Who are Graystripe and Crowfeather going to choose in StarClan? by Wildspirit

Wildspirit theorizes on who Graystripe and Crowfeather would choose in StarClan!

Hello, my name is Wildspirit and this is my first ever article!!!😄😁😀 I want to share my opinion on who Crowfeather and Graystripe are going to choose in StarClan.

Let’s start with Crowfeather. Feathertail, Nightcloud, or Leafpool. I just want to rule out Nightcloud, because Crowfeather only mated with her to prove his loyalty. Also, I absolutely HATE CrowxNight. Between Feathertail and Leafpool, I think he will choose Leafpool. Feathertail and Crowfeather (Crowpaw back then) seemed more like a fleeting crush. When they reached the clans again, having Feathertail lived, they would’ve gone their separate ways. Now I’m an ultimate LeafxCrow shipper. Also, Crowfeather actually tells Leafpool he never regretted anything he did with Leafpool. That’s got to be true love! Also, Feathertail and Crowfeather hardly knew each other, while Leafpool and Crowfeather ran away together and began to know each other, and still loving each other. So, in the end, I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool.

Moving on to Graystripe, Silverstream or Millie. Now I’m a GrayxSilver shipper. But I don’t want this article to be biased, so I’m going to choose based on facts. Starting with Silberstream, it seemed like Graystripe loved Silverstream. He even joined RiverClan just to look after her kits. Even when Firestar (Fireheart) tells Graystripe to stop, Graystripe insists he loves her, and continues meeting her. Into Millie. Has anyone else noticed she looks almost exactly like Silverstream? Also, Graystripe never seemed.to care for his kits with her. When Briarlight lost mobility in her legs, Graystripe never seemed as worried as he should be. When Blossomfall was getting yelled at by Millie, Graystripe just say there and watched. Based on all of the facts, it just seems like Graystripe will choose Silverstream. Plus, Millie might not even go to StarClan. So if Millie doesn’t go to StarClan, Graystripe won’t have to worry about anything, but Millie will wander around aimlessly as a ghost looking for him forever. Sorry Millie.

Those are my opinions and factual assumptions about who Crowfeather and Graystripe will choose in StarClan. Please post you opinion on the comments. Don’t kill me because I like SilverxGray instead of MilliexGray.


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  • *SPOILER ALERT* I agree about Crowfeather, but with Graystripe, I think he would choose Millie because in Graystripe’s Vow, he thinks about her more than he thought about Silverstream. He thinks about Silverstream once whereas he was constantly thinking about Millie. He could have stayed with Stormfur, but he knew he had to go back to Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and his kin. He was also greiving Stemleaf, his grandson.

  • I think Crowfeather will just be single, and Graystripe would definitely be with Millie. She was his mate for wayyy longer, and she only recently died.
    Nice article though!

  • I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool because he never truly loved Nightcloud as a mate and I’m pretty sure that sense Feathertail died in the mountains that she’s in The tribe of endless hunting, and I think that she can only visit Starclan. I also think that Graystripe will choose Silverstream and that Graystripe only loved Millie because she reminded him of his forbidden ex.

  • *SPOILERS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO MILLIE IN TBC* Millie is in StarClan. The Warriors Wiki made it so it said she is. I mean, they found out that she’s in StarClan from the Warriors family tree, but I trust the family tree. So I agree with your reasons why he might choose Silverstream, but I honestly can’t decide who I think he’ll choose.

    • With StarClan inaccessible, only Harestar has been able to go there after dying. Warriors such as Stemleaf, Berrynose, Rosepetal etc have been stuck as ghosts despite normally being able to go to StarClan. It’s presumed that the same is true for Millie.

      Plus, in an official author statement it has been confirmed that the Warriors family tree is non-canon. The authors didn’t even want it there, but HarperCollins made one anyway

  • many people is being reasonable,thinking he’ll pick millie. But i personally think he’ll pick Silverstream.
    The reason why Greystripe thought about Millie more then Silverstream,is because Silverstream is already dead- he thought of her THOUSANDS of times when they were apart. The times he thought about Millie and Silverstream in total are incomparable. I never thought GreyMillie had much adorable times. The most adorable time i remember is when Firestar said Millie shouldn’t do warrior duties right now,greystripe’s neck fur rised. but being that protective can work even when their just friends.That’s why my mind instincively think them as friends , as Firestar and Greystripe is.
    Also,he left Stormfur because He couldn’t stay forever with Stormfur. its three children vs one,and of course three children wins. That’s why he came back.

  • I think Graystripe will choose Millie because they seemed to know each other better, I mean he and Silverstream were together for not a really large amount of time. However with him and Millie they did a bunch of things together and also had to make a bunch of hard choices.

  • I’m pretty sure he’s going to choose Silverstream, even though I don’t like it. He was with Millie way longer and she walked with him all the way to the clans’ new home even when she could have stayed behind. He wasn’t with Silverstream for very long.

  • Honestly I agree with Crowfeather but I’m not so sure about Graystripe. He loves Millie too and I don’t blame you for my opinion its hard to choose Graystripes true mate but I think he loves Millie more.

  • He loves Millie more! And WHY do they have to choose? They can have bothand live as a group. Silverstream likes Millie and ENCURAGED Greystripe to be mates with her. Although, Crowxleaf. Lets forget that awful relationship with -shudder- Nightcloud. And Feathertail was just a crush. LEAFXCROW FOREVER!!! Even though it breaks the code. That just makes it better. Nothing better than forbidin romance to spice the books up and add some heroics. Also DRAMA. There is too much drama in Warriors. Although the drama makes it interesting

    • hahahha okay mate forbideen romance is just plain boring now, sorry if it “spices” up the plot, it only makes it more bland

  • Looks as if your defending GrayxSliver instead of actually looking at the facts. Millie believes in StarClan plus, if Graystripe does choose Sliverstream over Millie than he is a jerk, and I do not like jerks.