BrambleStar’s Impostor by Lilacstorm

Lilacstorm shares their thoughts on the imposter from The Broken Code.

Art by Acorn-Trees

Hello there, my name is LilacStorm and this is my first article.

I would like to talk about……..

Drum-roll please………

The BrambleFake! You guessed right! Like everyone else, I’ll be talking about The Impostor.

What we know so far is that the Impostor is a tom that has dark blue eyes, is obsessed with SquirrelFlight, and claims he came back for her. Many people think it’s AshFur, but it seems unlikely. Actually, it’s too likely. The Erin Hunters would never do something so predictable.

We all know AshFur loved SquirrelFlight so very much, but he was never evil. In fact, everything he did was out of love for SquirrelFlight or in anger for BrambleStar. In the end, AshFur went to StarClan. This shows he was a good cat. Like everyone else says, “ His only weakness was loving too much.”

Also, AshFur would never stoop to killing a medicine cat. His parents, BrindleFace and WhiteStorm, raised him well. Whatever AshFur did, he still had the warrior code at heart. When he died, he became at peace with his mind and forgave.

AshFur is not The Impostor!!!

Here are some quotes from the book by The Impostor (a.k.a. BrambleFake):

“ How dare you question me? ” he snarled. “ I’ll show you! I’ll show them all ! I’ll make them regret what they’ve done to me. . . .”
“ I came back for you”

Who else is super interested to find out the impostor? I am!

Here are some chilling spoilers from the book by SquirrelFlight:

“ I’m starting to think there’s something familiar about this fake BrambleStar,” she murmured. “But I can’t quite put my paw on what it is, or who it might actually be. I do know one thing, though,” she added. “I have a terrible feeling about all of this.”
“That’s not it,”she responded, her voice hoarse,” I know.”
“I know who has taken over BrambleStar’s body!”
And,” SquirrelFlight continued “ if I’m right, it’s even worse than we thought.”

I hated how the book ended like that! I waited months for that book ;-;

Thank you guys for reading my first article! I hope you liked it!

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  • Hmm, you’re right it sounds like it’s not Ashfur. Well WHO COULD BRAMBLEFAKE BE if he’s not Ashfur? Interesting, interesting.

    P.S. This is very intriguing, Lilacstorm, so don’t worry. If all your articles are is great as this one, lots of people will read them.

  • *intense screeching*
    My siggy is taking over my life, but eh
    You’re very right

  • I disagree, because to me the Erin’s have done many predictable things and I also think that Ashfur would stoop to killing, think about how it would feel to live with your murderer in StarClan for all of eternity. Also he nearly killed Firestar, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and JAYFEATHER!!!

  • Just letting you know that the suffix in a warriors name does not start with a capital letter. Here’s a handy dandy name style guide that might help you out:

    BrambleClaw – incorrect
    Bramble Claw – incorrect
    Bramble-Claw – incorrect
    Brambleclaw – correct

    Hope this helped!

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