BlogClanner In The Spotlight: Pineblossom

In this month’s edition of BITS, we hear from the spectacular Pineblossom!

Welcome, welcome! In this post I share my interview with Pineblossom for this month’s instalment of BITS. Pine is an active and friendly member of our community, and she has provided some excellent responses for us today. Keep on reading if you want to get to know Pine!

Q: If you were recommending Warriors to somebody, how would you describe it? What are the best qualities of Warriors that make it enticing to readers? 🐾

A: honestly, my favorite part of warriors is the fandom 😛 i think i was really lucky to have discovered this series as a younger kid, and to have been able to find people of all ages who were into it as i grew up. compared to other fandoms, it’s a really welcoming and diverse community across a lot of platforms 😀 within the books, i think it’s the fact that between all the arcs, there’s something for everyone! there’s adventure, there’s romance, there’s mystery, warriors has it all 😛

Q: How has BlogClan changed while you’ve been here? What has stayed the same?

A: i’ve been on blogclan for about a year and a half now :O and there’s been a ton of changes visually, especially with the new update (which looks absolutely smoking!), but since i’ve been here, a ton of things have happened! most notably, the newest set of mods and the 2019 elections, but also all the people who’ve joined the blog fam. to be honest, change is really hard for me, especially if it happens all at once, but i think it’s a part of life that we all get used to. however, there’s also a lot of things that have stayed the same: the spirit of the blog, the constant flow of talk and fun, and the impact of this little nook of the internet 😛 the way that the blog’s like a place to escape real life and truly be yourself is an everlasting feature that’s probably my favorite part <33

Q: If you could get any pet right now (besides a cat), what would you get? 🐶

A: i would definitely get a dog!! my brother has a dog and a kitten and they are absolute bundles of joy (and trouble) 😛 also my mom has recently been considering getting a dog (for a multitude of reasons… including keeping rabbits out of her flowers 😛 ) so it’s probable at this point 👀 outside the realm of conventional pets, could i have a golden eagle? like those hunters in mongolia? 😉 Winter Edit: Uhhhhhh, sure?

Golden Eagle

Q: Favourites! Title of any book, song, fruit, and type of tree.

A: here we go! my favorite book would probably be where the mountain meets the moon by grace lin, i really connect to it with my own chinese culture and the storytelling is just so intricate 😀 there are way too many songs to choose but i’ve really been loving taylor swift’s latest album! it took me a really long time to find what music style i enjoyed but indie folk is always good for chill days. moon and blue have also gotten me into kpop so i’ll just mention that blackpink is also very good 😛 my favorite fruit always changes, but at the moment, i’m really craving dragonfruit 😛 Winter Edit: I LOVE dragonfruit! we also just went grape picking so we have a ton of muscadine grapes in the fridge, but besides that i also love strawberries and peaches! and it’s anyone’s guess what my favorite tree is 😉

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

A: i would choose the ability to turn into any animal! i’d have all the abilities with me: i could fly as a bird, or become invisible as a squid (probably a chameleon so i don’t have to be in water lol) 😛 the only thing that doesn’t cover is the changing of time 😞 i would really like some extra time to do homework, or draw, or just…sleep 😛 Winter Edit: I think I would want an enhanced memory where anything I read or hear is automatically a part of my brain forever. Like a superhuman memory/brain. Is there a name for that???

Q: What careers are you considering for your future? Why do they appeal to you? 👩‍⚕️

A: at the moment, i’m really interested in a career in physical therapy or orthopedic care! i’ve been injured so many times and each time my doctors and physical therapists helped me regain my body function so i really want to do something that helps people in the same way 🙂 also learning about the body is just so cool 😛

Q: And finally, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, what three BlogClanners do you team up with to survive and save the world? 

A: oh gosh uhhhhhh… 😛 i’d probably say map, because xe’s super duper smart and could probably bring up episodes of doctor who to reference, fawny, because she’s funny and knows her memes and also plays minecraft if that counts, and blue because she can grande battement them in the face 😛

Well! Wasn’t that fun? Thank you Pine—that was very entertaining and informative. Also, thanks to Kat for her amazing artwork as usual. If you guys enjoyed this interview, please comment down below! I’ll see you soon. Stay safe 🧡

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