Warrior Cats as Disney Characters by Dapplecloud

Dapplecloud draws parallels between characters from the series and Disney characters.

Hello! I’m Dapplecloud. Today I’ll be comparing Warrior Cats to Disney Characters.
Firestar – I think Firestar would be Micky Mouse. My reasoning for this is pretty straightforward : Firestar is the cat we meet in the beginning of the series, therefore, he is Micky Mouse, the one who started it all. He is also cheerful, like Micky.
Sandstorm – Sandstorm is probably Rapunzel. She is Rapunzel because she is kind, but not afraid to voice her opinion. Her view on Firestar also changes throughout the books, just like Rapunzel changes her view on Flynn.
Alderheart – Piglet. Alderheart would be Piglet because he gets nervous and is self-conscious. Piglet is also kind and rarely gets angry. Alderheart is relatable, just like Piglet.
Bristlefrost – Bristlefrost is probably Vanellope because she is sympathetic, but not afraid of a little competition. Briss is also confident, but not self-centered, making her a lot like Vanellope.
Cinderpelt – I’m guessing Cinderpelt would be Olaf because Olaf is optimistic. Cinderpelt got hit be a monster, but she still made the best of her life despite what happened to her as an apprentice. Just like Olaf, Cinderpelt is able to see the bright side of things.
Squirrelflight – Squirrelflight is Merida because she is brave and determined, and won’t stop going till she’s satisfied. She is also very bold. Squirrelflight and Merida both have at least one noticeable trait in common : endless determination.
Needletail – Needletail is definitely Mulan. Mulan is rebellious and a fighter. She is stubborn and strong. Mulan can definitely voice her opinion on things. Needletail is also outspoken, rebellious, stubborn, and strong. Needletail knows she isn’t perfect but uses that as her strength, not a weakness.
Daisy – Minnie. Daisy would be Minnie because she is helpful. She knows that she can’t do everything, but makes the best of what she can do. Daisy always helps out when she can, like Minnie.
Tallstar – Tallstar would probably be Mufasa. He is wise and peaceful, a lot like Mufasa. Tallstar is currently a StarClan warrior, and Mufasa is also in the sky and the stars. Tallstar as Mufasa makes sense in my opinion.
That’s all for now! Have a great day and thank you for your time. Dapple out. 😉

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