Status Report

The current situation on BlogClan, how we’re planning to fix it, and what to expect over the next week.

Hello all! As you’ve probably already noticed, BlogClan has been having some… issues. Visual bugs, comments disappearing, and a number of other bugs you’ve been telling us about over the past few days.

You see, WordPress has made some changes behind the scenes in their latest update, and this has been wreaking havoc with a number of pieces of software we use to run the blog.

The good news is that this is fixable. The bad news is that it’ll take a little while.

In order to fix these bugs, we will need to overhaul a number of systems used to build BlogClan, which will also impact the design of the site itself.

Over the next week, BlogTeam will be working hard to make these changes and fix the issues you’ve been experiencing.

Your faithful mods ask for your patience as they work on those updates.

Starting at 11am BST on Wednesday 26th August (click to view in your local time zone), BlogClan will enter maintenance mode, meaning you will be unable to access the blog or its content. We will, however, be keeping a version of BlogChat running on the front page, and BlogTeam will be working to keep it open as much as possible in order to give you some small substitute for the blog itself.

We will return to action with all changes complete on Saturday 29th August at 3pm BST.

When we return, you can expect BlogClan to look very different to how it does right now. Most crucially, the bugs of the past few days should vanish, and comments should once again be visible (including any made over the past few days).

Not only that, the site will likely run significantly faster with these updates in place.

We understand that this has been a frustrating time, and BlogTeam thanks you for your patience.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated with any significant news, and we look forward to seeing you on the flipside!


Kate’s child. Quiet agent of BlogTeam, lurking in the shadows. (picrew by @makowwka)


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