Top 10 Warrior Cat Books by Icemask

Icemask lists some of the highest reviewed books from the series. Do you like these books too?

Top 10 Warrior Cat Books
Information from The Top Tens
This is a list of the top 10 best reviewed warrior cat books. This was taken from The Top Tens, and please enjoy ‘cause I had to type all except the website address and I had to make sure I didn’t add swear words since the site was full of them.

The Darkest Hour

What everyone has been waiting for. The awesome battle, Firestar loses one of his lives…Scourge dies…the Warrior clans are safe.
a lot of action, and firestar losses a life to kill scourge! I loved it every single bit!
The darkest hour was the best and most controversial book in the warriors series
I liked the battle part the best everything else was ok well I also really liked it when my favorite leader firestar got his nine lives

Into the Wild

This was the first one I read and honestly at first I didn’t know if I would like it but at the end I decided to read the whole series.
This is THE book. The first one. Of course I have to vote for this!
This is the first ever warriors book I read and in a few pages I loved GrayPaw/GrayStripe.
I love ALL the Warriors books, but this is the It Book. This book started Warriors. This IS the Warriors books. It made Warriors happen:) and I thank the lord for that:) way to rock Erin

The Last Hope

I really like this one because Ivypool gets a chance to shine!
Firestar dies t 8t that’s why I love it so much TIGERSTAR my favourite cat wins!
This books plot is the most dramatic. Even more dramatic than the darkest hour. This book is pretty much the final show down with cats from the start of the books to new enemies made at the end. The way it’s written is quite disappointing. I would have wanted the battle between fire and tiger to be more longer and more of the main characters to be killed. It just got confusing and I got lost reading this as it quickly chances character views every few pages. In the new series I would really like the Erin’s to continue to add more drama into their series but not to rush and cram all the drama into one book.
This book was the best warriors book EVER (followed closely by the Darkest Hour)! Beautiful ending to the series, but so sad with the death of Firestar, my favorite character. I have read and reread this book so many times, it’s just so amazing!

Forest of Secrets

A very intresting and fun book, a lot of mysteries unrevealed and it was just so enjoyable.
Has lots of drama and gives you a little hint of BlueStar back story if you never read BlueStars promise.
This is honestly the best book I have ever read. It was just full of so many different emotions, I am surprised it is rated 4th best.
I really enjoyed this book because there are a lot of secrets to find out, as well is plot twists, and its just really fun to read.

Crookedstar’s Promise

This book was so sad yet so beautiful. It kept me up until 4 in the morning reading it. So good!
The worst part about this book is how under used crookedstar is in the main series
The plot of this book is very rich and descriptive and it shows what a strong cat crookedstar is even though he is not a huge character in the main storyline
this book is the best it tells crookedstar’s story (by the way hailstar is the coolest)

Bluestar’s Prophecy

I love this book!I balled my eyes out when SnowFur died.Also I hate thistelClaw
Since Bluestar’s one of my favorite Warrior Cats, I, Joykit, will join ThunderClan
One of the best books I have ever read. I remember balling my eyes out, smiling at the funny romance scenes between Blue star and Oakheart. Full of emotion, and simply a great book. But crooked stars promise, and Tall stars revenge follow close behind.
Bluestar has always been an interesting character, in the original warriors series she was conflicted but never the less confident. This story gave us the reason for this by giving us a window to her internal monologue and her past experiences. The elaboration form was perfect and I loved the flawless story line to go along with it. By far one of the Erin’s best books.

Fire and Ice

Okay this book was really good but the bring back windclan thing took way to long.
This book excels with character arcs and relationships. The mixed allegiances between clan and family, and friendship and romance all make for a very complex and emotional depth in the story. Despite it being considered middle grade fiction, this book has character development that far exceeds many YA fiction stories.
In second grade, I was looking in the library for a book. I saw the very first book in warriors and decided to read it. I then got so hooked into it. After I was finished, I searched everywhere in my classroom library for this book because I thought I saw it there before. I then even started to look through my classmates cubbies to see if they are reading it and one of them was. I was too shy to ask them if I could read the book(that person who was reading that book is now my bff) and I started to read forest of secrets. My birthday was coming up very soon so I saw this as a good opportunity to get this book. I then got the whole first set for my birthday. I loved this book so much! I loved Graystripe, Firestar, and Swiftpaw! As years passed by I am soooo close to being up to date on the books! Does anyone know if the books are supposed to end? I hope not soon. The first series will always be my favorite. No offense but I never liked the 4th series. I mean I feel like it’s just all …more
This book is so intresting! It is the first book I read and I Pretended it was a play And pretended I was Bluestar and my other friends were other cats to make it funner! I balled my eyes out when CinderPaw got hurt. And was mad when it ended with a cliff hanger!


the sundrown place journey is pretty cool. But I really like the way they make purdy talk.
I did not think that this book was a very start to the Warriors series 2, I liked the sun drown aspect of the book but everything else wasn’t the best.
Midnight was my least favorite warrior book it did not suck nether was it good I mean like it was just a classic how is this up here?
They find out about the destruction of the the clans back in the forest. Midnight is surprisingly a BADGER!


you find out who Jay Jay’s ,lionblazes , and hollyleafs parents are!
I didn’t really like this book. I loved Hollyleaf, she was cute and an adorable apprentice. But this was the book that made me dislike her. I never forgave her completely for all she did. What she did was totally uncalled for. This book just made me hate her… I don’t know
Best book in the serie. Sad, has good plot-twist, and the last chapters are still my favorite moment in literature years later.
My only problem with this book is how Hollyleaf runs away and doesn’t face her problems like a warrior. However it did make me cry when I read the end of the book, so thumbs up.

The Forgotten Warrior

Like, the best book ever! Loved that Hollyleaf came back. It was awesome when Hollyleaf nearly kills Sol
This one was great! Hollyleaf came back, Cinderheart finds out the truth… Sol is nearly killed by Hollyleaf. (Nice if Sol died, but I understand why Hollyleaf didn’t – no, couldn’t kill him)
I love this book. This was the book that got me to change my opinion on Hollyleaf. I hated her before reading this, but after I did, I loved Hollyleaf.
One of my favourite books in the warriors stories, HOLLYLEAF!

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