The Next ten of Leaders by Silvermoon

Silvermoon wonders who should be the ones leading the Clans in the next generation.

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The Next Generation of Leaders
In this article I will be talking about my theories and opinions on who should be the next generation of leaders. *Warning Spoiler Alert*

Current Deputies
The current deputies of the clans are Hawkwing of Skyclan, Lionblaze of Thunderclan, Cloverfoot of Shadowclan, Crowfeather of Windclan and Reedwhisker of Riverclan. In my opinion, 2-3 of these deputies will end up being leaders someday, some of the current leaders are old and frail so we can be expecting new leaders soon.

I know a lot of people are expecting a Lionstar soon, especially after the ending in Veil of Shadows, and I can agree with that even if I would prefer a Squirrelstar instead. It is a shame that Squirrelflight is getting old and she may be retiring to the elders den soon. However, Bramblestar’s body still has 5-6 lives left so we can’t be sure how the leadership of Thunderclan is going to play out over time. I don’t think Lionblaze will be a bad leader, however I do believe there will be a twist in Thunderclan’s leadership after the imposter is gone.

I think an obvious choice for the next leader of Windclan is Crowfeather, and I was surprised when Onestar had chosen Harespring. I even thought something would happen to Harespring so Crowfeather would become deputy. As much as I would like a Crowstar, it is unlikely due to his age. Like Squirrelflight he is at the age where warriors would normally retire to the elders den. If a Crowstar were to happen it would need to be soon, and unfortunately Harestar has only lost about 1-2 lives. I think Harestar will be leader for a long time, so it’s hard to tell who will be leader after him.

I am personally a big fan of Hawkwing, I think he is a great character and I loved reading Hawkwing’s journey. I know Leafstar is getting older and weaker, though her judgment is good and she is a fine leader. I think she will lead at least until the end of this series. Leafstar is also one of my favorite leaders because of her good judgement and stubbornness to do the best for her clan. However, I do think there should be a change of leader soon, Hawkwing or not. Leafstar is the first leader of modern Skyclan and has been ruling since Firestar’s quest. Even though she is a strong and smart leader no one can deny that she is getting old. In my opinion she has served her clan enough and should let another cat lead Skyclan. I think Hawkwing is a good choice for the next leader of Skyclan, he is an experienced senior warrior and loyal to his clan.

In my opinion Reedwhisker is worthy to lead Riverclan, and I think we can expect a Reedstar soon, maybe even at the end of this arc! I think that Mistystar is the oldest cat to have lived in the clans. She was a warrior when Fireheart and Graystripe were kits and a senior warrior when Squirrelflight was a kit. Although Mistystar deserves her position as leader, her judgment is growing worse and she is getting old and tired. Reedwhisker is experienced and I think he will be a good leader. Even though I really like Mistystar, I think her time to lead should come to an end soon. Her decision to exile some of her one cats and to comply with the imposter was poor judgment and not good for Riverclan. Many cats have lost respect for her as a leader, and see her as an elder. I do think that she will die an honorable death like her mother Bluestar.


I think it’s safe to say that Tigerstar will be leader of Shadowclan for quite some time. Cloverfoot isn’t an important character to the series so I think there will be another main character in Shadowclan to replace him, but that will be in a very long time. Tigerstar has only been leader since AVoS and he has only lost about 1-2 lives. Meaning there is plenty of time for a new character in Shadowclan to be the next leader. Even though Tigerstar can be aggressive, he is a kind leader determined to do the best for his clan. I think Tigerstar will be a great leader and he will lead for a long time. Even though I don’t think Cloverfoot will be the next leader of Shadowclan, she is a good deputy and loyal to Shadowclan. I think she would be a fine leader too.

Even though there are plenty of theories and hopes for the next gen of leaders, we can never truly be sure some cat is going to be a leader. There are plenty of good choices in the series so far and I hope the next gen of leaders are even better than this one! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my article 🙂 Let me know in the comments who you think the next gen of leaders will be.

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  • Lionstar-Lionblaze (i like calling him Lionclaw)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cinnamonstar or Cloverstar- Cloverfoot or Cinnamontail
    Violetstar- Violetshine!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want Harestar for quite some time, and would love a Crowstar, but you’re right, Crowfeather is getting old. For the next leader, I was thinking Gorsetail, although I don’t know if she is old, herself. I would have went with Whitetail in the past, but I think she’s an elder by now. I’ve always respected Gorsetail; she was always portrayed as kind and open-minded in the books, except in Crowfeather’s Trial, but that wasn’t a main series book. Main series Gorsetail would make for a nice WindClan leader or deputy.

    Lionstar would be amazing!!!

    Tigerheartstar needs to stay for a while, yep >:D I wouldn’t mind Cloverstar someday!!! 😀

    Leafstar still can lead for a while and I’d be fine with it — let’s make for another Mistystar thing 😛 I don’t much like Hawkwing, but he is decent enough at leading that I wouldn’t hate for him to become Hawkstar

    Reedwhisker should be leader, yessss XD I’ve always wanted a Reedwhisker story!!! Either Reedstar or Podstar or Heronstar, because Podlight and Heronwing are epic names… mostly Podlight 😛

    • i think Lionblaze because Bramblestar (unfortuatly) will live because The Erins will bring him and Lionblaze his only a Grandfather i have done the Math and he would have to Retire in 2 series which i think Bramble will die the series after Broken Code on the last book of that Arc Lionstar is amazin

  • I think Blazefire or Dovewing for ShadowClan, or possibly Cinnamontail, but Cloverfoot and Tigerstar the 2nd do a good job.