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Official spoiler page for the fourteenth super edition, Leopardstar’s Honor!

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Welcome to the official spoiler page for Leopardstar’s Honor!

Are you excited for a super edition about Leopardstar? We haven’t seen her since Omen of the Stars! That feels like such a long time ago…

January 21, 2020 update: The cover is out! This page has been turned into a spoiler page and our spoiler policies now apply to it!

Embers of a Winter Dawn (Emberdawn)

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  • I loved Skyheart! (Yeah, that kinda sounds weird with the whole drowning-Leopardstar-thing, but I liked her in Crookedstar’s Promise and Leopardstar’s Honor somehow managed to make me like her more, I would have liked a second Skystar)
    And always when I read something about Icewing, I see how Skyheart is her mother.
    I hope Frostpaw (or Frostmist, the name I would give her [Flamepaw is Flamestorm]) or her silblings also are like Skyheart.

  • I just finished Leopardstar’s Honor!! It was very good!! Leopardstar’s character development is shown in this book. It was pretty good. We see her blindness to bad decisions and her pride. She often disagrees with Crookedstar and Stonefur, her first deputy. I also saw that she was helpless and scared when she was with Tigerstar. She had to suffer from many decisions because of Tigerstar.
    I liked Whiteclaw. He was a good character, and his development with Leopardstar was great. We also see a friendship development between her and Sunfish. When Sunfish died, I cried because the storyline for that was great. I also saw a development between her and Frogstep. If they had become mates, that would have been nice. (I wonder what the kits names will be if this had happened.)
    This book sure had many deaths. Every death that happened made Leopardstar blame herself once because of a prophecy saying she will save the Clans one day.

  • Tigerstar in this book was somewhat odd. Like, he’s already trying to manipulate everyone when he’s just a regular warrior.
    Also, the Clans did NOT trust each other at all. Like, seriously, Leopardfur, you see the remnants of WindClan on their own territory-at least let them keep their prey!
    I get the feeling that Tigerstar is the kind of cat who simply enjoys killing. Like Brokenstar, except that Tigerstar was much more cunning than he was.
    This book disproves my theory that Pikepaw and Primrosepaw died during TigerClan, because they and Reedpaw are clearly shown after Tigerstar’s death. Perchkit just sort of disappears, though.
    Poor Mosspelt…the pain must have been unimaginable….to lose her mate and two kits within two days of each other…
    Mudfur, you may have been right about Leopardfur rushing in, but now is not the time to tell her that. She already blames herself for and is mourning the deaths of her former mentor and best friend. Wait a few days.
    “Did I kill Brightsky?” That was heartbreaking.
    Hey, where was Mudfur when Leopardstar got her nine lives? I thought medicine cats are with StarClan as well!
    I wonder what Mudfur’s reaction was when he got back from his “mission” to find Stonefur dead.
    Leopardstar’s method to dealing with other cats in difficult situations seems to be to keep their kin busy so they don’t worry.
    That part where Crookedstar was told that Silverstream was dead was also so sad. I bet he wouldn’t have joined TigerClan. And he especially wouldn’t have let Tigerstar treat halfClan cats that way.
    Tigerstar’s hatred of halfClan cats seems to be personal. What did they ever do to him? Is it because they’re Graystripe’s and Bluestar’s kits?

  • Personally, I don’t like Leopardpaw since she abuses her whole destiny thing to become an apprentice, but Leopardfur/star is a very diciplined cat, and she raised her friend Sunfish’s (Sunfish died) kit to be an excellent warrior! Also, the comic at the end made me ship LeopardstarXMistyfoot, Leopardstar literally thinks (is that the word?) she loves her! (yes i know she might mean platonically [i don’t even know] but i want to so if you don’t okay that’s your opinion)

  • Wow! Leopardstar’s Honor was AMAZING! Probably one of my favorite super editions. Seeing Leopardstar’s introspect on things really changed my opinion on her. I was always like, “stupid Leopardstar. She killed STONEFUR and she’s so prideful, it’s so dumb!” but I actually liked her by the end of the book.
    You can see her struggle and yes, she is a very flawed character, but she’s sorta okay at the end.
    I was kinda getting sad with how many deaths there were(ESPECIALLY FROGLEAP UGHHHHH).

    Her and Frogleap were soo cute!!! I knew she never had kits but I was rooting for them so bad ): . Okay, am I the only one who absolutely hated Silverstream in this one? Like I don’t really remember what she was like in TPB arc, but GEEZ she was annoying in this book!
    It’s like- I get you’re in love, but she was so naive and selfish about it, like not even caring if her Clanmates are getting hurt.
    At least Graystripe had some compassion & BRAINS.(Okay, and why did Whiteclaw have to be in love with Silverstream before he died? ‘Cause that like killed my heart)

    I think one of my favorite parts, though, was her relationship with Tigerstar. Seeing how even before she was deputy, he was manipulating her and getting her admiration. I kinda thought it was very interesting how Leopardstar admired Tigerstar so much as this great strong warrior and hated Firestar ‘cause he was ThunderClan and a kittypet and from all the lies Tiger told her about him.

    But after Tigerstar died and his true colors came out, Leopardstar saw Firestar for who he truly is and gained some respect for him. I thought that plot was very cool to read about. And actually seeing Leopardstar feeling helpless throughout the TigerClan stuff made me feel bad for her.
    She was scared and didn’t know what to do.

    I would have liked to see a manga scene of Leopardstar talking to Stonefur in StarClan. Would he forgive her?
    Anyways, great book! Loved it!

  • Hey Kate! I have a question: Emberdawn wasn’t in the allegiances, so I’m not sure if she was “born” later into the book. Do you know?

  • Hi Kate,
    What happened to Greenflower, the queen from Forest of Secrets? I thought she would appear in Leopardstar’s Honor.
    (I’m only asking this because my friends had turned her into an inside joke)