Why Tigerheart is evil by Echomist

Echomist shares their opinion on the latest ShadowClan leader, Tigerheart.

Artwork by Lithestep

Helloooooooooooooooooo! I’m Echomist with an article about Tigerheart being as evil. I will not be calling Tigerheart by his leader name. You’ll see why. SPOILERS FOR A VISION OF SHADOWS AND OMEN OF THE STARS!

First reason: he kidnapped a cat.
He totally kidnapped Ivypaw! My quarrel is not with Dovewing on this, because I know she is totally spoiled and I should expect that from her, but Tigerheart? I expected more from him! He literally shoved Dovewhine over here under a bush and took Ivypaw away! And then bargained her for herbs! All because of a secret he should of told Dovewhine anyway! (Dovewhine is not a typo)

Second reason: I don’t know the word for this, sorry
Bramblestar was supposed to be the cat that was judged for the things his father did. He was supposed to be the one that became a leader. But then Tigerheart came along, and it took away from Bramblestar. There are way too many Tigerstar clones! Like there’s Hawkfrost, Bramblestar, Tigerheart WHAT?

Third reason: his leadership
The medicine cats we’re at the Moonpool or whatever, and Tigerheart comes out of lonerness (I don’t know the word don’t judge me!) and suddenly announces he is the leader of ShadowClan and Dovewing is joining him.
He literally said “I am ready to be your leader” and they all started calling out his name. I reread this about thirty times and it still didn’t make any sense. I mean, had there been an adjustment to the Warrior Code that says “if someone randomly turns up after disappearing and claims to be dead, they are automatically leader”??
I didn’t understand it at all. It made absolutely no sense. He could have been lying for all they knew! But for some reason cats were just like “Tigerstar! Tigerstar! Tigerstar!” and I’m like what just happened? River of Fire was crazy. He really doesn’t deserve to be leader because he suddenly left, then he expects everyone to welcome him with open, uh, paws. And to make matters worse, THEY DO. Something weird is going on with that guy.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!
May StarClan light your path,


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