My 11 least favorite cats by Lightningstar06

Lightningstar06’s 11 least favorite characters.

Art by Shyranno’s Art on tumblr

10. Nightstar. I don’t know why he bugs me as much as he does, but Nightstar is a character I am not fond of. He was so mean to ThunderClan, and almost wouldn’t let them pass for a Gathering.

10. Lizardstripe. She was mean to Yellowfang, and also neglected Brokenstar. If she hadn’t, she could have possibly stopped him from doing all of those evil things.

9. Clawface. This will be brief. I HATE Clawface because he killed Spottedleaf and he supported Brokenstar. However, he seemed to care about his mate, Rowanberry, which surprises me.

8. Darkstripe. I don’t like Darkstripe for the following reasons. One, he tried to kill Sorrelkit(tail) with deathberries. If he needed to stop her from saying anything, make up a lie, such as, He had stolen a piece of our prey, and I was telling him to leave it and go back to ShadowClan. Why do you have to poison the kit? Two, Darkstripe is just flat out mean to Firestar. Now, I know you might say, but Lightningstar06, Tigerstar was mean to him too! Yes, but my reasoning is not only did he know Firestar knew he had killed Redtail, but Pinestar, his father, became a kittypet named Pine. He never really knew his father well, since Pinestar left to become a kittypet. That could be a reason why he hates kittypets. Also, Thistleclaw was Tigerstar’s mentor, and he HATED kittypets.To recap, Darkstripe tried to murder Sorrelkit, bullied Firestar, and oh yeah, helped to kill Stonefur, and fought for BloodClan instead of ShadowClan. Definitely HATE Darkstripe.

7. Hawkheart. There is really only one reason I HATE Hawkheart, and that is he killed Moonflower. She was the mother of Bluestar and Snowfur, some of my favorite characters. Also, he didn’t have to KILL her. He could have just injured her instead.

6. Hawkfrost. I don’t like Hawkfrost because he killed Hollyleaf, and he tried to kill Firestar. Also, he acts flat out mean sometimes, and also he made a fake sign so Mothwing could become a medicine cat (not that I’m mad about it). He then forced her to use her position to help him. He also didn’t seem to respect Mistyfoot, who is an awesome character.

5. Scourge. He tried to take over the forest, nearly killed Barley’s sister, Violet, forced families to separate, and killed Tigerstar 9 times over with one single blow. Also, he took Firestar’s first life, even though he didn’t know it. I do have a little pity for him, since he was bullied by his siblings.

Thistleclaw and Brokenstar are tied for 3rd least favorite

3. Thistleclaw. I HATE Thistleclaw because he was so brutal to Tigerstar while he was training him. He was SO mean to Bluefur, one of my FAVORITE characters. Also, really blood-thirsty. Like I mean, REALLY blood-thirsty. He also made Spottedleaf sad, because they were kinda in love, until he dumped her after she said stop training in the Dark Forest, and he said NO. He egged Tigerstar on to hurt Scourge, or Tiny at that time. He also blamed Bluefur for Snowfur’s death (I might write another article about that). He also could have hurt Whitestorm when he was a small kit. I say this because he tried to show Whitekit battle moves, even very advanced ones, that could have hurt him at an early age. I will end this section by showing you this quote. “‘You don’t get it, Spottedpaw,’ he meowed. “‘I can’t turn away from my destiny. Nothing is more important than this. The rip of flesh beneath my claws, the taste of blood, the scent of my enemy’s fear… I am hungry for all of it, and I will keep fighting until ThunderClan rules the entire forest.’ I rest my case.

3. Brokenstar. He apprenticed kits early by many moons, didn’t care about the elders, made his clan eat crowfood, and killed his father. Do I need to say more? Yes, I think I do. He didn’t pay any attention when his Clanmates died (R.I.P Badgerfang), drove out WindClan, killed Ferncloud, and, even though ThunderClan sheltered him, healed him, fed him, and fought to protect him, he still BETRAYED them. Thank you Yellowfang for killing him twice.

2. Bone. I have 3 reasons why I HATE Bone. One, he supports Scourge and does all of his dirty work, like taking out enemy cats. Two, he helped to ruin part of Barley’s life. And my main reason is… HE KILLED WHITESTORM! Whitestorm is another one of my favorite characters, and he killed him. Thank you Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Ashfur, Feathertail, and Stormfur (all apprentices at the time) for killing Bone.

1. Tigerstar. I know, it’s the classic bad guy, Tigerstar. Almost everyone hates him. Here are my reasons why I HATE Tigerstar. He bullied Scourge and nearly killed him, he killed Runningwind, he killed Brindleface, he killed Redtail, he tried to kill Ravenpaw, he was really blood-thirsty, he killed Firestar (he gave Firestar the wounds that killed him), tries to kill Bluestar, has Darkstripe and Blackfoot kill Stonefur, the whole dog thing, builds Bonehill (that thing sounds and looks creepy), killed poor Gorsepaw, indirectly killed Swiftpaw and caused Brightheart to be horribly injured, and kinda caused Cinderpelt’s injury. I know that was long, but there are a LOT of reasons as to why Tigerstar is my least favorite character.

Those were my 10 least favorite characters. 1-4 are all kinda tied, but if they weren’t tied, that would be the order they’d be in.

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  • I agree all with you!(Except Hawkheart and Tigerstar,I just like Tigerstar idk why and Hawkheart HAD too,or Moonflower would have destroyed herbs im kinda with two sides,Hawkheart’s and Moonflower’s)

  • You did an amazing job with this article.
    The only thing I don’t agree with is Nightstar.
    I think the only reason that he didnt let them pass at the gathering (almost) is because Shadowclan are hostile
    (Sorry not sorry, shadowclan cats!)

  • I agree with you on most of those, except Hawkfrost and Hawkheart, and Clawface is alright.

    My reasons:
    Hawkfrost:Hawkfrost is 1 on my fav df characters, but I wish Hollyleaf had lived longer since she’s also 1 of my fav characters

    Hawkheart: I blame Goosefeather for Moonflower’s death, not Hawkheart. Hawkheart was only defending his clan. I’m sure any Thunderclan cat would have done that too to defend their herbs

    Clawface: I don’t have much to say about Clawface, and I didn’t like how he killed Spottedleaf, but I thought he was an interesting character

  • I agree with this but one thing I’m going to point out is where you said that Thistleclaw and spottedleaf were kinda in love. Um no they weren’t. Thistleclaw manipulated her and took advantage of her ( I don’t mean that he forced himself on her but he still took advantage of her in a way). He didn’t love her. Spottedleaf was a kit and apprentice when he manipulated her. He made her believe that he loved her but he didn’t. He just wanted to turn her to the evil side.

  • AT LEATS!!! Someone who puts the real bad guys instead of Hollyleaf or Lionblaze who both is really good charecters with a FEW bad things.

  • I agree with you for the most part. Hawkfrost and Thistleclaw are probably a few of my favorite Villains. Still, great article, Lightningstar06 ! 😁