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Songs that remind me of warriors by raaven3clipse

raven3clipse shares some songs that remind them of the Warriors series.

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heyo guys! I’m raven3clispe. my name is based on my favourite youtube (well its a sibling of a famous one) lunar3clispe or lunar from the krew, and Ravenpaw my favourite warrior cat. anyways this is my first post so I don’t know how good it’s going to be but without taking any more time I’m going to start (ps if you don’t these songs I’m kinda emo so)

5: can’t help falling in love by Elvis
okay so I choose this cuz of all the forbidden relationships (Graystripe + Silverstream, Crowfeather + Leafpool, Raggedpelt/star + /yellowfang, and more). they all couldn’t help falling in love with each other. also the line “shall I stay, would it be a sin, if I can’t help falling in love with you.” I more so thought of this with Leafpool and Crowfeather since they’re not just from different clans but shes a medicine cat as well so.

4:addict with a pen by twenty one pilots (no one will no this song lol)
so I choose this for Leafpool (again I know) and somewhat for Brambleclaw. so the first line of this song is
We haven’t talked in quite some time
I know
I haven’t been the best
Of sons
I’ve been travelling in
The deserts of my mind
And I
Haven’t found a drop
Of life
I haven’t found a drop
Of you
I haven’t found a drop
I haven’t found a drop
Of water”
so the writer (Tyler Joseph) is calling out to god in this song. I’m Cristian but I’m not going to say anything about religion. so the closest thing the cats have to a “god” is starclan. both these cats (mostly leafpool) were
calling out to starclan not to leave them

3: legend by twenty one pilots (I’m sorry but this is the only band I really listen to)
ok so this song goes
You were one of those classic ones
Travelling around this sun
You were one of those classic ones
I wish she knew you
You were one of those classic ones
Now everybody knows
You were one of those classic ones, yeah

You’re a legend in my own mind
My middle name
My goodbye
ok so i was more thinking about yellowfang, cinderpelt, and leafpool. mostly because cinderpelt and leafpool were talking about how she wished she knew yellowfang and cinderpelt agreed. so everything but the “my middle name” makes sense really.

2: bury a friend by Billie Eilish
ok so i only choose this because of the line “when we all fall asleep where do we go” because many cats either go to the dark forest in their sleep or see starclan cats. so…

1 (i started running out of ideas so stay with me here) screen by twenty one pilots (ok ok ok I know but look they have a lot of good songs)

ok so this song talks about how the writer Tyler tries to hide his feelings from the person the song is talking to (my guess is god). and I figured it kinda like the multiple times Leafpaw/pool and Squirrelpaw/flight have gotten angry at each other for lying about their feeling sense they can feel each other’s pain and emotions, plus they are sisters who should be able to trust each other.

well, that’s all I hope you liked this! I don’t know how long this will take to get posted bill probably forget about it by the time it does so IDK but, well, bye!

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