Why they can’t take Cloudtail out of the movie by Wildspirit

Art by Shadow-Ku

Wildspirit argues why Cloudtail is an essential Warriors character

Hello, BlogClan. This is Wildspirit coming in with her second article! This article goes back to an article I read about a warrior cats move by….. I can’t remember who. But in the article, they said the movie producers would take out Cloudtail. I’m going to list why they can’t do this.

Reason 1: Dovewing and Ivypool would never exist. Leaving out Cloudtail would mean no more Dovewing and Ivypool. The power of three would be ruined (unless they just let Hollyleaf be in the prophecy. Not gonna lie, that’d be great and awesome), and Ivypool wouldn’t have spied on the dark forest, meaning that the clans might have lost the dark forest battle.

Reason 2: Shadowsight and Bristlefrost would not exist. That’s two main characters in The Broken Code gone. Although, without Shadowsight, the imposter wouldn’t have taken over Bramblestar….

Reason Three: Where would Brightheart be? Would she be a Medicine Cat? Leaving out Cloudtail would mean basically ruining Brighthearts life. Would she still be known as Lostface? That’s worse than. Deadfoot and Crookedjaw! Would Brightheart have been Leafpools mentor? If Brightheart had become a Medicine Cat, ThunderClan would currently either have three med cats, or two med cats and one retired Med Cat.

Reason four: Being Firestar(hearts) first apprentice, taking him out would mean Firestar couldn’t be one leader. Cinderpelt does not count because she never finished training. Without Firestar as leader, we might not have Bramblestar at all. Meaning The Broken Code would be ruined.

Reason 5: Snowbush wouldn’t exist. If Snowbush does not exist, then Honeyfur, Leafshade, and Larksong do not exist. If Larksong does not exist, Flamepaw and Finchpaw do not exist. Lilyheart would not have a mate, Sparkpelt would never have had a mate.

Reason 6: ThunderClan would have no reason to help the captured cats. If Cloudtail is out, he and Brightheart wouldn’t have gotten captured by twolegs, meaning Leafpool(paw) and Sorreltail wouldn’t have gone searching for them. That means Leafpaw wouldn’t have gotten captured by twolegs, meaning ThunderClan has no reason to help free the captured cats. (Other than the fact that Firestar is nice, and Mistyfoot, a captured cat, is Bluestars kits. And Firestar cared deeply for Bluestar.)

Those are all the reasons that the Warriors movie can Not exclude Cloudtail. I hope you liked this. Fell free to post your own opinions in the comments. BYE!!!

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