Dovewing’s Eye Color: Inconsistency from a Story Standpoint by HollyleafTheGreat

HollyleafTheGreat shares their theory on Dovewing’s different eye colours.

Official redesigned cover art (Omen of the Stars: The Fourth Apprentice)

Dovewing’s eyes are quite the debate. Are they yellow, green or blue? We have been left to wonder until now.
This is a theory I posted long time ago, on another app, but here I can further explore this theory now that I’ve read Omen of the Stars and didn’t just hear about her eye inconsistency. Spoilers for Omen of the Stars, Power of Three, and The New Prophecy.
At the end of The New Prophecy, Cinderpelt is killed by a badger, Leafpool can’t visit her in StarClan, and we learn that she took the body of Cinderkit, a kit who was born as Cinderpelt was killed protecting Sorreltail, the kit’s mother, from badgers. Jayfeather figures it out, and Cinderheart is told and eventually everyone else in Omen of the Stars. But Cinderheart has a different personality, being similar but not the same. And we even see Cinderpelt leave Cinderheart’s body in front of Lionblaze, thanking him or something. Meaning Cinderkit had her own spirit before Cinderpelt was part of it. And that makes sense. The kit’s probably had a spirit a week or two before being born, maybe even earlier. After all, stillborn kits have gone to StarClan before. Probably even before their birth! But Cinderpelt, dying young and never getting to live the life of a warrior, was a restless spirit who took another’s body, piloting it alongside the other occupant, before she left, fulfilled. Now that I’ve used Cinderpelt/heart to show how restless spirits and reincarnation works, let’s get on with the theory:
In short, Dovewing has golden eyes. Dove’s Wing had blue eyes. Dove’s Wing was a restless spirit who needs to find a suitable body to fulfill the prophecy, so when a pale gray cat with blue eyes existed, she jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, she forgot that EVERY kitten is born with blue eyes, so when Dovewing’s eyes changed to yellow, Dove’s Wing couldn’t hide as easily. When Dovewing is in control, she has yellow eyes. When Dove’s Wing is in control, her eyes are blue. And when they work together, her eyes are green. I do think that Dove’s Wing left Dovewing after the prophecy was fulfilled, but because Dovewing’s eyes have been mostly green or blue, they didn’t change back to yellow. Perhaps at some point before Dove’s Wing left, Dovewing’s eye color wouldn’t change from green to yellow when it was just Dovewing making decisions. Or maybe Dove’s Wing is still there, enjoying her friends.
I know it’s actually just an inconsistency on the Author’s part, but a simple mistake is not good enough. I will always draw Dovewing with green eyes, but every mistake needs a lore-based explaination. Feel free to use this in the Warriors Movie 4 if you make one for each series.

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