My Favorite & Least Favorite Cats by Sagepaw

Sagepaw shares their favourite and least favourite characters from the series. Are any of these cats on your lists?

Art by Wayne McLoughlin (Warriors Illustrator)

Hi, BlogClanners! It’s me, Sagepaw. This is my first post, and I am really excited about it. But, today I am going to talk about my 4 favorite cats and my 4 least favorite cats. (I just came up with this and wrote on it for like 10 minutes so, don’t judge and these are off the top of my head)I don’t want this to sound cheesy, but let’s get into it! WARNING: THERE MAY BE SPOILERS!

My favorite cats are:

1. Cinderpelt
I really like Cinderpelt because she is really nice and it is SO sad when she gets hit by a monster! Not like it’s our fault….. *whistling* And she died delivering Sorreltail’s kits during the badger attack! *sniffle, sniffle*

2. Daisy
Daisy is so loving and I just really like her. She is so compassionate with kits and shares her milk with them, (unlike someone else we know….. *cough, cough, Lizardstripe cough cough* ) what’s there not to like? She holds up even without Spiderleg’s support, so go Daisy!

3. Hopkit/Deadfoot
Wow. Just wow. Deadfoot breaks my heart. He goes from being a kit that almost died to WindClan deputy. Hopkit is so adorable and cute and with his twisted paw, you’re going to make me cry! The only I don’t like is his warrior name. Heatherstar, come on! I know he says it’s okay, but, just *expresses with hands*.

4. Tawnypelt
Some of you may not like Tawnypet, but I do. She asked for help in the late books (I think it was Darktail), and that’s really hard for someone who sticks to the warrior code so much. I like Tawnypelt, and I think she is underrated.

Least favorites:

1. Brokenstar
Do I really have to explain this? I didn’t think so.

2. Sol
Those three letters only spell one thing: why? Why did Sol plan to do what he did? It’s really weird, if you don’t mind me saying. Sometimes all it takes is a clever mind to rule a whole Clan.

3. Darktail
Darktail was a pretty villainy villain. He basically took over ShadowClan and killed Onestar. He chased SkyClan out, and kidnapped RiverClan warriors. If cats don’t obey him, they suffer. Glad that stuff’s over…..

4. Tigerstar
Sometimes, you can’t argue with the classics. I am currently trying to read Tigerclaw’s Fury, and I really like it! He was the prime villian in the first series. And what’s the deal with HalfClan cats??

Honorable mentions:

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Please let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree, but these are just my opinions. Sagepaw out!

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  • I agree with everything you said but you are missing someone, (not to be rude) you are missing bright heart because she had half of her face destroyed and she help fight off dogs so yea.

    • it’s Cindy’s favourites list, Brightheart potentially isn’t one of her faves 😛

  • I actually think Tawnypelt if a bit underrated! I really like her, and when many people say generic characters like thornclaw or brackenfur show true loyalty all the time, i get a little mad. Tawnypelt is probably the most loyal character in the books. She leaves to ShadowClan and stays there for the rest(hopefully) of her life, doesn’t go back to ThunderClan and puts ShadowClan first, over her jerk or a brother

  • I agree that Tawnypelt is very underrated. Cinderpelt is one of my favorite characters too
    Also, Daisy is amazing.

  • Here what I think off all

    Cinderpelt – overrated and loss of potential

    Daisy – I love her and she is super underrated

    Deadfoot – He’s nice, not much development, but nice

    Tawnypelt- My fave main character

    Brokenstar- I get that he has done bad things, but I love the villains they are the best part of the story in my opinion, the only reason I hate him is because of badgerfang

    Sol – the definition of loss of potential

    Darktail – My 3rd fave villain

    Tigerstar – He is an amazing villain! Not best cat but I can deal with that. He made the 1st series what it is

    These are just my opinions so no offense

  • I agree with literally all that you said BUT Hopkit/Deadfoot (for me) would be replaced by Sandstorm, she is so wise and loyal 🙂
    I love you

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