Top 5 Worst Characters in Warriors by Silentstep

Art by Silverzoul

Silentstep ranks their least favourite Warriors characters

Hi BlogClan! This is my first article, about my top five least favorite Warrior Cats. I’m not a noob I probably won’t do that good in this one lol because this is my first, but anyways let’s get to the list.
5. Ashfur
Ashfur is one of my least favorite cats because he tried to kill numerous others just because a she-cat rejected him- and he killed Firestar with a fox trap! However, many people overlook this as it wasn’t his last life, but no matter how you put it, Ashfur killed him.
4. Raggedstar
I think Raggedstar is one of the worst leaders in Warriors. He broke the warrior code with Yellowfang, and spoiled Brokenkit/paw/tail/star way too much, and it was his own fault Brokentail killed him. He even made Brokenpaw a warrior early just because he was his son! As a leader, he showed favoritism toward Brokentail, and made him deputy just because he was his son, and was unfair to those who actually deserved to be deputy. So that’s why I think Raggedstar is a bad character.
3. Silverstream
Silverstream gets way too much attention. Yes, she saved Graystripe, but any RiverClan cat would have done that, even if Graystripe was a ThunderClan cat. It’s a good thing she saved Graystripe, but she didn’t have to continue breaking the warrior code. When Fireheart talked to her about it, she refused to stop seeing Graystripe even though she knew it was not allowed. Neither her or Graystripe even thought about what they could cause, and if there was a battle between their Clans. Millie is much better than her because she:
Didn’t illegally see Graystripe, and wasn’t really breaking the code that much since Graystripe had been captured by the Twolegs/humans.
She was much more realistic about it. She went on a journey with Graystripe for moons, while Graystripe and Silverstream had barely met for a day.
Anyways, that’s why I hate Silverstream.

2. Leopardstar
Leopardstar is probably the worst leader in the history of Warrior Cats. First, she joined moden TigerClan with Tigerstar even though the code says there a four Clans. Then she did nothing when Stonefur was killed because he refused to kill two innocent apprentices! And then in The Fourth Apprentice, she declared the whole LAKE belonged to only RiverClan, when it belongs to all the Clans and called them prey-stealers for fishing! RiverClan has no more right to the lake than any other Clan, and she sent patrols onto other Clan territory! RiverClan didn’t even TRY to hunt other prey besides fish, but in The Prophecies Begin(i think), RiverClan hunts WindClan rabbits FOR FUN, but now that they actually need it, they won’t even try?!?

1. Breezepelt
Breezepelt is easily the worst cat in Warriors. He said he would never forgive Jayfeather “for what he did” even though it was never his fault Crowfeather and Leafpool broke the code! He thinks that Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf are traitors just because of what their parents did, although technically that means Breezepelt is a traitor himself since Crowfeather is also his father, even if he and Nightcloud didn’t break the code but Crowfeather used to be a traitor, so by Breezepelt calling Jayfeather a traitor, he’s calling himself a traitor. Breezepelt also takes it as hate when Crowfeather just scolds him for a few things, and trains in the Place of No Stars and agreed to their plan to destroy StarClan! He is a disloyal and mouse-brained hypocrite and the worst cat in Warriors.


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  • Here I am, defending Breezepelt…whoa that even sounds weird…okay, let’s cut Breezepelt some slack. You usally have 2 parents, but Crowfeather you can’t call him a good father…so it’s his fault! Please don’t hate me for standing up for Breezepelt!