5 Cats That Everyone Thinks Deserved to go to the Dark Forest but don’t (and one Cat who Absolutely does) by HollyleafTheGreat

HollyleafTheGreat shares their opinion on some characters and whether they should or shouldn’t enter the Dark Forest in their afterlife.

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Hey everyone! I, the great Hollyleaf, am here to share with you 5 cats people think should go to the Dark Forest, but really don’t (And one cat these people are right about)
5.) Onestar: Onestar was pretty awful, and did the one thing Tallstar mad him deputy to prevent Mudclaw from doing, but he was being prideful and stupid. He was trying to make WindClan look stronger. He didn’t have evil intentions.
4.) Mudclaw: Mudclaw was a villain for less than one book. Mudclaw was upset, and reasonably so, because he was replaced last minute by someone when he’d been a loyal deputy for moons. Maybe Tallstar didn’t think he should be leader, but he wasn’t evil. Angry and maybe he’d have made poor decisions, but not evil.
3.) Hollyleaf: Hollyleaf killed someone, and gets to go to StarClan? In her defense, her whole life was falling down, and at a fast rate, and Ashfur deserved it, so she was justified when she came back and tried to right her wrongs, and she redeemed herself. She didn’t do it because she was evil. She was just shattered
2.) Rainflower: Rainflower abandoned her son, Crookedstar, and treated him worse than dirt. And I hate her. But I don’t think she was evil. I think she wanted to disown him because she thought he’d die, and when it was clear he’d be fine, she was afraid to take it back, afraid he wouldn’t accept her, and hate her for what she’d done. And she couldn’t give him a life as a punishment. Shellheart tells Crookedstar that she’s there, watching his ceremony, but his last life is his to give. The other cats got first dibs, so Rainflower’s punishment was only giving him a life if they ended up short. And when he dies, she’s there to welcome him. Horrible? Yes. Cowardly? Yes! Evil? No. Regretful? Absolutely.
1.) Appledusk: Do you know just how many people think Appledusk deserved to go to the Dark Forest, and not Mapleshade? It’s a lot. But Appledusk was nothing more than a jerk. Not evil. And I agree with Mapleshade when she says it was an accident. I don’t think Appleusk tried to kill Birchface, and sometimes cats die in a battle. Most cats that kill in a battle never meant to kill anyone. So he’s no saint, but not evil
The trend: These cats are all cats who have done bad things, and so people want them sent to the Dark Forest. But these cats are not evil. Onestar made bad choices, and was an idiot, but wasn’t doing it with malicious intent. Mudclaw was angry that, after serving as deputy for moons, was not made leader, and thought he could help his clan, and didn’t do it because he wanted to hurt, Hollyleaf had her whole world be destroyed before her eyes, exiled herself, and came back to redeem herself, Rainflower commited horrible actions, but only on one cat and likely thought she could never go back, and Appledusk was mean but he never did anything truly evil. The Dark Forest is not just a place where bad cats go. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean they should suffer eternal hunger while slowly fading. That’s like saying Millie should go to the Dark Forest because you prefer GrayxSilver. But Millie wasn’t evil.
And now:
The cat who DOES deserve to go to the Dark Forest is:
Ashfur: You all saw this coming. He tried to let 3 cats BURN TO DEATH to make Squirrelflight hurt. Not only that, but he took one of Firestar’s lives. Not because these cats did anything wrong, or he was delusional like Mapleshade, but because he wanted Squirrelflight to be in pain. And the only reason he didn’t was because he now had a secret that could destroy Squirrelflight, her foster kits, and Brambleclaw. There is no reason that Ashfur, who is EVIL, should go to StarClan. He’s not an idiot like Onestar, he’s not reasonably upset like Mudclaw, his world wasn’t breaking around him and nor did he redeem himself like Hollyleaf, he’s not a coward who can’t admit when he was wrong like Rainflower, and he wasn’t just a jerk like Appledusk. He was genuinely evil.

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  • You should do one on cats that are in the Dark Forest but don’t deserve to go there.

  • Yeah, people just gloss over the fact that he took one of Firestar’s lives, plus he’s now confirmed to the imposter. We now know he sent Sparky best-at-everything to her doom (She escaped, of course, because she’s perfect in every way) and threw Shadowsight off a cliff after clawing him half to death, and, of course, tried to live Bramblestar’s life and ruin the clans, all that horrible stuff. This page was probably written before that was confirmed though, I’m sure.

  • Regarding Mudclaw and Onestar…

    When I wrote this Article, I was just starting A Vision of Shadows. It has been a very long time since I read the very forgettable New Prophecy. Reading comments has shed light on the fact that Mudclaw was not just angry and challenging Onewhisker, but actually a murderer, and he and his supporters are much like certain protests happening right now but worse, since these cats had a higher body count than those protests I won’t name (no, I am not referring to BLM, even though those protests shouldn’t be violent either).

    As for Onestar, anything he did in AVoS Book 2 and Onward is something I haven’t gotten to yet, and may change my ideas on him. And again, some of the fox-hearted things he may have done in the New Prophecy was long forgotten because of the lack of lasting effects.

    So, I apologize for defending those cats for anything I did not recall. We are all human and we all forget sometimes, and I thank you for correcting me in the comments. It is appreciated, and I would rather have been wrong and have tried to correct it than to be wrong and continue to be wrong and in the dark about it.

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