My Fav Characters to least fave by Sage

Sage shares their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Art by flash-the-artist


starting with least fav
TigerStar 2- he is just a copy of the greatest villain of all the prophecy books and why tigerstar 2 why not FireStar 2 or Tallstar 2 like he is not even that evil come on guys

HawkWing- um okay he is a deputy and all but okay he is really basic and why did he just let them take VioletKit and Twig kit like what kind of dad is that oh my why and yea he is a bad dad there HawkWing!!!

OneStar- you act all nice to FireStar BlueStar GreyStripe then bam you turn basically evil i do kinda like the twist but still we have had good to evil twists before like all the good cats fighting for the dark forest!!! geez

DoveWing- wow just wow what color of eyes do you have i have had it over the top with this design so here blue amber green no and the personality no just no i mean she was a guardian and all but still it might be just me but i do not like dovewing

LionBlaze- um okay he is basic so yea he has a superpower but do i really care nope power of trees is gone jay went blind and hollyleaf is well evil so she is putting powers badly i well he has no oppose anymore and he was in the dark forest too for a bit but i have not read those in a long time so yea so really just wow

WillowShine- she um well is basic a basic medicine cat not too different from jayfether r any other med cat so well she is basic

these are the cats who i am okay with

Jayfether- he lost his power of three and now he is useless not really but i love his stick yea his stick is my fav part lol

HollyLeaf- she added a power of three twist but sorry two predictable

WhiteStorm- he was honorable but well he was basic again sorry for all the basics

Ravenpaw- okay well he just left he was a coward and just wow he was wow timid we really did not need him and we do not know where he is now but i kind like him cause he had a death we had not seen before

Firestar- his life was predictable and well he is not that big of a deal i mean he had his series witch was the beginning so well why do we still need him lol


IvyPool- she had three twists in her life she was good then evil then good again wow

VioletShine- she had a hard life and well she deserves respect

MyrtlePaw- i like then name funny names are not just SKYCLAN

PuddleShine- i have never been a fan of meds but wow a med who went rouge i mean yellowing was framed by her own son but it was being framed not like actually doing something wow and he transferred clans so interesting

that is the end for now and so yea this was again my opinion so do not be mad if your fav cat is my least fav

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  • Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok. First of all, it’s Jayfeather and he is NOT useless. He is a medicine cat, and a GREAT one by far for your information, and Whitestorm is NOT basic. I’m not criticising or hating on you or anything, I’m just saying, you got these cats all wrong. Also, Ravenpaw is not a coward, I don’t think you would want to get killed either, so…

  • So you just like the cats who have an interesting background? Because most of those cats where great warriors…

  • In Hawkwing’s defence:
    Hawkwing had NO CHOICE about his kits! They weren’t even born when their mother, Pebbleshine, went missing! *Spoiler alert for Hawkwing’s Journey* Pebbleshine was pregnant when she jumped into the back of a monster to catch chickens for SkyClan. The monster drove away, Hawkwing unable to do anything. It must have been so horrible seeing her being carried away after he had lost his BROTHER AND FATHER, his mother and one of his sisters stayed back in the barn, and his mentor chose to remain a kittypet! He didn’t know if they or Pebbleshine was alive until Twigpaw found him, and immediately after he got her and Violetpaw to join SkyClan! You could argue that he was bad for letting Twigpaw swap to ThunderClan, but he knew it was best for Twigpaw if she went back and allowed her to choose her own path. So he DIDN’T let Violetkit and Twigkit go missing! You could argue he could have done more to stop Pebbleshine but she was so determined that she would have gone even if he forbidden it. And he searched for her for ages until Leafstar made the decision to press on!

  • I highly disagree but I respect your opinion 😛 but hollyleaf is the best 🙁

  • You said “PuddleShine- i have never been a fan of meds but wow a med who went rouge i mean yellowing was framed by her own son but it was being framed not like actually doing something wow and he transferred clans so interesting” What do you mean ‘he transferred clans‘? Puddleshine is a Shadowclan cat and he always has been a Shadowclan cat. What gave you the idea that he ‘transferred clans‘? Unless, did something happened with that in the newest book, TBC: Darkness Within? I haven’t read that one yet.

  • These are just my opinions, so no offense

    Tigerstar 2 – I find kind of annoying, but he’s good like that

    Hawkwing – I love him, he’s like Lionblaze but better

    Onestar – I agree with you

    Dovewing- I love her! She is so relatable

    Lionblaze – Overated and dumb, he should have fought the dogs

    Willowshine – Ok I guess

    Jayfeather – He’s such a good character! I love reading about him

    Hollyleaf- I hate her! She is very overrated and only cared about the code until she broke it!

    Whitestorm – A true classic

    Ravenpaw – I love him! He’s a nervous boy and I love his relationship with Barley

    Firestar – He’s cool, I don’t hate him, but I don’t truly like him, he’s just a classic

    Ivypool – She’s ok in Omen of the Stars, but I like her relationship with Fernsong in AVOS more

    Violetshine – I agree with you

    Myrtlepaw – I don’t know much about them, so they’re fine

    Puddleshine – I love him! He’s like goosefeather, but with a different personality