Comparing Famous Warrior Cats Ships by Crimsonclaw

Crimsonclaw compares well-known ships from all corners of the fandom. What romances have got you hooked?

Art by Valcanous (tumblr)

Heya peeps! (Just quickly quoting my sister before we kick things off…) It’s me, Crimson, who’s back again for her second article, unless her other article didn’t meet the word requirements or something like that! Today, I am writing an article (Yes, we can see that Crimson, thank you.) which will be comparing Warrior Cats ships, which will be both canon and non-canon! Basically what’s going to happen here is, I basically state a cat (For example, Jayfeather) and give a list of canon and non-canon ships for that cat (Another example, JayfeatherXStick and JayfeatherXHalf Moon), basically declaring which ones are great and which ones are kind of terrible. Sound good? Ok then, let me just get on with this…

First up: Leafpool!
1. Crowpool (CrowfeatherXLeafpool): Canon – Um, ok. I don’t really know. I’m kind of iffy with this ship, because to me, it didn’t really make sense, but they were cute together at the same time. I guess I just got the vibe from Crowfeather that he was all, “Nnooo! Feathertail! I will never take another mate and you were the best! *Cries hysterically*”, and then, two seconds later (Well, not really, I’m over-exaggerating), he’s with Leafpool! Also, Leafpool kind of hated him in the beginning, so that relationship took a very unexpected turn when they got together……moving on!
2. NightcloudXLeafpool (I’m not positive what their ship name is, and I don’t want to get it wrong, so, yeah): Non-Canon – All I have to say is, “no, thank you!”. The only reason why people ship this in my opinion is because Leafpool and Nightcloud were both mates of Crowfeather. There is just no chemistry between the two, and it doesn’t make sense.
3. Mothpool (MothwingXLeafpool): Non-Canon – Please, please make this happen, Kate Cary (And the other Erins…)! Please? There is just so much history between these two characters, and they would be insanely cute together! (The Ultimate Warrior Code breaking relationship! Yay!)

Next up: Firestar!
1. Grayfire (GraystripeXFirestar): Non-Canon – Ok, um, sure. I mean, I liked Graystripe and Mille together, but Graystripe and Firestar would make a great couple! Again, they have all of that history, they are best friends, so how could you do wrong? (My sister tells me that I only ship all of the gay couples, and it’s true, I tend to like LGBTQ+ couples more than straight ones for some reason, and she thinks that if I wrote a book, it would be called “The City of Gay”. The point is, don’t be surprised if I ship most of the LGBTQ+ ships…)
2. SandstormXFirestar (I forgot their ship name…): Canon – Yes, please! They are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E together, and did I mention that they had Squirrelflight! (If you can’t already tell, she’s my favorite character ever!) Anyhow, they had chemistry, weren’t boring, and their relationship was realistic, which I appreciated!
3. SpottedleafXFirestar (Again, I forgot the ship name…oof.): Non-Canon – How about, no. Sorry, but this just doesn’t seem right to me, especially since I think of Spottedleaf as a complete rule-follower, and this relationship outright breaks that Warrior Code, so, again, no.

And now, Squirrelflight (I don’t know any of the ship names for her so you’ll have to bear with me)!
1. SquirrelflightXAshfur: Semi-Canon? – Meh. This ship is just “meh” to me. Ashfur was a decent character in the beginning, but the fact that he became jealous and starting doing really petty stuff to get back at Squirrelflight when she rejected him was really dumb, and it makes me think he wasn’t and wouldn’t ever be good for her.
2. SquirrelflightXBramblestar: Canon – I thought Bramblestar was good for Squirrelflight in the beginning, but if you ever read “Squirrelflight’s Hope”, he’s kind of awful to her, and that’s not even when he’s being possessed by another cat! I feel like he constantly puts her ideas and Squirrelflight herself down, and I don’t think that is good for their relationship, and it makes it seem kind of unhealthy for Squirrelflight especially. So the point is, nope! I don’t like this ship anymore, and I do not ship it!

And finally, the last one for today, Blossomfall!
1. Hazelfall (HazeltailXBlossomfall): Non-Canon – I definitely ship this! I think they should’ve had a relationship, besides the fact that they were totally different ages and that Hazeltail was Blossomfall’s mentor. Anyway, yes, I like this! It should’ve happened!
2. ThornclawXBlossomfall (What’s their ship name again?): Canon – Nah. Both are minor characters, and seemed to be kind of thrown together, at least in my opinion, by the authors so that more kits could be produced in ThunderClan. Not much history together, and yeah, I don’t ship this.

Thanks for reading my article everyone! I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to comment below your thoughts on it! See ya on the Blog!

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