Top 10 bravest warrior cats by Violetpaw

Violetpaw shares their list of bravest cats from the series.

Art by Vialir

Hi blogclan. This is my second blog. My first was just trash and unplanned and messy. Today imma tell u the top 10 bravest cats in warrior cats. Ill just start straight away.

10. Honeyfern
Yeah she didnt do much but she did save briarkit from
the snake which killed her.

9. Tigerheart
Even though i HATE him i think he is brave.
When ivypool was going to kill his brother he saved him
On the last second and fought ivypool away in front of
Brokenstar watching. In the last hope he tells ivypool
That he was spying on the DF but wasn’t acctualy evil.
In a vision of shadows when dovewing runs from the
Clans, tigerheart goes after her even if he doesnt know
Where she went.

8. Violetshine
Violetshine is brave because she tried to sneak the
Poppy seeds into the kin’s prey. This took a lot of
Courage because she grew up with these cats and
They would kill her if they caught her.

7. Cinderpelt
Cinderpelt is braver than you think she an
apprentice when tigerclaw wanted bluestar at the
Thunderpath she risked getting injured. When her leg
Was cripled she had to become a med cat but she didnt
Give up.
When she died in the badger attack, she gave her life
Sorreltail’s kits from a badger. She did know she was
Going to die so it did take away a lot of the drama

6. Needletail
Needletail noticed her mistake when she joined darktail and
When she had a chance to save herself, she gave her life to
Save violetpaw when she could have killed her and
Needletail could have lived. Instead she let violetpaw run
And she attacked darktail and the other two cats with him

5. Feathertail
Feathertail died saving complete strangers she met a few
Days ago from a mountain lion when all the other cats
Were to scared to. She also saved crowpaw whilst doing it.

4. Firestar
Obviously everyone saw this coming. I dont realy like him
But he is brave. Ill list a few.
Saving bluestar from tigerstar
Chasing the dogs
Fighting bloodclan
Leaving the forest territory
Killing tigerstar’s ghost
Way more

3. Stonefur
He died a true warrior in tigerclan protecting graystripe’s
Kits. He did like needletail but with two merged clans
Instead of just three cats.

2. Swiftpaw and brightpaw
Even though they knew it was dangerous, they went to
Fight the dogs to prove their loyalty as apprentices.
It was sad when fireheart and graystripe found out that
Swiftpaw died and brightpaw had half her face ripped off.
Her face didnt distract her determination though. She
Learned how to cope with one side of her face and she
Grew to be as strong, even maybe stronger, than any cat

And 1. Ivypool
Ivypool risked her life every time she closed her eyes in the
Dark forest to spy for jayfeather and lionblaze. She knew
She would be killed if she was found out but she didnt stop
Going even in the early days of her DF training where she
Could have quit. She was brave enough to try and kill
Inocent cats against her will so that she could spy and
Somehow became a well trusted warrior in the DF. In the
Final battle she got all the DF cats and purswaded most to
Go against tigerstar, no matter his threats
She is my fav character 🙂 (ivypool 4evah)

U might probably wonder why lionblaze isnt on this list.
ionblaze is brave but that is just because he knew he was
Un beatable in battle. Bravery is courage even though you Arn’t protected and when you are vunrable.
When lionblaze let him get beat up by a shadowclan patrol, He probably git a few scratches but the Erins made it seem Like he was over reacting.

Thats my 10 bravest warriors. There are more she-cats then toms on the list. Thats why i like warriors.

This is just my opinion about the list. If u think differently let me know. I wanna hear ppls opinions

Tell me how i did on my second blog. Byee, violetpaw out.

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