s bleeding from the neck and her leg is broken. Moth Flight is forced to give Windstar nine lives to save her. A.K.A Clear Sky killed Windstar.

“Wind Runner lifted her forepaws to meet his, but he was quicker and threw a blow at her cheek. She lurched backward, unbalanced. Her hind paw slid over a root. It snagged her and she fell, her leg twisting beneath her. Moth Flight heard a crack and froze with horror. She’d eaten enough prey to recognize the snap of breaking bone. Her mother’s leg bone had broken. […] Fresh blood was still welling at Wind Runner’s neck, and her hind leg stuck out at an ugly angle. Moth Flight’s chest tightened. She’d never seen her mother afraid before.- Moth Flight’s Vision

“Her mother’s breath was growing uneven—a few short breaths, followed by the desperate drawing in of air. Moth Flight swallowed. Each breath sounded like Wind Runner’s last. […} Moth Flight heaved her mother forward and let her collapse against it. Wind Runner gasped as she fell, then lay still. Moth Flight backed away, heart pounding. Her mother didn’t move. […] “We can’t save this life.” Grey Wing’s words echoed from the walls, ringing in Moth Flight’s ears.” – Moth Flight’s Vision

13) He then unnecessarily kills Willow Tail for staging the battle, when he could have exiled her instead.

A screech sounded behind her. Moth Flight spun, her breath stopping in her throat as she saw Clear Sky back away from Willow Tail, his eyes bright with shock. […] Long gashes streaked the she-cat’s face. Blood streamed from her slashed eyes and dripped from her whiskers. Willow Tail moaned as her paws buckled beneath her. She collapsed onto the ground and stared blankly ahead. Moth Flight’s paws trembled. He’s blinded her. […] Clear Sky moved away, his pelt rippling along his spine. He lifted his muzzle toward Red Claw at the edge of the clearing. “She’s yours now,” he growled softly. “Do what you like with her.” […] Lifting his head slowly, Pebble Heart shook it, his gaze grim. “She’s dead.” – Moth Flight’s Vision

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  • I personally think that Clear Sky never really changed, and if anything, he only got worse. I feel like the only thing he cares about is himself, and, later on, Star Flower. Warning! If you have not read DotC, do not read the rest of this comment! I hate him for loving his kits with Star Flower and treating them like there the best thing in the world, and their the only ones that deserve special treatment, while his eldest living kit has formed a clan of his own, and learned how to be a leader, and learned how to survive ALL WITHOUT CLEAR SKY! This was a great article that I 100% agree with, though you did miss one tiny thing. Remember in the first battle? How Clear Sky started a battle with is brothers for no good reason? While, in that battle, he killed Rainswept Flower. His Tribemate. The cat he had known throughout his entire life. It is one thing to kill a rouge you barely know, it is a complete other to kill a cat you know and respected, a cat who helped you throughout your life. Other than that, I LOVE your article. And the winner of the worst cat in the whole Warriors series is….. Not Tigerclawstar! Not Mapleshade! It is ………… Clear Sky, my REAL least favorite character. Thank you for listening to my disorganized rant, and I am probably missing some terrible Clear Sky stuff, but it’s been a while since I read Moth Flight’s Vision.

    • I didn’t mention his murders with Rainswept flower and his other murders, because that was before the First Battle. A common counter to that is “He redeemed himself afterwards”. So this article set out to prove, he wasn’t as redeemed as people believe in the later half of DOTC.

  • There’s another part I remembered after I already posted this, so I’ll put it in the comments:

    3.5) Because of his orders, Tom is forced to defend his daughter. After Clear Sky ordered for Sparrow Fur’s healing, he just stood there, not bothering to do the same with the battle – Admitting he doesn’t care about it. Without intervention, Tom is foreseeably killed by the would-be kit murderer.

    “Tom! Relief washed over Clear Sky as he recognized the former kittypet.“Leave her alone!” Tom growled, attacking One Eye in a whirl of teeth and claws. “She’s mykit!”The two cats rolled over together on the ground, their paws locked around each other’s bodies,their jaws snapping.Clear Sky hardly spared them a glance. He halted beside Sparrow Fur. […] Clear Sky was vaguely aware that Tom and One Eye were still fighting somewhere on the otherside of the clearing, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. All his attention was on the injured kit. […] He realized that the hissing and screeching from Tom and One Eye had died away to silence. Good, the fight is over, he thought. Now I can deal with them both. . . . But when he glanced across at the other side of the clearing, his jaws gaped in shock. Tom lay with his legs splayed out and his eyes wide in a fixed star.” – Blazing Star, Page 105

    • I agree with Turtle!

      I can’t stand Clear Sky. He’s my least favourite character in warriors and I hate him with a burning passion. 😛

  • Why is Skystar is StarClan if he did all of this? If skystar can murder cats without going to the df, then why didn’t Mapleshade go to StarClan? Or Hawkfrost? he didn’t kill all of those cats! Also mellowix i am literally a fan, i have another question

    Do you think Leafpool is a bad sister?

  • Nice article! I think that Clear Sky was just someone that was clearly traumatized by Fawn and Bright Stream’s deaths, and all he wanted to do was protect his Clanmates, cause he couldn’t protect Fawn and Bright Stream. But he ended up doing the wrong things, even though he had the right intentions.

  • Clear Sky=EVIL SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO EVIL *Beep!* Robot mode off. Did I mention that Clear Sky is super evil? He’s super evil. He killed Rainswept Flower, one of his oldest friends! He killed so many cats! He’s the worst! I hate him! You’re article is awesome!

  • I definitely agree! Clear Sky doesn’t seem to have changed a bit

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