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Top 10 Favorite Cats by Shadow that falls at dusk

Shadow that falls at dusk shares their favourite characters from the series.

Art by chyllii (tumblr)

Hi! This is my first article so I hope you like it!

1. Jayfeather~ This is by far my favorite cat and I honestly do not know why… Maybe it’s his short temper… As I said I just don’t know.
2. Yellowfang~ I love this cat because in my opinion she is like the kit saver that absolutely no one except Firepaw/heart trusts her until like rising storm when she dies saving her adopted clanmates.
3. Crowfeather~ This one is easy, I am a big CrowXLeaf fan, so it’s kinda self explanatory…
4. Leafpool~ Exactly the same as Crowfeather
5. Mapleshade~ You might be thinking ”WHAT!!!” but if you haven’t read Mapleshade’s Vengeance, you don’t know the whole story. I have a soft heart so I am able to love her.
6. Shadowsight~ This is a cat who I personally think deserves to be on all top 10 favorite lists, because, while living in a twoleg place for a while then moving to the clans he is having weird visions of cats behind a waterfall and other weird stuff. And, who wants to be seeing cats dying as a kit? Not me. that’s not the only reason I love this cat, he always tries to do what his ancestors want (even if those ancestors aren’t StarClan).
7. Fallen Leaves~ I can’t imagine not liking Fallen Leaves, I mean what is there not to like? He saved Hollyleaf, and taught her how to live in the tuneles.
8. Gray Wing~ I love Gray Wing a lot and the only reason he is not higher on this list is that I do not think too many people have read Dawn of the Clans and there are cats I love more than him but other than that, go Gray Wing!
9. Ivypool~ I like Ivypool but she is definitely not the best the reason she’s on is how bad I feel for her, as an apprentice she was always outdone by Dovewing, and her only comfort was in the Dark Forest. I don’t blame her at all for continuing to go there even after Dovewing bugged her about it.
10. Clear Sky~ This cat is pretty annoying but, I put him on for the sake of it I am not going to attempt to justify his actions because that would be silly, but he is on here and that is that.

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  • A lot of these cats are actually on my top ten list as well!
    I think all of these cats are great characters. Even though I don’t like Clear Sky, he was interesting at least!
    Here are my top ten.

    10. Mapleshade and Firestar
    9. Ivypool and Hollyleaf
    8. Jayfeather
    7. Leafpool
    6. Squirrelflight
    5. Pebble Heart
    4. Yellowfang
    3. Graystripe
    2. Gray Wing
    1. Turtle Tail
    We have six of the same cats on our lists!

  • I agree with a lot of your points! Gray Wing is my favorite cat, Fallen Leaves is SUPER interesting (Fallen Leaves Novella anyone?), Jayfeather and Yellowfang are both interesting, and quite different from usual characters. I definitely don’t like Clear Sky’s actions, but he makes for a really interesting villain, and one of the few that are “redeemed” (to bad Moth Flight’s Vision destroys that)

  • Great article! Mine are:

  • I agree with all of yours, except Clear Sky and Yellowfang, and perhaps Jayfeather. I can’t really say anything about Shadowsight though because I haven’t gotten to the broken code series yet, but I like the article. My favorite cat’s are:


    And btw, does nobody remember Lionheart? You know, from the 1st series? I feel like he should get more recognition. Idk 😛

  • Here’s mine!
    1. Ivypool – so brave and fearless
    2. Briarlight – keeps thunderclan together
    3. Bristlefrost – brave and fearless
    4. Hollyleaf – i love her, she explains me
    5. Ashfur – don’t hate me, I love him, and you’ll never change that
    6. Yellowfang
    7. Rootspring
    8. Violetshine
    9. Cinderpelt + Flametail
    10. Blossomfall
    1. Dovewing – so blinded by her own amazingness (no, she’s hot amazing, she’s self-centered)
    2. Spotfur – so rude to Bristlefrost
    3. Stemleaf – same as Spotfur
    4. Mapleshade – she’s creepy, watch fading by blixemi
    5. Millie – so rude and disrespectful to Blossomfall
    6. Sleekwhisker
    7. Rock – he let flametail die
    8. Sparkpelt
    9. Darkstripe
    10. Breezepelt

  • I love Bristlefrost she is like my Top 12 or something favorite character! Also Shadowsight is overrated although I still like him.

  • 1. Bristlefrost- because I love her and she’s the best💖
    1. Squirrelflight (yes I have 2 cats tied for 1# spot, I love squirrelflight!)
    2. Rootspring (or 3 since he has 2 cats before him)
    3. Leafpool
    4. Hollyleaf
    5. Sandstorm
    6. Ivypool
    7. Needletail
    8. Dovewing
    9. Tree
    10. Snowtuft (I like him a lot as of “the place of no stars)

    Least favourites..
    1. Jessy- just.. no.. Mary Sue biggest Mary Sue
    2. Star Flower- I don’t like her
    3. Thriftear- horrible sister in VOS and super annoying with a super annoying attitude
    4. Needleclaw- I don’t like her pushy behaviour
    5. Bramblestar- god I hate this cat
    6. Ashfur- same with bramblestar
    7. Yellowfang- I loved her when she was alive but I hate her in death
    8. Mapleshade- I hate her
    9. Tom- It’s his fault Turtle Tail died! He sucks
    10. Lionblaze- just.. read the newest warriors book. Also he’s boring

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