Why Bluestar Went Crazy by Lightningstar06

Lightningstar06 breaks down some of the possible reasons as to why Bluestar turned her back on StarClan.

Art by Riverspirit

Before I dive into the reasons why Bluestar went crazy, this is very long, so you might want to read this in two parts.

Bluepaw had only been an apprentice for 4 or 5 days when Pinestar decided to attack WindClan. Goosefeather had seen an omen in the fur of the vole Snowpaw had caught. He said it meant that WindClan would destroy them. The night before Pinestar decided to attack WindClan, Goosefeather found a shred of catmint on the vole. He said that the only way to defeat WindClan was to destroy their medicine supplies. Bluepaw and Snowpaw went with the ThunderClan warriors to help Featherwhisker, the medicine cat apprentice. Moonflower, the mother of Bluepaw and Snowpaw, also went on the attack. She was able to get to the WindClan medicine cat den, but Hawkheart, the WindClan medicine cat (who I think is evil), killed her. As I said in my 11 least favorite cats, Hawkheart could have injured her instead of killing her. Anyway, Moonflower dies so early into Bluepaw’s life. For a very long time, Bluepaw became cold towards her Clanmates, to the point of where they started to avoid her. Stonepelt also was attacking the medicine cat supplies along with Moonflower. This brings me to my next reason.

Stonepelt was Bluepaw’s mentor. Bluepaw very much enjoyed him as her mentor. Stonepelt, although he survived, retired and became an elder after a shoulder wound from the battle with WindClan didn’t heal properly. She lost Stonepelt as her mentor. This isn’t very important, but I just wanted to add this.

My next reason is Snowfur. Bluepaw and Snowpaw became Bluefur and Snowfur. Thistleclaw, Tigerclaw’s mentor and Bluefur hated each other. He was bloodthirsty and mean. He is the third reason. Anyway, Snowfur and Thistleclaw had been in love when they were apprentices. Even though they hadn’t been warriors for a long time, Thistleclaw and Snowfur became mates. Snowfur became pregnant with Thistleclaw and her kits. She gave birth to Whitekit, who, you guessed it, becomes Whitestorm, Bluestar’s loyal and trusted nephew. One day, after Snowfur complained to Bluefur about not being able to hunt and be a warrior and leave the nursery, Bluefur offered to go on a walk with Snowfur. They left Whitekit with Robinwing, and went walking. After a little squabble about Oakheart, Snowfur picked up the scent of ShadowClan. Bluefur and Snowfur chased the invaders to the Thunderpath. Snowfur chased them on to the Thunderpath. Snowfur herself was on the Thunderpath. You might be able to predict what happens next. Snowfur gets hit by a monster. Bluefur tries to save her, but she dies very quickly after she has been hit. A ThunderClan patrol, led by Adderfang, finds Bluefur and the dead Snowfur. Thrushpelt checks for any more ShadowClan cats, while Bluefur and the patrol return to camp. Thistleclaw doesn’t help, saying it was Bluefur’s fault. This is also a father and daughter scene. This is the scene. “Thistleclaw stormed past her, forcing his way into the branches. “How could you let it happen?” he yowled at Bluefur. “What were you doing, taking her to the Thunderpath? She should have been in the nursery with Whitekit!”
“I-I’m sorry.”
“How could you even think of letting her put herself in danger when she had a kit to look after?” Thistleclaw hissed.
Bluefur stared hollow-eyed at her sister’s mate. He was right. This was her fault.
“Leave!” Stormtail appeared behind Thistleclaw. He held a branch aside with his shoulders, leaving room to get out. “This isn’t helping any cat,” he growled.
Thistleclaw backed away, throwing a last angry glance at Bluefur.
Stormtail squeezed in beside her. His eyes shone with sorrow. “Adderfang told me.”
Bluefur stared at her paws. “I can’t lose Snowfur as well as Moonflower. Why did they both have to die?”
Stormtail shook his head. “Only StarClan knows that.”
“Then StarClan is stupid and cruel.”
“Life must go on.” Stormtail pressed against her. “You have other Clanmates.”
“Not like them. They were kin!
“Your Clan depends on you as much as Snowfur and Moonflower did. More so.”
“I don’t care!”
Stormtail brushed his tail down her flank. “I know you do care. And I know you won’t let your Clanmates down. You must go on, hunting and fighting and living for your Clan.”
When she didn’t reply, he licked her between the ears and padded away.
Bluefur dug her claws into the ground and glared up at the pale gray sky, crisscrossed with bare branches. What was the point of being in a Clan when you couldn’t keep your most precious Clanmates safe?” That was from Bluestar’s Prophecy, pages 356 and 357. I think that was plenty of evidence for this reason.

My third reason is Thistleclaw. This will be brief. He was an absolute JERK to Bluefur. He even threatened to not allow her to be with Whitekit.

My fourth reason is Tawnyspots and his illness. Now it’s not Tawnyspots fault that he made Bluestar go crazy, but the fact that since he was deputy and he had an illness, someone would have to replace him. Sunstar had two options in mind; Bluefur and Thistleclaw. But, at that time, Bluefur was nursing kits (Stonekit, Mistykit, Mosskit), and the ThunderClan would never accept a nursing or pregnant queen as deputy. That meant that Thistleclaw would become deputy. Bluefur, unbeknownst to everyone except Goosefeather and StarClan, had secretly become mates with Oakheart, from RiverClan. She gave up her kits so she could become deputy. Stonekit and Mistykit survived, but poor Mosskit died. Bluefur was devastated.

My fifth reason was Tigerclaw/star. I’m going to refer to him as Tigerclaw. If you remember from Forest of Secrets, Tigerclaw tried to kill Bluestar. That shook Bluestar’s to the core. Also, Tigerclaw was similar to Thistleclaw, seeing as he trained Tigerclaw and was like a father figure. There may have been times when Tigerclaw acted like Thistleclaw.

My 6th reason is 2 reasons are both kind of weak. My reasons are the fire and the times Firestar and sometimes Graystripe went behind her back to help another Clan or another cat. The fire made her think that StarClan was trying to destroy ThunderClan and the times Firestar and sometimes Graystripe went behind her back may have made her worry about her own leadership. If she couldn’t stop them from going behind her back multiple times, could she really lead her Clan?

That going to do it for this article. I hope you enjoyed! Lightningstar06 out.

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