Warrior cats Map ideas! by Midnightshadow

Midnightshadow shares some free-to-use MAP ideas! What MAPs have you thought of?

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Sooooo, i’ve been listening to songs and i’ve got some map ideas, but since im not really popular i not gonna use them, instead im going to give them away QwQ, if you’re inerested in one of these, just tell me which one and i’ll give it to you, once it’s your’s. IT IS YOUR OG IDEA. not mines anymore. ^^

1. we no speak Americano Ravenpaw map

So it’s basically Ravenpaw being all happy to have Tigerclaw/star to be his mentor until he finds out about all the killing he’s done. (i see this as those old Micky mouse cartoons or something like that, u can edit it if u want) Ravenpaw gets a Nightmare and wakes up to see Barley and that’s the end. (I’m sorry if this isn’t good)

2.Can’t feel my face. (Firepaw/star and Spottedleaf map) AU

no, this isn’t a Spottedleaf Yandare map, i just wanted to make a map that shows their bond more devolped.(sorry for bad spelling)

There are parts where Spottedleaf defends Firepaw when Sandpaw and Dustpaw insult him. They take walks, they play fight and stuff. The song is basically how Firepaw/star feels about Spottedleaf. At the end, Firepaw finds Spottedleaf’s dead body when looking for her. He stops in shock and crys his eyes out.

3. If i can’t have you (Greystrip and Sliverstream map)

After Sliverstream saves Greystripe, he falls in love with her. He is in camp bored before thinking about Sliver stream, he meets her at the at the border and spends time with her a lot. Fireheart/star scolds him for it. he ingores Fireheart/star and keeps seeing Sliverstream. in the end of the song where it says, “Everything means nothing if i can’t have you?“ is the part where Sliverstream dies while bearing Greystripe’s kits.

4. Back to you (Tigerheart and Dovewing map)

Dovewing is torn between her clan and her love life, Tigerheart. She is stressed and is always thinking about Tigerheart. She runs off stressed and confused. Dovewing comes back to her clan after a while. Dovewing is thinking about Tigerheart the whole time. She arrives at her clan to see Ivypool angry and scolding her for running off and being with Tigerheart. Dovewing is expecting Tigerheart’s kits. She keeps thinking about Tigerheart while in her clan. She chose Tigerheart in the end.

5. No tears left to cry (Mapleshade map)

Its a Mapleshade murder map, she gets exiled, her kits drowns, while she’s in the river she sees a halluction of Appledusk and her showing affection. She thinks she’s about to die before getting pulled up by Appledusk. She finds out about how Reedshine and Appledusk are together, she gets angry. She shouts death thrreats before leaving Riverclan. She sees her kits mourning and crying before knowing what to do. She sees Ravenwing at the moonpool and kills him. The other medicene cats bury him while Mapleshade dug up his grave so the crows could feast on him. Mapleshade releases snakes which bites Frecklewish’s eyes. Mapleshade sees Reedshine and trys to attack her. Appledusk takes the blow. mapleshad’s neck gets bit open by perchpaw. She quickly runs away, only to die moments later.

6. Call me maybe (Leafpool and Crowfeather)

Leafpaw sees Crowfeather and falls instanly in love, she keeps following Crowfeather. at the parts that say, “Your stare was holding, Rip teen skin was showing, hard night wind was blowing” Is basically Leafpool and Crowfeather locking gazes. and the parts that say, “Where you think you’re going baby?“ Is leafpool trotted after Crowfeather. at the end that says, “So call me maybe“ is the part where Leafpool finds out she’s expecting Crowfeather’s kits.

Anyways guys, i hoped you all enjoyed this article and i hope i will make more in the future have a great Night, Afternoon, or morning!

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