[Mapleshade and her hallucinations of Larchkit, Petalkit, and Patchkit]

Yes, it WAS Mapleshade’s Fault that her Kits Drowned by HollyleafTheGreat

HollyleafTheGreat takes a look at Mapleshade’s involvement in the death of her kits.

Art by GrayPillow

People empathize with Mapleshade and defend her with the fact that her kits drowned. And not only will I explain that it the death of her kits was her fault, but I will also explain how she did not need to avenge her kits.
Let’s start off by setting the scence (MAJOR spoilers for Mapleshade’s Vengeance): Mapleshade, a ThunderClan cat, is secretly mates with Appledusk, a RiverClan cat. She is pregnant with his kits, and when she gives birth, Frecklewish assumes they’re her brother, Birchface’s, because no living cat claims them and Birchface has died at the paws of Appledusk. Mapleshade doesn’t say anything, and everyone assumes she doesn’t like talking about her dead mate, and that they are Birchface’s. Ravenwing finds out, and tells everyone, and both Oakstar and Frecklewish are understandably upset when they learn that Oakstar’s son and Frecklewish’s brother is not the father, but rather the cat who killed him, which Mapleshade defends by saying it was an accident he died, and tries to say that it doesn’t matter who the father is. She pretends that she’s done nothing wrong, and might have had a chance to stay if she at least pretended she was remorseful, and if it were a recent enough battle, she could have said that she mated with Appledusk in secret, and when he’d killed Birchface, she’d seen his true colors. She could have acted sorry. Once exiled, Mapleshade crosses the stepping stones when the river’s going to flood. I don’t remember if it was raining, or if it were flooding season for the river, but many people say Oakstar would have known, and to that I say so would Mapleshade. There is no reason he’d know and she wouldn’t, but she didn’t care. Second, the stepping stones are not the safest way to cross, and the map shows two perfectly good bridges that she could have used to cross. And that’s no mistake, as she uses a wooden bridge to cross into Fourtrees, and could have used that bridge, noticed the mini-tsunami, and waited for it to pass. But instead she chose to be lazy and take the fastest and most dangerous way, even if there was no flood. Stormkit was about their age when he broke his jaw trying to cross the stones. So when Appledusk tells her he blames her for the death of the kits, he’s right. It was entirely, 100% her fault. And we know that, after their death, Mapleshade was haunted by their cries and kills three people to free them. It seems weird for StarClan to send her to the Dark Forest if she was trying to save her kits, but I don’t think StarClan knew about her visions, nor do I think that she had to free her kits. I think that she was haunted by her grief, and the death of her kits, and when she thought that she had to avenge them, the idea manifested inside her grieving brain. Because she didn’t blame one cat entirely, her mind created the visions to be one kit less with each kill. Her sanity dropped low and StarClan didn’t know (Yes, I believe in the StarClan is Idiots Theory) because they don’t know everything. But I don’t think Mapleshade deserved StarClan. She awoke in the Dark Forest and she felt pleased. Ready to build her army. Not wishing she were in StarClan. My next post will be about 5 cats that people think deserve the Dark Forest but don’t (and one that absolutely does)

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  • True.
    Couldn’t Mapleshade wander into non-territory and cross a safer way? Or perhaps join ShadowClan or WindClan? Or become a loner with that loner who tried to save her. I don’t get how she’s so popular when she started her own problems! Great article, you really are HollyleafTheGreat! Make more articles!

    • Thank you! I actually plan to make an addendum to this one (I’m gonna be calling it “The Point of No Return: An Addendum to my Mapleshade Article”)

  • Well, I think you’re right! Though Mapleshade had a sad backstory, I don’t think you should still kill your kits, just because your mate betrayed you. Yes,her mate deserved to die, but I didn’t think her kits did. Larchkit, Pachkit, and Petalkit were adorable and didn’t deserve to drown and die instantly. That’s why I think you are right on.

  • So, first off, this article did not change my mind about her (though it has good points). First off, she wanted a better life for her kits. The ones that deserve to go to the dark Forest are Oakstar, Appledusk, & Darkstar. The reasons why she didn’t go to the bridge was
    1. It was too far, and they were tired.
    2. The other bridge was way too far away.
    3. Maybe she didn’t see the mini tsunami!
    StarClan really chose the wrong cat to try and mess up, because she just tried her best to protect her kits. Y’all May ask “why send the others to the Place of No Stars?” Well my friends, here’s the key: Oakstar – Banished a newly queen and her three kits, resulting in them dying.
    Appledusk – Not mourning for his kits and acting innocent when confessing to Darkstar that he was the father of the kits, getting another mate, and treating her worse than prey.
    Darkstar – This cat’s got many problems-_-
    And, that’s not all! Bluestar and Mapleshade are actually quite the same…
    -river clan mate
    -kept it a secret
    -mother to three kits
    -one of the kits dying
    -her only meeting up with Oakheart at night

    -river clan mate
    -kept it a secret
    -mother to three kits
    -her only meeting up with Appledusk at night

  • And, the most unfair thing of all was that Featherwhisker kept Bluestar’s secret a secret, when the other medicine cat couldn’t keep their snout in the right place, resulting in Mapleshade’s kits death, heartbreak, and grief. Another reason why she should’ve not gone to the dark forest was when she was training Crookedstar. (when he was an apprentice)All of the promises, lectures, yelling, scolding, and fighting was so that he wouldn’t end up like her. When he started to become close to Bluepaw, she scolded him. That was a reminder, and a good reminder. Also, WHY COULD DARKSTAR NOT HAVE BEEN AS GENEROUS AS CROOKEDSTAR?! CROOKEDSTAR LITERALLY WELCOMED GRAYSTRIPE (Silverstream’s mate of thunderclan) WITH OPEN ARMS IN ORDER FOR HIM TO TAKE CARE OF HIS DARLING KITS! COULDN’T HAVE DARKSTAR AND THE OTHERS BEEN AS GENEROUS TO HER?! She was only tryna do what’s best for her kits. She’s not like Rainflower (Crookedstar’s mother) or Onestar, who abandoned her kits because of choice!

  • I compare Mapleshade to La Llorana the weeping woman form Mexican legends. La Llorona drowned her kids after being angry and drowns kids thinking their here own kids, she’s in grief and wails for them. Mapleshade killed to avenge her Oakstar should have gone to DF like exiling a queen and kits really dude

  • Mapleshade was only trying to do what was best for her kits. Also of you don’t remember appledusk left mapleshade in her time of need. I find nothing in my heart that says appledusk was a good cat. Appledusk had what was coming for him Mapleshade was fine also it is completely unfair how mapleshade was exiled from thunderclan and graystripe wasn’t

  • You have good points but I disagree with you ^^ mainly because i read MapleShad(e)’s vengeance first and literally threw the book when her kits drowned (I’m sorry book!) and that makes me feel that she deserved to see at least one of her kits in Starclan before she went to the df, just to make her think of what could have been. Mapleshade also was haunted/hallucinated by her kits ghosts, saying they want to be avenged. Also, here is a fact. When Mapleshade un-alived Ravenwing, the literal medicine cats put him under rocks and didn’t give his body to his leader, stating that the era was messed up. Getting back on track, Mapleshade had killed Appledusk because she had a dark thought of “He let her kits drown” and she blames him. Appledusk cheated on both she-cats but acted like Mapleshade didn’t matter when her kits drowned. I would go on but i’m tired XD.

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