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Ivypool was the Fourth Cat by Mothtail

Mothtail shares their thoughts on Ivypool in Omen of the Stars.

Art by BRlCK

Alright, first let me start off by saying I wish it were Hollyleaf. She’s my favorite character, and I think she’s the most levelheaded of the three. I get she went kinda berzerk, but that was because her existence goes against the code. But it was Ivypool, 100%, no matter what the Erins say.
It was made very clear that the three needed a fourth cat before they could defeat the dark forest, so that means that the fourth cat has to make a difference, has to make a large impact. Who did that? Firestar certainly didn’t. He made the same impact as other warriors. He lead his Clan, as he was supposed to, but was far from being essential- any leader could do it. No, the cat that was more important than Firestar, Dovewing, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather combined for this battle was Ivypool. She warned the three of the dark forest. She was useless for a while, but she made the discovery that they could come onto Clan territory. Without Ivypool, The Clans would have been ambushed and taken by surprise. With the three, only ThunderClan would stand a chance. So it’s not Firestar. It’s Ivypool. Here’s my list of the Top 5 cats I wanted to be the fourth cat
1.) Hollyleaf- Hollyleaf was thrown out because nobody could think of a power for her. Here’s her chance to rejoin the Three. Why wouldn’t you take this opportunity? I wanted her to utilize the tunnels, to get Fallen Leaves to get the ancients, to be a major reinforcement. It would truly make her the fourth cat- she’s not in the way of the prophecy, but she’s got the backup to save the day.
2.) Ivypool- Dovewing had to hold the burden of her sister hating her because she was a prophecy cat unlike Ivypool. Once Ivypool forgave Dovewing, she showed us she was more than worthy of the prophecy. And Dovewing was first refusing the prophecy if Ivypool couldn’t be in it. The sisters deserved to be together, the thing that caused the rift resolved, and them fighting side by side, tied to Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and eachother by the prophecy.
3.) Mothwing- A hefty side of Irony; the atheist medicine cat of RiverClan, the only one who has disbelief in StarClan allowing her to ignore the whole medicine cat divisions, not caring what StarClan says, cause she doesn’t think they exist. She would have been the one to reunite the medicine cats, and it would truly make her the fourth cat. And I would love to see Yellowfang’s face after she said “Mothwing was born an idiot- she’ll die an idiot.” and that “idiot” saved the clans. Lol get rekt Yellowfang.
4.) Flametail- Flametail reunited StarClan. The whole problem was that a scared, stupid starclan was fighting and needed to stand together. And it would be unique for a StarClan cat to complete the prophecy, though it would make sense- the living and dead are fighting side by side.
5.) I wasn’t sure who to put here, so I was thinking and came to a conclusion you might not like- Daisy! She was never a warrior, she stayed behind and helped queens with kits. I can just picture Mapleshade taking down the Three, even Lionblaze, and heading for the nursery. She takes a young kit and runs with it, but Daisy is on her heels, running faster than any WindClan cat. She bites down on Mapleshade’s tail and throws her, before snatching the kit and guarding it. It’s a hard fight, but Daisy takes Mapleshade’s life, saving the young kit, and taking a heroes position when the Three were on their last limb.

Well I hope y’all enjoyed! Which cats on the list did you wanna see as the fourth cat? Do you agree that Ivypool was actually necessary and Firestar did nothing spectacular? Or is Firestar the true fourth cat? See you soon, and may StarClan light your path

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  • I agree, firestar did nothing to help the prophecy other than fight for his clan. don’t get me wrong, that’s nothing to scoff at, but ivypool did a lot more

  • Dovewing took all the glory from Ivypool for stopping the Dark forest from surprise attacking the Clans. Ivypool worked WAY harder than Dovewing when they were apprentices, but Dovepaw still made the first catch, because she always relied on her powers to hunt instead of normal senses. Ivypool still worked harder than Dovewing when they became warriors, but Dovewing still got ALL the glory. Also taken from the ultimate guide on Ivypool, there’s a sentence saying ‘To Dovewing’s DISMAY, her sister risked her life by going back to the Dark Forest to learn when the attack would happen.’ Dismay means disappointment, soooo… I interpret that Dovewing was disappointed that SHE wasn’t the one stopping the Dark Forest’s attack from being a surprise to all the Clans. Dovewing STILL took all the glory from that. And Dovewing took all her Clanmates’ respect and threw it off a cliff, burned it, froze it, stomped on it, clawed at it, and left it on the Thunderpath to be ran over multiple times, by chosing Tigerheart and leaving the Clans without warning, and then returning to ShadowClan without telling ThunderClan. Dovewing even encouraged fighting against The Sisters for just places to walk when they could’ve just waited for just one moon. ONE MOON. That battle led to Leafpool’s death, Moonlight’s death, and Squirrelflight’s temporary death. So in conclusion, Dovewing is an absolute brat and didn’t deserve to be a prophecy cat, and Ivypool deserved better, and Ivypool deserved to be the fourth cat.

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