Welcome Back to BlogClan!

We take a quick look at the new changes which have come to BlogClan.

We’ve made it! The new and fully furnished version of BlogClan!

From all of us over at BlogTeam, we hope you enjoy the changes. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • A new and overhauled theme for the blog. We will be continuing to refine the styling of the Blog over the coming days – we’ve been excited to get the new Blog into your hands as soon as possible, so certain elements and colours may be unfinished right now.
  • You might also notice a new login area in the top right hand corner of the Blog for ease of access.
  • Improved browsing on mobile devices for those times when you want to access BlogClan on the go.
  • A new and improved commenting system. If anybody experiences any issues with it, let us know. It’s a big change, but we’re excited to see how it pans out. We will be continuing to improve it over the coming days, weeks and months.
  • A number of changes to existing pages, and a few rearrangements of other pages. We now have a new Ask the Experts page, for example!

As with every new update, there’s bound to be a few bugs here and there. If you encounter any, be sure to let us know either here or over on in the new BlogTeam Den, and we’ll look into them as quickly as we can.

We have more updates coming later the down the line, including a way to change your profile without using Gravatar, and several improvements to the article submission process. For the time being, though, it’s good to be back!

Have a great day, and we look forward to hanging out with you down in our shiny new comments below!


Kate’s child. Quiet agent of BlogTeam, lurking in the shadows. (picrew by @makowwka)