My favorite books in the prophecies begin by Chillyfur

Chillyfur shares their favourite books in the first arc. Which books were pageturners for you?

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Hi this is chillyfur and it’s my first article and I’m going to tell you my favorite to least favorite book in the prophecies began. Spoiler Alert. Let’s begin. Into the wild is my favorite in prophecies began because it is about how Rusty, my favorite cat goes into the wild. Did that last part sound familiar? That’s because it is the name of the book. This book has a good title that makes me understand the book and know what it’s going to be about even if I’ve never heard about the book. Moving on. Forest of secrets. This book I really like because Bluestar discovers the truth about tigerclaw, plus this book is full of emotion like when Silverstream dies. Moving on.
Rising storm. I. Like Rising Storm because it’s full of suspicion and grief, after Tigerclaw’s evilness happens Fireheart(star) is very suspicious of Bramblekit(paw claw star) because his father is Tigerclaw. Yellowfang later gives up her life trying to save Halftail and Patchpelt, when. Fireheart sees her die. It’s kinda sad seeing how fireheart reacts. Moving on. The darkest hour. In this book an epic battle with Bloodclan accursed and there is lots of grief for example we have to say bye to Whitestorm and Stonefur who were both good deputies to their Clan, and it’s not like we have stopped grieving for Bluestar. Firestar also became the leader in this book making it even better. Moving on. A dangerous path. This is full of grief for Bluestar and Fireheart(star) is still thinking about how he could have saved Yellowfang.
That is a really sad book especially when Bluestar talks to Mistyfoot (star) and Stone fur. Moving on. Fire and ice. The annoying thing about this book is Graystripe, I mean he literally didn’t teach Brackenpaw(fur). He instead completely ignored the warrior code and everything it meant by meeting Silverstream. How could you Graystripe!!!
Now I will do my ratings( ten means best).
Into the wild I will give a ten
Forest of secrets will be an eight
Rising storm I will give a seven
The darkest hour I give a five
A Dangerous Path I give a four in a half
Fire And Ice I give a two

That’s all thanks for reading. In the comments you should tell your favorites.


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  • I guess i kinda agree with you.

    Into the Wild: 7 since it WAS the first book i read from warriors
    Fire and Ice: 5 not that exciting
    Rising Storm: 6
    The Darkest Hour: 5
    The Dangerous Path: 8


  • Honestly, my favorite form the Prophesies Begin has to be A Dangerous Path.
    Simply cuz I LOVE seeing ships come to reality and if I remember correctly it was page 277 in which Fireheart x Sandstorm was entirely confirmed.

  • Exciting/action
    Into the wild:8
    Fire and Ice:6
    Forest of secrets:8
    Rising Storm:9
    The Dangerous Path:9
    The Darkest Hour:10
    Love/family/friends together/fighting
    I forgot that is the THEME of warriors+more
    Into the wild:3
    Fire and Ice:6
    Forest of secrets:7
    Rising Storm:7
    The Dangerous Path:8
    The Darkest Hour:9
    Into the Wild:5
    Fire and Ice:4
    Forest of secrets:7
    Rising Storm:9
    The Dangerous Path:8
    The Darkest Hour:10