A Spoooooky Round-Up in Cats!

it’s halloween!

calico cats just have halloween vibes

Folks! It’s that time of the year! (In most of the northern hemisphere), the leaves are turning orange! The air is getting chillier! The vibes are getting SPOOKIER! Halloween is here! Ahhhh!

*kat sweats nervously as she tries to think of a cat/pizza pun*

Because we can’t really go out and trick-or-treat, let’s try and capture the Halloween feel right on this post! Play the Monster Mash, pour yourself some tea, grab a handful of candy, and let’s see some Halloween cat pictures and videos!

did you make a jack-o-lantern?
this kitten is so cute that I am in shock
ah, to be a cat wearing a pancake costume
this iconic pic courtesy of our dear Viperfrost

Below is what I would probably confidently say is the best video I’ve seen all week. Let’s pretend it’s very Halloween-y because the cat and dog featured are both wearing costumes, okay?

i think it’s the slight shake of the cat when the roomba stops that gets me

Now for some Halloween questions for you to answer below!

yup,, just a cat picture in a monthly round-up, haha
  1. If you did dress up, or if you could dress up, what would you be for Halloween?
  2. What’s your favorite type of candy?
  3. What type of monster would you be, ideally? (like a witch, a werewolf, a vampire, or what?)
  4. As a monster, what would your own haunted mansion look like?
  5. What’s your favorite Halloween song? (Disclaimer: if you don’t answer “The Monster Mash,” I will edit your comment with the CORRECT answer)

Happy Halloween from Blogteam! If you are going trick-or-treating, make sure you stay safe, socially distance, and wear a mask! If you are holding a seance, make sure to close the spiritual gate on the way out!


  • I’m so late haha

    Happy Halloween you guys!!

    1. A cat, perhaps? I haven’t done that one yet ;P
    2. Kit-Kats or some sort of gummies, for sure!
    3. Probably a witch. I enjoy cauldrons, black cats, flying brooms, and the like 😉
    4. Perhaps a small, lovely looking cottage in the middle of the forest; so lovely it would lure everyone in… >:)
    5. A three way tie between “This is Halloween,” “Calling All the Monsters,” and “The Monster Mash!”

    I hope everyone had a good time! 😀

    1. I dressed up as Cousin Itt. It was pretty easy. I took out the hat my grandma brought me from the Philippines (my origin country), some sunglasses, and flipped my hair over (it’s 3 feet long)
    2. It’s a tie between 100 Grand, Twix, Kit-kats, Yorks, and those fruit chew things.
    3. Cousin Itt (that counts right?)
    4. Black with ghosts and monsters darting out everywhere
    5. The Monster Mash
    6. (extra) We put a shark hat on my cat for Halloween!
    1. i’d dress up as hollyleaf if i could, but i didnt celebrate halloween this year and there were no hollyleaf costumes for sale >:( and im too dumb to make one
    2. chocolate
    3. ashfur
    4. probably some mansion with a bunch of black cats inside
    5. Never heard of any 😛
  • lol I’m so late.

    1. probably a soldier
    2. Gummies and sour straws, and any type of sour candy
    3. Either a werewolf or a witch
    4. Well lit, because I hate the dark, outside there would be like spooky decorations, (think abandoned house) and maybe a manor as the type of house.
    5. idk
  • 1. Goosefeather
    2. Crunch bars
    3. Ghost
    4. Nothing but cats named Hawkfrost
    5. I don’t know

    So lateeeee……

  • 1: For sure a cat.
    2: I can’t decide between chocolate, Twizzlers, or cherry/orange fruit by the foot! Ahh!
    3: A witch. After all, not all witches are green, ugly, and warty. Plus, I’d get to hand out with cats, and maybe be a black cat myself? Is that a witch thing?
    4: A normal house with Wendy’s magical anti-ghost spray all over and also a kitten room with pictures of kittens and kittens that I would name with warrior cat names like Snowflower for a white one.