My Thoughts on Ashfur by Doetrot

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Doetrot explains their thoughts on Ashfur

Hi everyone! I will be sharing my thoughts today on the character Ashfur and what I hope comes for him. FYI this article contains spoilers for “The Broken Code” “The New Prophecy” and “The Power of Three”. So, as most of you know, Ashfur was born to Brindleface, along with Ferncloud two other kits that died, and foster brother Cloudtail, their father is unknown. Ashfur was also killed by Hollyleaf and joined StarClan. Now, as most of you know if you have read the Broken Code so far that Ashfur is most likely the Bramblestar imposter, why you ask? Well, here are some reasons why I believe that he is in fact the imposter.

1. In “ Veil of Shadows” Rootpaw, now Rootspring, describes the imposter as a tom with piercing blue eyes and striking blue fur.

2. The imposter seems to have it all out for Squirrelflight specifically, along with Jayfeather and Lionblaze, Squirrelflight’s adopted sons.

Now, I’m sure I have made it quite clear that I believe Ashfur is the imposter, although that’s not the main focus of this article. Again, Ashfur was indeed sent to StarClan, even after attempting to trap and kill Squirrelflight, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, (Jaypaw at the time) and Lionblaze in a fire in Thunderclan’s camp. He did not succeed as Squirrelflight admitted that the three weren’t her and Bramblestar, (Brambleclaw at the time) kits. So far in the most recent book, “Veil of Shadows” the Bramblestar imposter is being held hostage, while Squirrelflight is acting as Thunderclan’s leader figure for now, with Lionblaze as her deputy figure. I very clearly believe that Ashfur should be released from Bramblestar’s body and be sent to the Dark Forest, aka the Place of No Stars, or killed as a StarClan resident and gone forever, much like Spottedleaf.

Thank you if you read this article, feel free to share your own opinions and thoughts in the comments! Have a great day! Please also be aware that this article includes my own opinions and thoughts, along with facts about Ashfur. Please also note that I am not stating that Ashfur is the confirmed imposter as it has not been clearly stated yet, although I am very sure for a fact that he is.


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