Why we stan Alderheart? by Snow-pine

Snow-pine shares why they like Alderheart.

Art by ClimbToTheStars

Hello! I can’t believe you’re actually going to read my lame article…
Uhm, so… these are my first impressions of Alderheart, which I got from the first half of AVoS (The Apprentice’s Quest, Thunder and Shadow, Shattered Sky).
1. Alderheart who? I only stan Alderfluff!
There’s absolutely no way Alderheart has short fur. Listen to me, I have a point! If we analyse his Family Tree, we will conclude that most of his family is made of FOUR-LEGGED CLOUDS THAT CAN MEW: Tigerstar (the serial killer), Goldenflower, Firestar, Bramblestar, SQUIRRELFLIGHT, Tawnypelt, Mothwing (even Lionblaze, who is Alderheart’s cousin). I personally adore fluffy cats, and Alderheart’s whole family makes me love him even more.
2. He’s a worrier, not a warrior 🙂
Sandstorm: “Do you know the difference between you and Sparkpaw?”
Alderheart: “What?”
Sandstorm: “Sparkpaw believes she’s solved every problem. And you believe you’ve caused every problem…” – The Apprentice’s Quest, page 253. The point is, Alderheart is an overthinker, obviously. I think that makes him lovely, since he’s anxiety and overthinking made him a kind cat too! He’s surely never snapped at an elder (and we all know elders can be bossy and annoying :), and he’s always been grateful for what he learned and the things StarClan prepared for him. Not every cat would accept to ditch the oh so loved warrior path to become a medicine cat, but Alderheart didn’t even look back (let’s not bring in discussion that he kind of sucked though).
3. Alderheart is the guy we all want, but don’t have
We don’t always see sweet guys, who don’t boss girls around, do we? Alderheart would be a great best friend and, probably, boyfriend. Evidence? His relationship with Twigbranch, of course! He was like a big brother to her and always thought of the best choices for her. I mean, he could easily bring her back to the lake territories, let Lilyheart take care of her, but never actually acknowledge her, like Needletail did with Violetshine at first. Or loyalty to what he’s doing. His feelings for Needletail were canon, but he didn’t run away with her, nor broke the warrior code by meeting her in secret, just for his own fun (the secret meetings Alderheart and Needletail planned for Twigbranch and Violetshine don’t count).
“Yeah sure, but all that stuff sounds sooooooo cheesy.” you might be thinking. Well, WRONG! Alderheart didn’t backed up from speaking out loud his point. Jayfeather and Yellowfang admitted it, and impressing these two medicine cats can be a true challenge.
Yellowfang: “I wondered at first if you had what it takes to be a medicine cat, but now that I see that you are willing to say what you believe, I trust that StarClan made the right choice after all.” – Thunder and Shadow, page 327
Jayfeather: “Well done, speaking up tonight. I wondered when you’d finally your tongue. […] Talking back to an old badger like me is not the same as standing up for what you believe to cats from other Clans. I was proud of you…” – Thunder and Shadow, page 352
This was long… I’m sorry, I talk a lot. Gotta blast, thank you for reading.

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