My Five Least Favorite Warrior Cats by Crimsonpaw


Crimsonpaw lists their least favourite Warrior cats

Hello fellow clanmates! Today I am going to talk about my least favorite warrior cats!

5. Mistystar – Okay! I actually have a good reason for this (I think!). First of all (SPOILER WARNING!), Mistystar is one of my least favorite cats because she is willingly (WILLINGLY!!) following Fakestar’s (Bramblestar’s imposter) commands regarding codebreakers, even though one, Mothwing, is her friend. I’m sorry, but seriously? I would never ever let another Clan boss me around, especially if I was the leader of that Clan! And frankly, if my friend just let another Clan leader make me atone or whatever the heck Fakestar wants codebreakers to do, I would LOSE MY MIND! Second of all, Mistystar just seems like she doesn’t really know what she’s doing as leader, and that annoys me.
4. Lionblaze- Before all of you Lionblaze fans freak out on me, let me just say this: he’s arrogant and though he could do whatever he wanted with the power that he was given by StarClan in “The Power of Three”. Arrogance? No thank you! Need I say more?
3. Breezepelt- Oh, Breezepelt. The #1 Dark Forest traitor. Like Lionblaze, Breezepelt is also arrogant (Maybe it comes from Crowfeather…), and he sided with the Dark Forest even after knowing what they were planning to do against his family. Really dude?
2. Brokenstar- The fact that Brokenstar harmed kittens and made them go into battle before they were trained angers me. And also, I like ShadowClan, and back in those times, Brokenstar completely ruined ShadowClan’s reputation, and now everyone thinks they are evil, even though (SPOILER ALERT AGAIN!), they seem to be one of the only Clans that doesn’t bow down to Fakestar!
1. Berrynose- I could go on about this character all day. First of all, why was he made deputy?! By being deputy, I’m almost positive that all of the Clans think ThunderClan is a bunch of hooligans now, and that basically destroys everything that Firestar worked so hard to build when he was leader. Also, again, arrogance. And more importantly, he’s annoying, competitive, and downright rude. He’s worse than my brother on a bad day!! (I also love Squirrelflight, so when he took her position as deputy, I actually punched a wall in anger. That’s hatred everyone!!) So, my point being is, no thank you! Goodbye and good day, Berrynose!

Sorry if I was a little over-dramatic and strong about this topic, but I hope you liked my first article, and thank you for reading it! I have clearly have a thing about arrogance…sorry guys! Anyway, comment below what your least favorite character is! I would love to hear your opinion! 🙂

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  • Nice article! I disagree with all of them except Brokenstar and Berrynose, though. Mistystar is one of my favorites, I like Lionblaze, Breezepelt is OK, I despise Brokenstar, and Berrynose is just annoying and arrogant.

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