Firestar’s Genetics and Family Tree by Thunderblaze

Thunderblaze takes a look at Firestar’s genetics.

Artist unknown (Source: VS Battles Wiki)

Thunderblaze! Yep! I am writing yet ANOTHER article, and since genetics are trending I guess, I want to write about Firestar’s family tree. Let’s start! I’m not that good at genetics, so I’m just trying to guess it all.

Firestar’s parents and siblings: His parents are Jake and Nutmeg. Jake is a ginger tom. Nutmeg is a brown-and-white tabby. So Firestar is technically related to Scourge, Socks, and Ruby. Firestar’s sister is Princess. Princess is a fluffy light brown tabby with white paws, chest, and tail. So Princess can be her colors. Same with Firestar. But Quince, Jake’s other mate is grey. How does Scourge get black? Maybe cats genetics have faults, or the series is not consistent.

Firestar’s mate: Sandstorm’s parents are Brindleface and Redtail. Brindleface is a pale grey tabby she-cat with darker flecks. Redtail is a tortoiseshell tom with a bushy ginger tail. This makes Sandstorms colors incorrect. THEORY: Sandstorm inherited her father’s ginger tail, but it ended up coloring her whole body. But, truthfully, Redtail has no ginger in his family. His parents, Adderfang(Mottled dark brown tabby-tom) and Swiftbreeze(Tabby-and-white she-cat) are not ginger.

Firestar’s Sister and kin: Firestar’s sister mated with Oliver, a white tom, and had Cloudtail(white tom). That is possible. Cloudtail mated with Brightheart(white she-cat with ginger patches) and had Whitewing(White she-cat), Ambermoon(Ginger she-cat), Dewnose(gray and white tom), and Snowbush(White tom). Technically, Ambermoon’s fur is genetically possible because of her mom. Brightheart has ginger patches, so the ginger patch’s genetic code could’ve become Ambermoon’s pelt. But Dewnose couldn’t have had the gray part of his pelt, because no one is his family had it.

Firestar’s daughters and kin: Squirrelflight(dark ginger she cat with one white paw) pelt colors are possible. Leafpool(pale brown she-cat), not so much. Sparkpelt(flame-colored tabby she-cat) and Alderheart(Dark ginger tom) pelts are both possible. I honestly think that cats may have genetic defects that cause their pelt to change color. I would like to hear your theories! I’m getting pretty bored now, so I’m going to wrap this up. Thank you for reading! COMMENT BELOW FOR THE NEXT ARTICLE AND I WILL DO IT!

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