firestar: awesome or overrated? by Flowerpaw

Flowerpaw takes a look at and shares their opinion of Firestar.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

everyone seems to have chosen a side, “Firestar is overrated” and “Firestar is not overrated”, I prefer neither, so I decided to have my first article on why Firestar is awesome, but there are some changes I would make to this character.

my 3 top reasons why Firestar is overrated
1. in every book(almost, I didn’t look in every book) he is listed as “handsome, ginger tom” my question is IS GrAyStRiPe NoT HaNdSOmE because he had 3 wives and I think that’s not fair. my point is, is Firestar the only good looking cat or what?
2. In the first series, it is obvious that Firestar is the main character, I get that, but in the second it was OKAY, but I feel like it was Firestar was leading them out, not the prophecy cats…just a little. DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE THIRD SERIES. a new group of cats, yay!! nope, nevermind, Firestar, AGAIN. oh and after he died guess who is the first cat we see from Starclan…NoT FiReSTaR, it was Firestar(I’m pretty sure, don’t kill me if I’m wrong).
3. I just can’t relate to him, once we got the whole “I’m a kittypet” thing out of the way, he is just too perfect for me. he jumped right from “kittypet” to “leader of the clan” in one series.

my top 3 reasons why Firestar is awesome
1. he would do anything for his clan, he is brave and compassionate. he was a kittypet but is one of the most loyal cats in Thunderclan.
2. he is a good leader, and was a good deputy to Bluestar, even in her weakest state
3. he’s the main character so it’s easier to like him, we see his point of view if we saw the way duststripe(TECHNICALLY dustpaw) saw things, we wouldn’t like Firestar that much.

so that was it, he is a good cat that is loyal to his clan, but he is a little bit hard to relate to. if this book wasn’t about him i would have definitely seen him a different way though. I know it looks like I’m more of a “Firestar is overrated” fan, but I support both sides.
I hope you like my first article. I had fun making it!!.

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  • Nice article. I liked Firestar in the first series, but after that he did become a little overrated. [spoiler title=”Spoiler for Omen of the Stars”] Honestly, I think it was his time to die. Not that I didn’t cry when he died, but he lived a lot longer than most cats just because he was ImPoRtAnT [/spoiler]

    • I think he had just he right amount of life because there are some cats that blow age out of the water (*cough* Mistystar). But I agree he should have died at that time.

  • I personally love Firestar and I can see why Sandstorm, Cinderpelt and Spottedleaf all fell for him.

  • Who [REDACTED] is DustSTRIPE. I think you’re thinking of DARKstripe. If you’re looking for Dustpaw’s warrior name it’s DustPELT.

    • I’m sure it was a simple mistake. Do not swear on the blog. ^^

  • Also, I thought Graystripe only had two mates…Silverstream and Millie. Did he have another one in his special edition??

  • I feel like Firestar is underrated. He did so much for the Clans, yet nobody in the fandom likes him. Yes, he was kind of invincible in the first series, but he became more like a normal cat afterwards.
    Plus, many cats like Lionblaze (even though he lost his power) and other cats were kind of invincible too.

  • I think I’m more on the “Firestar is overrated” side. I mean, It’s easy to get sick of him after a while. And also, FIRESTAR SEEMS PERFECT AND THAT IS INPOSSIBLE!!! Characters are not meant to be perfect, and that’s that. Everything is so dull and boring with a perfect Major Character. Don’t get me wrong, I still love him, but a little less popularity can’t do him any harm.

    And he’s still not my favorite character (that’s Dovewing).

  • Hard to relate to!! Yes!! I love Firestar and all, but I get a little nervous from his nobleness tbh. He is like WAY too noble for his own good

  • If they didn’t keep trying to make Firestar important after the first series ended, I would have continued to love him. In every arc after the first series he became overused, even though he never did anything important.