Who are Graystripe and Crowfeather going to choose in StarClan? by Wildspirit

Wildspirit theorizes on who Graystripe and Crowfeather would choose in StarClan!

Hello, my name is Wildspirit and this is my first ever article!!!😄😁😀 I want to share my opinion on who Crowfeather and Graystripe are going to choose in StarClan.

Let’s start with Crowfeather. Feathertail, Nightcloud, or Leafpool. I just want to rule out Nightcloud, because Crowfeather only mated with her to prove his loyalty. Also, I absolutely HATE CrowxNight. Between Feathertail and Leafpool, I think he will choose Leafpool. Feathertail and Crowfeather (Crowpaw back then) seemed more like a fleeting crush. When they reached the clans again, having Feathertail lived, they would’ve gone their separate ways. Now I’m an ultimate LeafxCrow shipper. Also, Crowfeather actually tells Leafpool he never regretted anything he did with Leafpool. That’s got to be true love! Also, Feathertail and Crowfeather hardly knew each other, while Leafpool and Crowfeather ran away together and began to know each other, and still loving each other. So, in the end, I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool.

Moving on to Graystripe, Silverstream or Millie. Now I’m a GrayxSilver shipper. But I don’t want this article to be biased, so I’m going to choose based on facts. Starting with Silberstream, it seemed like Graystripe loved Silverstream. He even joined RiverClan just to look after her kits. Even when Firestar (Fireheart) tells Graystripe to stop, Graystripe insists he loves her, and continues meeting her. Into Millie. Has anyone else noticed she looks almost exactly like Silverstream? Also, Graystripe never seemed.to care for his kits with her. When Briarlight lost mobility in her legs, Graystripe never seemed as worried as he should be. When Blossomfall was getting yelled at by Millie, Graystripe just say there and watched. Based on all of the facts, it just seems like Graystripe will choose Silverstream. Plus, Millie might not even go to StarClan. So if Millie doesn’t go to StarClan, Graystripe won’t have to worry about anything, but Millie will wander around aimlessly as a ghost looking for him forever. Sorry Millie.

Those are my opinions and factual assumptions about who Crowfeather and Graystripe will choose in StarClan. Please post you opinion on the comments. Don’t kill me because I like SilverxGray instead of MilliexGray.

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  • I 100% agree. I’ll say why. First of all, unlike the other she’s crowfeather has loved, feathertail didn’t have his kits, nor did she actually know or spend time with crowfeather that much, (not blaming it on her) but she was more of a ‘finding out what love is’ she for him, and a ‘this is what heart-break feels like’ once she died. I know, i know, you guys who ship ’em are totally correct in your own way, and when i heard they liked each-other, i was like “YeS. i ShIp ThEm.” And then when i remembered that graystripe and silverstream was hers and her brother’s (stormfur) parents, i thought “well, that won’t end well.” Also, anyone else realise that silverstream and feathertail died the same way kinda? Like, she died while having graystripes beloved kits, and feathertail died while protecting her beloved. Also, she did say “tell him not to grieve.” So she was obviously happy for crowfeather to love leafpool, even if she felt jealous and sad. And for nightcloud, i don’t have to say much. 1: she is a horrible pig. 2: she gave birth to a maniac. And i definitely ship crow with leaf, since he actually RAN AWAY with her. And for graystripe and millie, No. I don’t think he’ll keep her as his mate. Why? Because she came into his life at probably the saddest time, and he never loved her or their children as much as silverstream and their children. And silverstream died while bearing his beloved kits, and never stopped loving him. He even stated when five came back, and stormfur told graystripe about feathertail, “she looked so much like her mother…” And he was probably more joyous seeing her, since they had a short time together and, whether with millie, he had a long time with. Sorry for the long ramble :,)

  • I would agree, but the only thing is that in the last book in ‘the broken code’ Crowfeather and Graystripe choose to spend their time in starclan with Leafpool and Millie while Silverstream and Feathertail watch (so most probably LeafCrow, but SilverGray may not work out?)

  • Opinion on Crowfeather: I think crowfeather would choose leafpool too. Feather tails death nearly made me cry and my heart aches for crowpaw but Leafpool is better for him
    My opinion on greystripe: Silverstream is the cat I think aswell. Millie is great but I don’t really like her. (Especially beacuse she yelled at Blossomfall and didn’t care if she hurt herself. Millie obvs loves briarlight more and poor Blossomfall. No wonder she went to the dark forest. What sort of mother was Millie to her?)

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