Top 5 fav and least fav warrior cats by Violetpaw

Violetpaw shares their favourite and least favourite characters from the series. Are any of these cats on your lists?

Art by fairyleaf

Hi. Im violetpaw and i will be talking about my top 5 fav and least fav warrior cats.
Lets get started with my faves:
5. Hollyleaf. I like her. Idk why. I just realy like her. I loved the scene at the gathering where she told everyone about her parents. I hv no idea why i like her.
4. Longtail. I love mouseXlong. He is loyal, kind and nice. He died trying to get mousefur lunch. He isnt the type of liking where i write articles about him thogh.
3. Purdy. He is adorable. He just sees everything as happiness and i was sad when he died. Why couldnt the erins have made him immortal????
2. Crookedstar. I Cried whilst reading crookedstar’s promise (i think everyone does). So he gets ignored by his mother, gets named crookedkit, gets apprenticed late then everyone he ever loved dies. Why mapleshade why?????
1. Ivypool 4evah! She thinks everyone thinks dovewing is better than her, has it prooved by blossompaw, and goes to the dark forest. She risks her life there cuz she was forced by lionblaze and jayfeather, when the DF is dead she finaly gets a happy life then her sister leaves her forever for a shadowclan cat. I love ivypool even if she did hv flaws.

Now for my least fav…
4. Lionblaze. His chapters in the books were sooooooo terrible. He was worrying about loving cinderheart his whole life. I hate drama.
3. Dovewing. I hate her. She has love triagles, she has useless powers, she didnt want them and them wated them when they went away, she left her clan for a shadowclan cat, she uses her ppwers to stalk that shadowclan cat. I think the three should be jay, lion and ivy. She didnt know she could listen to the DF till it was too late and useless. Yes she did try to stop ivypool from going there but i still hate her
2. Blossomfall. She said dovepaw was better then ivypaw as apprentices. She wants attention. Hates her paralyzed sister cuz she gets millies attention even though millie loves all her kits. Why not be like bumble and love her sister? As apprentice she climbed the great oak where only leaders can go. She is an annoying furrball.

Now for least fav:
1. Breezepelt. He is a mousebrained, heartless, annoying furrball full of foxdung. He tried to kill a pregnant woman and a med cat. He is in the DF. He poop. He mean. He rude. He is everything negative. Who would try to kill their half brother? (Apart from brambleclaw cuz hawkfrost is evil) ppl say its cuz of his parents but crookedstar had a horrible mother and he turned out to be good.

I didnt hv a 5th one soo top 4 least fav. Byeee. Wht article should i do next?

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