Who is the Bramblestar impostor? by Cinderfall

Cinderfall wonders who the imposter from The Broken Code is.

Art by thewisestdino

I know that a lot of people have already done this, but I have done a lot of combing through the books to find reasons. I will also leave links at the bottom of the article to Bright Guardian Akira’s “Warriors has a new villain” theory that I find intriguing and likely. I will bring this up later. So, here is what I will be doing. Although I am not going to tell you who it is quite yet, I will bring up peaces of evidence and rule out candidates that could be likely. If you think you have a idea that is not in this article, please post a comment below. Here is a list of the cats it could be.
-Clear Sky/Skystar

So lets get started. Evidence one. The impostor has dark blue eyes. In my opinion this rules out many theories, such as Sol, Hollyleaf, Mapleshade, Tigerstar, Thistleclaw, and Hawkfrost. And to rule out almost all of the characters just listed, the character has to be familiar with the territories as they were in Power of Three or Omen of the Stars, but not really once SkyClan came. This rules out Clear Sky, Mapleshade, Thistleclaw, but the cat has to be either unfamiliar or favorable with SkyClan, as there are no Skyclan codebreakers. This rules out Sol, who hates SkyClan, and Darktail, for the same reasons as Sol. It is also a tom, so goodbye Mapleshade and Hollyleaf. I think we can assume it is not Tigerstar or Hawkfrost, because they are dead. Like, dead dead. Like so dead that they died twice. At this point we only have Ashfur left. I do believe he is the impostor. He fits all of the reasons

One: the cat seems to be targeting Squirrelflight, her son Alderheart, her daughter Sparkpelt, her adopted son Jayfeather, and her adopted son Lionblaze. Ashfur has a reason to hate all of these cats, as they are close to Squirrelflight.

Two: the Erins said that the Bramblestar impostor was a very controversial character among the warrior cats fandom. Ashfur is very much controversial.

Three: Shadowsight had a vision of ash swirling around him, covering is pelt giving him ASH FUR.

Four: the cat is most likely from StarClan, but still have a reason to hate the clans. Ashfur fits the description.

Five: the impostor tells Squirrelflight that he came back for her. It is obvious that Ashfur still wants to see her

Six: when the impostor is told by Bristlestar that Squirrelflight is dead, he seems genuinely sad. It is a well known fact that Ashfur loved Squirrelflight.

Those are my reasons for it being Ashfur. as mentioned earlier, it is likley that Ashfur is just working with the main villan. He even says “I just took advantage of a opportunity” That opportunity is offered to him by… Spiresight! Yes. You heard me correctly, Spiresight. Tigerheart and Dovewing transformed the guardian cats into a warriors society, and then left with some of their cats! Spiresight even died because of them. Please note, this is just a theory by Bright Guardian Akira that I agree with. I am not 100% sure this is true. If you would like me to write a full article on this, please respond to the poll below.

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-Cinderfall of RidgeClan

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