Honeyfern- My Favorite Warrior Cat and why I Love her by Pinestripe

Pinestripe shares their opinion on Honeyfern.

Artwork by Lithestep

I decided it would be good to make my first article about my ultimate favorite Warrior cat, Honeyfern. Today I will talk about why I love this character and some of her actions that make her a great cat.

One of Honeyfern’s best traits is her kindness. She was always such a gentle and considerate cat. Here are some scenes from the books which made me love Honeyfern for her integrity and compassion:

Honeypaw showed sympathy for Lionpaw when he was having a hard time hunting. Lionpaw may not have appreciated her attention, but she wasn’t trying to upset him. She was being helpful and encouraging. She even admitted that she missed a catch the other day, to make him feel better. And when Honeypaw spotted a mouse, she could have caught it herself, but instead gave him the chance.
“Don’t worry, I missed a sparrow yesterday.”
— Honeypaw comforting Lionpaw in Dark River

When the sick cats were going to the abandoned twoleg nest and Daisy was upset that she couldn’t come with Rosekit, Honeyfern quickly promised to look after the kit. She was later seen offering a mouse to Briarkit, as Millie was too sick to feed her daughter. Honeyfern was also one of the cats taking care of Firestar while he lost a life.
“I promise I’ll look after her.”
— Honeyfern to Daisy about Rosekit

Brave, selfless Honeyfern died a Warrior’s death, jumping in front of a snake to save Briarkit from being bitten. ThunderClan would forever grieve her and remember her as the brave Warrior she was.

Honeyfern’s kind actions don’t stop here. After she joined StarClan, her former mate Berrynose became mates with her sister. Honeyfern could have been jealous, but she wasn’t. She was happy for her loved ones, and wanted them to be happy. She promiced to look after them both and love their kits as if they were her own.
“Please tell her that I miss her just as much as she misses me. And I will love her kits as if they were my own. Berrynose does love her. He’s just scared of losing her as he lost me. I am watching over both of them.”
— Honeyfern to Jayfeather about Poppyfrost in The Fourth Apprentice

When Jayfeather was attacked by Breezepelt and Brokenstar at the Moonpool, Honeyfern came to his defence, saving Jayfeather’s life.
“Get away! You’re not wanted here! And as for you, Breezepelt- You get out of here, too. Or do you want a couple of shredded ears?”
— Honeyfern to Brokenstar and Breezepelt in The Fourth Apprentice

She fought bravely in the battle against the Dark Forest, alongside her sister.

Throughout her life, Honeyfern has showed herself as a kind, selfless, and brave Warrior. This is what I love about her and she will forever be special to me.

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