Who I think are the most likely suspects of Bramblestar’s imposter by Leafsky

Leafsky takes a look at Bramblestar and his imposter in the Broken Code.

Art by Acorn-Trees

Alright, first of all, SPOILER WARNING if you haven’t read The Broken Code. Please click off if you don’t want anything to be spoiled.
(For the people who haven’t read The Broken Code…)
You click off yet?
You’re still here?
What are you doing?
(Had to do that- 😅😂)
Oh well. Let me just start this article!
For those who have read Lost Stars, The Silent Thaw, and Veil Of Shadows, you’re probably dying to know who the imposter is, right? Well, here are some clues that are hinted by the Erins.
1. In VOS, the imposter was said to have dark blue eyes.
Woah, woah. This opens a whole new world! Darktail has blue eyes. Ashfur has blue eyes. Hawkfrost has blue eyes. Who knows?
2. In VOS, the imposter was talking to someone in Bramblestar’s den when there was no one there.
This could be Ashfur or someone else talking to another cat or something, but who knows? I believe in the Ashfur theory, though.
3. In VOS, Squirrelflight has a guess on who the imposter is.
This is why I believe in the Ashfur theory. Squirrelflight knew Ashfur, and Ashfur hated Bramblestar and wanted his vengeance. This is the perfect way to get his revenge. Now, here are some pros that could prove that Ashfur is the imposter.
He has an unhealthy fascination with Squirrelflight.
He seems to have know Squirrelflight when she was young.
He seems to know the Lake Territory.

And here are some cons as to which Ashfur isn’t the imposter.
Why would Ashfur try to kill Sparkpelt in a similar way that his mother died?
It seems like the authors are trying to make us believe it’s Ashfur, like laying all him being obsessed with Squirrelflight on pretty thick.
What if the impostor isn’t really obsessed with Squirrelflight? What if he’s just trying to make everyone believe that he’s Bramblestar, by acting like he wants to be close to Squirrelflight, since she and Bramblestar are mates? Like the only thing that says Ashfur is his obsession with her.
How does Ashfur know the recent codebreakers?
How did he betray StarClan if it was trapped in a barrier in the Dark Forest?
Why would he want to kill a cat the same way his mother died?
And that’s just Ashfur. Now, very few people believe this theory, but this is the Darktail theory. Here are some pros as to why he could be the imposter.
He wants vengeance on the clans, and wants to stir up trouble like he did when he was alive.
He has blue eyes.
He knows the lake territories. (Mostly)
He knows cats from the territories. (Mostly)
Now, here are some cons.
Does Darktail have exactly blue eyes?
How does Darktail know that the cats he claimed to have “broken the code” have even done that?
Wouldn’t he just kill the codebreakers or injure them instead of exile them?
How does he know the warrior code?
How would he know the Twolegplace?
How would he know where the dogs were?
And that’s just Darktail. Now, let’s move on to the Tigerstar I theory. Here are the cons.
Tigerstar I does want revenge on his son for ‘betraying’ the Dark Forest.
He think’s Bramblestar’s too ‘soft’.
He wants to rule the forest.
Old Tigerstar I trick. The dog trick.

Now here are some cons.

How’d you know the recent codebreakers?
Didn’t you die in the Great Battle?
It’s the same old, same old, psychotic Tigerstar.

And that’s who I think are the suspects. But, there’s also the.. er… Sol theory going around. A handful believe in it. Here are the cons.
That’s not Sol’s style.
How does he know the warrior code?
How does he know the recent codebreakers?
How can he communicate through dreams?
How did he even take over Bramblestar’s body?
Wouldn’t he have grown old by now?
And that’s all! I hope my other article about Lost Stars and The Silent Thaw was released, I’m not sure. Have a great morning/afternoon/evening!

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  • I think that all of the clues point to Ashfur, but it’s almost too easy to figure that out, so it could be somebody pretending to be Ashfur pretending to be Bramblestar, which would have to be a very good actor. I don’t think it’s Darktail, because we just had a series where he was the main villain. I seriously doubt it’s Sol, because he’s still alive and he’s obsessed with not following the code! I think Hawkfrost makes sense, but there’s a million reasons why it can’t be him or most any of the cats that were sent to the dark forest.

  • I definitely think that Ashfur would want to kill Sparkpelt, exile Alderheart, and start a new family with Squirrelflight, because last time that’s the way he did things. He wanted to hurt Squirrelflight. Maybe he was just jealous of Bramblestar always getting to sleep with Squirrelflight and be with her and love her and Ashfur seized his chance to actually be Bramblestar. But, that doesn’t explain the codebreakers and the trapped StarClan. idk why i just put a comment about why it isn’t ashfur and now this is a comment on why it is.

  • I know there is also the Stoneteller theory going around right now, but what’s interesting to me is when you click on Bramblestar’s imposter on warriors fandom wiki, it says that “Bramblestar’s imposter was a former leader of Thunderclan”. I might be reading this wrong, but it seems rather odd they would leave that than fixing it.
    Which in theory leaves us with two leaders: Morningstar and Bluestar

    Morningstar was the leader before Redstar, and led his clan through a leafbare in which his clan was starving. He refused to fight the other clans even though they were stealing food. His mate was also killed by a Shadowclan cat

    Bluestar: .. a lot happened to her, and she did go through that phase where she wasn’t completely herself

    Just food for thought

  • I disagree with Sol, you’re right, it isn’t his style. And Tigerstar 1 (aka. Tigerstar ITW) is gone- the series would lost thousands of upset readers if Firestar died for nothing, and no author in their right mind would just let the readers go. As for Darktail? It wouldn’t really be a satisfying read, at least for me, and what author wants their readers to be unsatisfied? Now, Ashfur. I know it seems simple, but it could be possible! But you know what another possibility is, one that no one has thought of? Scourge! Scourge has blue eyes! Sure, he wasn’t part of a real Clan, but maybe he was still sent to the Dark Forest. Then again, wouldn’t the cat have to be in StarClan, so that they could look at the lake and learn about it? Or what about a new cat?

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