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Warrior Cats in the Wizarding World by Ravenpaw

Ravenpaw compares characters from Warriors to those from the popular fantasy series, Harry Potter.

Artwork by Snowfalls_art

Hi everyone, Ravenpaw here with my very first article! Today, I will be comparing warriors from TPB to Harry Potter characters! Just minor spoilers for the Harry Potter books!

1. Firestar- Firestar would be Harry. Both characters are part of a prophecy and both characters come from a world that knows little about the other. In the beginning, it may seem like Bluestar favors Firepaw just a little, it also seems that way with Harry and Dumbledore. While Firepaw might not have anything special to make him famous like being the boy who lived, he does meet one big villain in the beginning and keep seeing that villain until the end of the series. While Harry saves his world by killing the one big villain in the series, Firestar basically does the same, but while this villain isn’t one we had seen before, he was still brought to you by the lovely big baddy: Tigerstar. Which brings me to my next point:

2. Tigerstar- Tigerstar would be Voldemort. Originally, I thought “Oh, he’d be Malfoy” but then I thought harder and realized that he would definitely be Voldemort. So who is Malfoy then? Well, there will be more on that later. 🙂 Anyway, back to Tigerstar. From the beginning, Tigerstar never liked Firestar, just like we knew from the start that Harry and Voldemort would be enemies. Voldemort tried sooo many times to kill Harry and take over the world, yet he failed miserably. Sound familiar? Yep, you guessed it, so did Tigerstar! And who stopped them? Right again! Both characters’ biggest enemies!

3. Longtail- On the topic of baddies, why not talk about Longtail? Yes, I know, he’s not really that bad, but neither is the character I think he is. Malfoy. I think Longtail would be Malfoy. Malfoy, like Longtail, is never really one Voldemort’s side, he’s just against Harry. Just like Longtail is really with Tigerstar, he just hates the fact that his deputy/leader is a former kittypet. In the end, both characters choose our protagonists’ sides. Longtail, maybe a bit sooner than Malfoy, but Malfoy does choose Harry over Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts when he realizes Harry isn’t dead.

4. Graystripe- Graystripe is Firestar’s friend from the moment he decides to join ThunderClan, and stays his best bud through the entire saga. Can you see where I’m going? Yes indeed, Graystripe would be Ron. They are loyal to their best bud for better or for worse. While they may have had some romantic struggles (Ron with Lavender, then Hermione, and Graystripe breaking the code to be with Silverstream) both characters sort it out in the end and become a big help to defeating the main villain.

5. Sandstorm- Sandstorm would be Hermione. Yes, I know, Hermione ends up with Ron, not Harry. Sandstorm is Firestar’s mate and I said Firestar is Harry. But, hear me out. Both Sandstorm and Hermione aren’t really friendly with our main character in the beginning. While Hermione becomes friendlier to Ron and Harry by the middle of the first book and Sandstorm doesn’t change until the second book (correct me if I’m wrong, it has been a while since I read TPB), both characters become very good friends with the main protagonists. Also, both characters are a great warrior/witch and are known for it.

6. Ravenpaw- No, not me. Ravenpaw would be Neville. Both characters are really, REALLY shy and aren’t the best at anything, but they both play pretty important roles in helping our heroes. Ravenpaw tells the truth about Tigerstar and helps fight against BloodClan while Neville gets the last 10 points to win the House Cup for Gryffindor (in the first book) and kills Nagini, saving Ron and Hermione’s lives and destroying the final Horcrux, allowing Harry to finally kill Voldemort.

And finally:
7. Whitestorm- I think Whitestorm makes a good Dumbledore. Both characters are always there for our main hero and are always ready to help them. When this character dies, both Harry and Firestar are devastated. Harry lost his headmaster and Firestar lost his deputy. Both Whitestorm and Dumbledore meant so much more to our heroes than I can put into words. While Dumbledore was not avenged by a group of firey first years, his students fought bravely against Voldemort, instead of just giving in.

Well, that’s all! I hope this was enjoyable to read!

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  • Wow this is really nice! I didn’t actually finish the Harry Potter series tho… (gave it up to read Warriors and I don’t regret it)

    Nice article! I agree with it even though I don’t know Neiville and Voldemort that well (I hope I spelt their names right 🙂 )

  • I really agree with all of these! Especially the Ravenpaw/Neville thing. 🙂
    Turtle Tail will always be the queen to me <3

  • This article is great! Never read Harry Potter but it seems like you made it sound as if these characters really match up! Did I get the first comment?

  • Great article! I personally think Bluestar would be Dumbledore tho.

    also Hermione ends up with Ron? :0

  • I like it! I love Harry Potter and Warriors and this article is really cool. I’ll say I thought Malfoy would be Darkstripe

  • I’ve done this before! I love Harry Potter sooooooooo much I like can’t even describe it. Here’s what I think of yours:

    1. Yes. Definitely
    2. I dunno… I didn’t think Tigerclawstar was very Voldemortish
    3. Nope. Malfoy definitely did not grow up to be a nice sweetie, but child longtail perhaps
    4. Literally what I would do when I did this! Graystripe is such a ron
    5. Sandstorm? Hermione? I don’t know about that. They are very different in personality
    6. Yeah. Yes. Yeppers.
    7. I dunno, Whitestorm doesn’t seem all to wise and didn’t make a fatal mistake like Dumbledore, however Bluestar…

    I loved your article! Harry Potter is the best, it even beats out Warriors. It’s the only book series I love more than Warriors!
    I’m totally gonna go read Harry Potter right now thanks for the motivation!

  • Yes I agree with all of this except I think Scourge would be Voldemort and Tigerstar would be Grindelwald. Darkstripe would be… Bellatrix? Idk. I love this artcile tho

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