Snowtuft: Where did he come from? by Echomist

Echomist theorizes about Snowtuft’s origins.

Art by Spottedfire23

Hellooooooooo BlogClanners and all other people that stumbled here by complete accident…
I’m Echomist and today I will be solving the unsolvable…
The case of the Snowtuft that came out of nowhere.
Let’s start. I just have to find my magnifying glass… 🙂

Snowtuft must have been born before Mapleshade because it said that Mapleshade was fading, and her white patches were see-through. And if Snowtuft was as old as Mapleshade, he would be practically invisible and I think that would be mentioned in the books, don’t you? Unless, of course, his tale was told by loads of cats and they could all remember him and be scared of him.

Possible Suspects
Snowkit of ThunderClan
Snowstar of ShadowClan
Snowdrop of the Twolegs (couldn’t figure out what to write for that one)
Snowflake of no one
Some cat of SkyClan

Snowkit of ThunderClan
I would love Snowtuft to turn out to be Snowkit, and maybe if it was there could be a stand-off or something with Speckletail. That would be cool.
But unfortunately it would be very unlikely for it to be Snowkit, but it might not be. He might have been like Flametail, who accidentally stumbled upon the Dark Forest whilst trying to get to StarClan. But still; it’s unlikely.

Snowstar of ShadowClan
This is a very possible one. It would only take one kittypet, loner, rogue or Clan cat to remember him.
Also he would have changed his name because it would be kinda awkward, having a leader’s name when you’re not a leader. I mean Tigerstar and Brokenstar kept their names, but they are the leaders of the Dark Forest and Snowtuft isn’t.

Snowdrop of the Twolegs
I know what you’re thinking. “But she’s a she-cat!”
But Erin Hunter made Sparrowfeather a tom for The Last Hope so I wouldn’t put it past them.
But it’s not very likely because she is a kittypet so what could she possibly do that would be that bad and in The Fourth Apprentice (I think) she is very sweet and innocent.

Snowflake of no one
Snowflake could be. Possibly. Probably not. But maybe.

Some cat of SkyClan
This is the most likely one. It’s either a cat of SkyClan, or it’s a cat in Pasha’s band of kittypets. Probably a tom in Pasha’s group that went into SkyClan to spy. That would make a good fanfic… NO ONE STEAL.

So my conclusion is either SkyClan, or Snowstar. But I hope it’s Snowkit. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for reading, I hope this was interesting and have a good day!
May StarClan light your path,

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