Why I Hate Star Flower by Turtlepaw

Turtlepaw shares their opinion of Star Flower from Dawn of the Clans.

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Hello BlogClan! It’s Turtle here back with another article! Today I will be talking about why I hate Star Flower, Clear Sky’s third and final mate.

This article will contain spoilers for the Dawn of the Clans arc, so as I don’t want to spoil the books, please don’t read this if you haven’t read that arc.

So, Star Flower. One Eye’s daughter. Some people like her, but I don’t. Here are some reasons why…

1. She broke Thunder’s heart.

When Star Flower is first introduced in The Blazing Star, Thunder obviously has a huge crush on her. Anybody can see that. Star Flower totally knows about it too. She and Thunder flirt together quite a bit throughout the book.

But then- Star Flower becomes MATES WITH CLEAR SKY! Who does that? You can’t just marry your crush’s dad! That’s so messed up!
Look at it this way: Thunder’s stepmom is his ex. Isn’t that the most weird, messed up thing ever?

2. She betrays cats.

When Thunder and his friends were planning to attack One Eye, Star Flower acted like she would help them. But she betrayed them, and fought by One Eye’s side!
I mean, I guess Star Flower would feel some sort of loyalty towards her father, but STILL! One Eye is EVIL!

Like, super evil!

3. She isn’t real.

Ok, you probably read that third reason and thought, Um, Star Flower is real. A fictional character, but um real in the books?

That’s not exactly what I meant. What I meant was Star Flower acts so sweet it isn’t realistic. Thunder was fooled by her sweet as honey personality. Lightning Tail saw right through it.

Harry Potter fans, think of Umbridge from Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix- a personality like poisoned honey.
Star Flower is like a Venus flytrap plant.

Looks nice (or smells nice) on the outside, lures cats into trusting her with her sweet words (or smell) but it never ends well…

4. Her relationship with Clear Sky isn’t realistic.

So Star Flower joins Clear Sky’s group, and they magically fall in love without any sort of chemistry?

Like, no flirting, no sharing prey, no sharing tongues, no anything?


And even when they are mates, honestly I think Clear Sky gets worse after Star Flower is his mate. He becomes more annoying, in my opinion.

I mean, Clear Sky was always a little annoying, but he’s like, ANOTHER LEVEL of annoying with Star Flower.

On their own, yeah they’re irritating. Together? Annoyance city.

So those were some reasons I hate Star Flower. Feel free to share your opinion on her in the comments.

Bye everyone! Have a nice day!

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  • I hate her too

    This is why I ship Lightning Tail and Thunder

  • Star Flower was evil at first, but she was just listening to her dad. Of course she didn’t think her dad was evil. And she did turn good later, and tried to apologize to Thunder and be his mate, but Thunder wouldn’t trust her again. And she and Clear Sky did go on little cat dates sometimes, whatever you’d call it, before they became official mates. And, with the thing about Thunder’s step-mom being his ex, I did think that was pretty weird, but I think that cats have different rules for that kind of stuff. I think that Star Flower deserved a second chance.

  • CLEAR SKY IS ALWAYS STEALING ALL THE SHE-CATS!! He literally stole pretty much all of Gray Wing’s crushes, and now his SONS?!

  • Definitely gets more annoying. It’s sorta like Star Flower spoils him. *High pitched mockery voice* “You were a brave leader who made all the hard choices that all THOSE other COWARDS didn’t.” Like killing people you’ve grown with. Fighting your brother to the death? Killing a queen with kits really times a million cruelly? Bruh.

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